The (Strange) New Instruments and the Living Harmonic Convergence!

Soul Song glowing person_2 Sure enough, its weird in the field!!  Keep in mind, three words I use to describe something so damn new it's weird, bizarre, just plain old strange.  Indeed, its all of that!!  I only had two appointments on my calendar yesterday, just incase we can snoop something out.  Interestingly enough, these two appointments, were both men!!  That alone is a miracle!! (smile)  My first appointment was in the beautiful land down under, Australia, so I read him as the clock in his world passed the midnight hour into the 15th dateline.

It took me a little minute to find the frequency and when I did, he reminded me of a circus act, ya know when the guy gets shot out of the cannon!!??


But instead of a cannon, he was being propelled thru a double hoop circle thingie called, the solar eclipse.  He was a solid black mass in human shape.  Nothing distinct that I could see, no facial features, no fingers, just human shaped.  Even the area around where I was looking could be called nighttime, but I guess its dark way up in the sky!  But truly, we were in the first few minutes of this incredible event.  Since spirit already forewarned me that we will be looking at our "new instruments" this week, I squinted hard to figure out where it may be on him.  Well this was about to get confusing!!  Keep in mind, his body was in a still frame just like the image I used, but more parallel to the earth, but still pointing upwards too.  I suddenly noticed he had something wrapped around his head... a single guitar string (well, I call it a guitar string cuz that's the first thing it reminded me of.)  Thru the information that came from his field, it started at the back of his head just below the opening of the crown.  And spiraled around his face, down to his neck and my field of vision lost the rest of it as it crossed his clavicle, the next phase (next month) will pick up in the next section, from the high heart... This guitar string looked like a clear plastic string.  What the hell do you do with that??  The next thing I know, we are looking at this hallow bronze piping inside the core of his body and at the top of it, where it connects with the bones of the skill, these bendy bronze finger like things were in his cranium bones, to many to count, but I knew what they did.  Each one was tuned to a particular frequency/emotion.  When the emotion was activated, it plucked his guitar string and reverberated outwards.

His job this month is to go into meditation and start learning how to play his new (partial) instrument with purpose and efficiency.  Harnessing one emotion at a time, to experience the outcome and also recognize the vibration, then take two emotions and put them together, which changes the harmonics flow out and equally increases/changes the way the outcome happens.

An interesting piece of news came out of his team as well... as he was saying he doesn't really meditate... too bad so sad!! lol  Everyone coming thru the accelerated cannon of life is a fully functional instrument of this new world.  Equally, everyone was given a new teacher to help learn your new instrument.  But not everyone is going to make the effort to learn their new instrument from the inside out, in which case... well.... I guess the instrument can be likened to catgut stitches, it just dissolves back to whence it came as we cross over the full lunar eclipse.

The placement in which I am seeing its appearance is purposeful too.  His guitar string started at the back of his head where the consciousness emerges from the pineal gland.  So not only is his emotions activating a harmonic chord outwards, it is also spinning his consciousness to open and/or align with that thing he is feeling/manifesting/accessing.

Lets take a moment too, and talk about the arrival of new teachers helping us learn our new instrument.  Going into my own confusion about the arrival of Merlin to teach me how to use the pan flute inside my core, his team blocked my view of his teacher (dammit.)  They explained that we have pigeon holed what we call the "ascended masters" into particular groups of experience, and they are arriving to bust out of those holes!!  To show us they are much more than that... as we are!!

So my second appointment was like the other side of the bookend.  He was (well, still is lol) in Sweden, in the late afternoon of the 14th dateline and he showed up on this side of the eclipse cannon.  Unlike Aussie man who was smooth in his black body, Sweden man was globby.  Like hunks of this black clay stuff was still forming his new body.  I could not see his "instrument" at all, his team said, he is still being formed and not visible to my snooping vision.  Dammit!!  However, as our teams are so good at doing, he had a dream experience that gave him a heads up.  He dreamt of having a didgeridoo, but it was broken in the dream.  ...And this the season we have been in since August 1st, repairing/enhancing our true instruments.  Interestingly enough, his team said, unlike my "pan flute" which plays in the higher registry, the didgeridoo is all about the bass, the frequency that takes the higher registry itself and solidifies it into creation.  His team assured him that when I got up to write this morning, I would see how it fit into his body... this is a crazy visual, but hey, true to their word, I am seeing it.  From the back of the throat to the engorgement of his lips, is a super sonic, I guess collapsible and expandable didgeridoo.  In its resting state, it is collapsed or retracted, when used, it elongates thru the very breath of emotion being released.

There is more I want to share, but my team is holding that back from me, insisting there is too much I don't understand yet to release it.  No shit Sherlock!!

I do want to share this information tho.  If we look at our new instruments like a piano sitting in the middle of the room , and lets say, we never seen a piano before.  So we just went over to the piano and started banging on the keys, yes, tones will come out.  There is a harmonic to every key we now hold within us.  Our job is to learn our new instrument, to know how to play it on purpose and with efficiency.  Because as we move forward, we are going to be moved to where we can make the grandest difference in this world or held back so we do not create chaos by not learning ourSelves.

We are building a living harmonic frequency, orchestra, together.  We will never know how to play with each other if we do not know how to play with ourselves first!!  (Sounds kinda kinky lol.)

On a completely different note (smile.)  I was driving home yesterday and as I rounded the bend to my home, at a very particular bend on the road, (a store, one of my confirmation markers when I came to look at this house, called Shangri la West,) suddenly I could see this light blue massive spider web looking thing stretched across the road in front of me and it held itself until I drove straight thru the middle of it and came out the other side.  What the hell??  I say that a lot!!  lol  My first thought was... did I just make that up (something I so rarely do) but it looked like the image I used in my blog the other day:

flow of life

The exception, I was on the road, my car is that snake head looking thing and the spider web was the lightest, beautiful blue.  All I knew yesterday was "an entry into a new portal."  YAY??  This morning I hear (as I am wondering, why there, why not closer to my actual home) and the reply I get, "the expansion of my harmonic field of creation.  Well, I have no idea what that means to me personally, but I guess we are about to find out.  I just hope I don't get lost walking around!! lol  Or better yet, find my doppelgänger so she can get me caught up on emails!!  Here's hoping!!

Another thing I was reminded of this morning while sharing here, back in the day, when I was first learning to channel, which started with automatic writing, the poet within my soul signed each poem "Song Bird."   I am going to leave the last thing I ever wrote in that way (2001) at the end of this sharing, it's so fitting for the "harmonic" theme we are in!!

I love you all so much.  Thanx for being the most wondrous music of my life, unto my soul!!  Ohhh another thing that came out of the readings yesterday.. Spirit said that the Harmonic Convergence done in 1987 was done in the ethers, calling those with hearts who could fear, to this very moment in time.  NOW, WE are the living harmonic convergence, in body, in the field of life, in ACTion!!!  YAY??  lol

((((HUGZ)))) of harmonic bliss to ALL!

Lisa Gawlas

The Song of the Universe
It is the song of the universe
That fills you thru and thru
It is written in the wind
It is written within you
Listen carefully to each exciting beat
Let your mind sing in glee
Let your heart sway with love
The song is being echoed for the whole world to see
The song that fills the universe
Is happy beyond your dreams
Listen carefully to the tune
Not everything is as it seems
There is a purpose for this song
For those about to hear
It sings of the prophecies
Predicted over the year
It is with intent and conviction
The song is being heard today
It wakes up the sleeping part of you
That on purpose was put away
So listen carefully
Dear children of the light
The song that fills the universe
Gives way to your birthright
(Lisa Gawlas)