Prayer is an Inside Job!!

prayer This is going to be a quicky, I woke up late and have a million emails that have been sitting in my inbox for many days that I just don't have the time or energy to get to in reply and really wanted to do that this morning.  I wasn't going to write a blog at all, but I do have a pesky team when they want experience of information to get out.  So here I am, doing the bidding of my team lol.  So please forgive me another day if I don't get back to you again today in emails.

Today we are going to talk about prayer or what I think of as prayer.  We tend to pray outside of ourselves, to our guides, to our god(s) to whatever.  WE, ourselves are the power of that prayer, of that desire made manifest.  I don't think I really thought about this to this depth until this morning when my daughters roommate was approved for a day off to be at her bond hearing that is happening on September 8th.  He had a serious ankle sprain a few months ago and had eaten up all his vacation and sick pay and could not take any time off to be at this hearing.  So he decided to put in a special request to his supervisor to see if they would grant him the day off.  When he told me that, I put a cloud of energy around his supervisor filled with compassion in response.  Sure enough, this morning he said it must be my good vibes because he surprisingly got a "granted!!!" back.

We are the energy of the prayer, we are the very power source we tend to pray "to" for help.  We are the directors of our outcomes and in flows.  Usually, when are asking an outside source to do it for us, we do not see our own power, our own magic within.  There are also ways when engaged directly in your energy of desire and knowing.... nope, can't do that, it would interfere in someone or somethings process.  For example, when my daughter went for her first bond hearing a few weeks ago, nothing inside of me could flow energy to that judge she would stand before.  Her roommate didn't even attempt to show up.  We knew, she had not learned what she needed to learn and she needed more time out space.

When she was going for her bond hearing the first time, took to my holy bath waters for understanding.  I asked what is best for my daughter.  I seen her alone, behind bars, not completely in the dark, but close enough to call it so.  My misinterpretation of that visual, I thought she would have to do a long stretch in jail this time around.  I never for a moment thought about being in solitary confinement, until she was in solitary confinement and her team brought that meditation visual back to my mind.  Ohhhhhh.  It really was her choice point in this big life changing to life enhancement moment she is in.  And you flooded her with love, with energy, with cards and letters as did I.  That's a whole lot of prayer energy hitting one target, that actually had an effect on many near her.

There is equally, no doubt in my heart, that love energy is what caused the huge fight in her cell that caused her to go into solitary.  Those adamant about keeping love out of their life react violently to it and yet, even that could have a very positive outcome for its original target and those that allow it in.

So when we knew she was in solitary, we all stepped up and sent her the energy of love and the vibration was so high, it melted the ice around her.  The fog of illusion started lifting within her and she opened.

All has nothing to do with guides or a Source/God energy outside of us, it's all because of YOU.  What we did together as a team and continue to do.  Valorie opens up more and more every day, really digesting the wisdom of our experiences, filling herself with the love that she now feels and appreciates.

So yesterday, when Valorie called and told me she got a letter from her attorney for a bond hearing on the 8th, I was sucked into the bathtub.  The visual picked up where it left off last time, only with a beautiful heart warming twist.  I watched as she was behind these bars, alone, in the dark and she squeezed herself from between two of the bars and came out.  As she came out, she was drenched in foamy white light stuff and her arms where up above her head and she was dancing very much like a belly dancer.  Movement from above head to toe, engulfed in the energy of Light that continues to seep into her.

So I took to the court on the 8th, flooded that whole courtroom with foamy white light.  Placed a red rose at the judge's heart so he can feel and smell the energy of love made manifest in my daughter.  Then we took to his spine and worked from his sacral plexus to his heart and wired the energy of the rose to his heart.  We left it there.  Ohhh wait, I did whisper in his heart to set bond low... For that one person who thinks I am rolling in dough, I assure you, I am not,  However, I always have what I need and I have learned, when extra comes in, it's because something unforeseen is about to arrive.  Life does not hoard or create excess.  I reschedule a lot, I break appointments into bits, a lot, especially now as we are going thru massive change.  Please don't ever look into someone's window and think you know something, because whether you realize it or not, that's your karma!!  Judge not lest ye be judged.  Just sayin ;-)

So, I say all this to say... what is it you desire?  Put your energy field out to that, wrap yourself around it and leave it there.  If you cannot connect to what you desire, its yours to begin with, there is something else, something better that you cannot see.  So then park your energy around a door that says "unknown" and know when it reveals itself to you, you will explode with happiness in its arrival.

I did tell Valorie that the dateline of the 8th excites me.  The infinity symbol and we will use it to all its value!!!  Thank you for standing with me, flooding with me, so that my daughter has the opportunity to show the world within herself, she has changed!!  Not to mention, she was actually excited when I told her about the Kelli in the Raw show.  She WANTS to share her story, her gratitude and that alone is a miracle.  Thank YOU for helping to create miracles in the life and heart of my baby!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of cherished love and deep unyielding gratitude for being Here with me, with us and for Divinely Being YOU!!

Lisa Gawlas