Recalibration of the New Cogs (you) of Life Underway. Do you have all your teeth??


Happy Equinox everyone!!  I had no intention of putting out a blog today, until I woke up this morning, I had nothing new to share.  My merciless team decided my ass needed to get up at 2:53am this morning as they placed images of cogs in my field of vision and insisted, this is important to share.  My question is... couldn't this wait til lets say... 5 freakin am????  Nope.  I tried to go back to sleep... yap yap yap.

Life itself works very much like cogs, each one of us a unique cog with a frequency, an energy signature like no other.  There is an endless depth to the cogs of life, and as we change, other cogs once buried deep in the field of our life start to move forward to connect and move with you, with us.  This also sets the tone for the magnetic field of (your) life.  The more fluid you flow, the more you change and attract new cogs into your alignment, the more magnetic your field becomes, the less waiting around you endure.

However, as is the nature of life in this realm, along the way, especially in childhood and adolescence, we lose some teeth on our beautiful cog.  We lose them by loosing sight, losing faith in ourselves.  This comes thru as judgement, unworthiness, loss of sense of Self (seeking others to identify ourselves with) and so on.

Then we start to look a bit like this:

broken cog two

This creates hesitation patterns on our field of life.  Meaning, you just can't seem to find your next move, your next connection, your next whatever... depending on where the tooth broke off on your wheel of life.  Enough teeth break off, it appears that everybody is enjoying life, except you and you cannot figure out why.  You appear to be stuck spinning your wheels.

So what is happening on this most auspicious day called the equinox, is a planetary wide realignment, super enhancement of the cog system.  The magnetic frequency on those with full teeth on their wheel of life, the magnetic field is gonna just blow your beautiful mind, more than it already may have done!!

Those missing a tooth or two, you're going to find this is going to be the place you land in your life, the magnetic field is placing you in the very spot that you can recalibrate, realign to the wholeness that you are.  This is usually experienced as unpleasantries.  Our job is not to blame anything outside of ourselves, the field aligned to bring you this inner recognition of a broken tooth so that you can regenerate that piece of your engine and go beyond that.  The magnetic field in this space is not, cannot be as intense, simply because there is hesitation in the field where the tooth itself is skipping.  This actually, is a good thing, even if it appears to be the opposite.  Time slows down to give you another look, another option to align yourself with the magnificence of life in its fullest.

For some of you, in this moment, these missing peaces (yup, spelled like that on purpose) is at the surface of your life.  There is still time to recalibrate your wheel, your cog in this amazing interconnected cog of life.  You will recognize this if there is any place in your field of life that makes you sad, anxious, wanting to get out.  Whatever is keeping that there, is the missing tooth on your cog.  I promise you, you will not be able to grown this new tooth from the outside in.  Life exists to give you the recognition of where you are, to reflect your alignment/flow or hesitation with the fluidity of the field.  This can only be forever redone from the inside out, at the core energy of your Life.

I must give a shout out for meditation.  15 years later, I am still on that soap box lol.  If you look at your life as a potential rocket ship and all the controls are deep within the core of the rocket... well, you need to get inside and learn the controls, otherwise, well....

There is a phrase I have heard more than any other phrase known to man.  "Not as much as I should be doing."  Granted this is the response most people give when I ask them if they meditate.  But really you can change that up to saying, did you learn your magnificent rocket ship yet?  Are you doing what you love and with enthusiastic joy?   ...not as much as I should be/could be.

So here is what is happening, the core energy of earth's field is now being completely recalibrated for the new emerging cogs (us) and the frequency exchanges that will be happening as we pass thru the total lunar eclipse on the 28th.  That is when the entire new magnetic field of life is ignited and our new story begins in earnest.  Between today and the 28th, it is fully in recalibration mode and recalibrates at the speed (or slowness) of you.

This is why for the last week, spirits focus has been on your new, enhanced instrument (or placement on the bridge of indecision or filtered earth stuck in the muck)

WE are the new song of life, the new cogs speeding creation into our personal existence or holding it away from ourselves... more than ever before.  We are the new frequency, we are the new magnetic grid.  This is truly why spirit gave us the superpowers course back in May, to fully align ourselves to this new, super enhanced life system.  The magnetic flow is going to run so fast, so curvy... a moment's hesitation can and will change your ongoing story.  (Man, readings just may get incredibly interesting!!  lol, well, even more than they are now.)

We are the new living currents of time/space.  WE are now the creators in body, fully empowered, fully functional (well, we will be as we pass thru the eclipse, but for sure, we are feeling and experiencing it now.)

And on that note, I am already getting a preview of what October holds for me, for us, as a team.  We are going to bring the new motor system to life, together.  Yikes... thank god I have 2 weeks to process this!!

On that note, I am closing for today.  Hear the new symphony in your blood, in your soul, enjoy the recalibration of your life, our life together.  And dig your teeth into all that you desire!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with October Feastivies on the grandest of scales!!  I love you!!! <3

Lisa Gawlas

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