The Pulse of New Life ...or did you flatline?


Phew baby is the field getting intense with your light, your joy, your excitement.  Holy glow worms even!!

Since September started, the energy of the 13th solar eclipse has been constant in the readings.  Directing in alignment with that high wire thing we are all walking into the eclipse.  I would see the dark image of the moon inching closer day by day to a clear white circle.  I guess with the energy of Christmas Eve, it all shifted yesterday as we are coming out of that dip.  My first lady was walking out of the top of the dip getting ready to get back on that line, she was holding an umbrella out in front of her, in the sky about 3 or 4 overhead but in the distance that would equal the 13th, the sun was in the sky shining directly onto her.  At first I was confused as to why she had an open umbrella between her and the sun... until I realized her mastery!!  We use umbrellas to direct the rain around us, well she was using this potent umbrella to direct the release of the sun's core energy into the Top silver pointy thing of the umbrella, down thru the handle into her sacral plexus.  The umbrella itself was guiding the energy instead of letting it spray all around her.

The one thing I am sure of, our sacral plexus' (that place between the sacral chakra and the solar plexus) is fully coming on-line for those that have a unified field within themselves.  What many of the ET's have referred to as our community centers.  When we are fully aligned with our soul tribe, that is where true magic begins.  It's not like you have to know the personally, or even have met them yet, but when you are in a whole alignment within yourself, your share energy, you share abilities and insights at the speed of thought and desire.  There is no longer a You within yourself, but have become a We and we are to use the We-ness.

But lets look at the significance of this rising sun, which really did surprise me to see, but I now understand this 14 day period we are in starting with Sept first.  The moon, all those emotional fluctuations we have had, were all building to this amazing week heading into the sun, eclipse.  Like the lad with the blindfold on her eyes a week or so ago, we had to blindly (unknowingly) decide which emotions that were running thru us we were going to use to enliven our next story.  Whether we realize it or not, we have all been making major life decisions, life changes based on how we feel, the emotional field firing up within us... or, as one lady showed us yesterday, completely ran out of us and fell back to sleep in the midst of the sunrise.

This precious lady, who stayed in my heart all day and even the first thing I thought about when I woke up today... you would think it would be my daughter since its her bond hearing day, nope, my precious lady who fell asleep in her life, was.

She showed up on the field directly after umbrella lady.  It was such an amazing contrast, no sun, no color, no vibrancy at all.  When I had called her, I really thought I had woken her up out of sleep, her energy field just felt tired, sluggish.  So when I cranked my antenna out to her field, she was so comfortably sleeping in that dip, her head resting on her arms at the wire part that heads towards the eclipse, her body all snuggled into the dip itself.  She looked amazingly comfortable and incredibly unresponsive.  I listened to her talk, explain the things in life she does not have like a home to call her own, she stays with friends, in her car, wherever she can day by day.  She doesn't always have the daily needs in her life.  He voice, incredibly monotone, no up, no down... just... placid.  So we talked about loving gratitude and she couldn't go there.  She once again expressed the things she does not have in her life that she needs, which I wholeheartedly understand.  However, if we cannot celebrate just one breadcrumb, a truckload won't make the difference either, because once it's gone, we are back to the same energy of lack.  Her team asked her what she desired, what does she want right now... and with understanding, she gave her daily needs list, but without emotion at all.  Very monotone in expression.  Not once thru out entire time together did the image I see of her in the field, stir.

So her team gave her homework and I gave her a free follow-up reading.  Make a list of things you desire and on the right side of that list, list the things that brought an element of joy, excitement of anything positive thru you and place it on the right side of the list.  The right side is where the focus should remain.  I kept checking back with her image all day and even the first thing when I woke up this morning, no change, except to see a heart monitor flat lining in relationship to her sleeping image.

(Ohhh I gotta add this as I am spell checking, we celebrate Christmas because we think of Jesus, the birth of the Son... well now, the SUN is either gonna live thru you or stay eclipsed from your life.  If you cannot be the Light of your own world, how on earth can you shine upon others??  Plug in, power up, power out!!)

That tells a much larger story too.  WE ARE the energy of our lives, the pulse in which we keep pace.  We are the alignment with the sun or the dark side of the moon.  Life begins and ends with us, period.  When our focus is on what we don't have, it is like pulling the electrical plug out of the socket and what we experience, is more of that.  We are always in choice about how we are going to feel.  All-ways.

As I sat down to write this morning, this precious lady on my heart as well as my daughter, I get such an interesting example of the charge of life, the charge of change if we use it for all its worth.

I remember in 2002 when my then 11-year-old daughter and myself landed in the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter.  What trip that was, to this day, I don't give them a penny.  I was pissed at my spiritual team for landing me in that hell hole, coupled by the fact there were I think 9 families there and not a stitch of toilet paper in the whole joint, no napkins either.  I would go on a morning raid of burger king or mcdonalds to grab napkins to wipe our daily butts with (I was the only one there with a car) and I turned into bitch mode, a lot.  My daughter one day said "mom, stop that, be grateful we are not sleeping in the car and have food to eat.  (We spent our first homeless night in a car and was woken up at 5am by a creepy man at our window.) Well shut me down will ya!!  It took me a whole week to find gratitude, but I found it with the instance of my daughter back then.

And now that same little girl is sitting in jail for I think the 4th or 5th time in a year a massive choice point in this stunning time on earth.  Every human on the face of this earth is in that choice point, on that high wire thingie going into the eclipse.  This can be the changing point or the drowning point of your personal life, depending on how you choose to feel.  And feeling is a choice, sometimes a very focused determined choice.

I talked to my daughter yesterday and she told me she had a really rough emotional day the afternoon after we talked.  She was overcome with sadness and worry about going home.  She choose to lay in her bed and find a way to change the way she was feeling.  She said she asked her guides to help her, to give her validation that she will go home and then, she thought about her "Fight Song" and decided to put the radio on, hoping to hear it.  I had already printed her out the lyrics so even when it's not playing on the radio, it could still play in her heart.  She said within 8 seconds of turning on the radio, the "Fight Song" came on.  Her sadness went away and awe washed over her.

So if I can ask everyone to send their love light, their light of hope to my beautiful sleeping lady, that would be so appreciated on all levels.

So my next lady showed up jumping rope as she was coming out of the dip.  Her clothing a luminescent yellow, her soul/sun energy radiating outwards.  Her jump rope was showing she was putting the purposeful energy outwards into the desires of her life.  Think about jump ropes, they work by grasping the handles in your hands and the looping over head and under feet is closing out old cycles and firing up new ones.  With it all, was the purposeful rhythm of her feet lifting off the ground and bouncing back down as she jumped rope, but too, it was a rhythmical pulse of energy going outwards into her new life.

No matter where we find ourselves in life, there is always a reason to be grateful, to be hopeful and feel blessed, even if it's just a strangers smile, a special song that comes on, focus there.  Stay there.  It's ok that you bob and weave, just don't flatline in this crucial moment in our collective history.

Now this is a funny but real visual.. I am jumping rope all over the courtroom today, singing songs lol... as I hear Engelbert Humperdinck (what a name, but man he was pretty and he could sang!!! lol) singing thru my heart... Please Release me... let me go... Let me leave you with the song, the inspiration to release all that you no longer love and desire from your field.  Let the dead rest in peace while we move towards new life!!!



Lisa Gawlas