As One Day Closes, Another Begins... On October 23rd!!

sunset What a day to wake up so late!!  I need hours, I barely have one to share before my day starts.  So I am going to have to share what needs less explaining and catch up tomorrow.  The one thing I am sure of, we shifted many octaves since I last read anyone on September 20 something.

What came thru a few readings is the idea that we are in between closing out a day and starting a new one.  You and I think of 24 hours as a day, in this idea, a day has got to be millenia's.  All I know for sure is spirit said the sun started setting on the old day with the lunar eclipse finale on the 28th and the new sunrise will happen October 23rd, everything we are doing in between is prep work and getting familiar with our new environment and energy fields.  And let me tell you, holy shit did my reading field change as did our "bubble of creation."  Incase you are not familiar with that term that I have been using, around each of us, from our bodies to 3 to 10 feet outwards is a field of energy where we draw from to create, share, energize, everything.  What lays beyond that is what I call your created reality, what has become your outcome from your choices and energy use (or lack there of.)

Now our bubble of creation is a half a bubble.  But let me explain another thing first, our atmosphere, the one that is readily available on earth, has condensed dramatically.   Going to my scale of vision (not a literal figure) the upper most atmosphere was about 25 feet above the earth, now, 15 feet.  Our (half) bubble of creation (really looks like energetic large umbrellas that are open) starts at the 15 foot mark of the atmosphere and goes about half way down to earth.  Per spirit, it will remain like that.  From what I am understanding (subject to change with more information) this umbrella looking thing (made of energy, various thickness and no two alike) is a harnessing the magnetic energy from the upper atmosphere, think, atomic energy, condensing it and I am not sure what it does after that.  In one of the readings, her team called it something specific, which I cannot remember the third word, a word I don't use at all (its sciency lol.)  But it was a Magnetic Field C____ (if my lady it came thru wrote it down or remembers, please email it to me, I am challenged at remembering.)

Of the 6 people I read for yesterday, only one person had a wide Magnetic field umbrella (smile, I will use the umbrella description until I know the other word) that was wide as hell... a good 15 feet wide.  But he was also the only I seen that had reached in and discovered an amazing ability over the last couple of weeks.  Everyone else was still discovering themselves.  Many of us are... hell I have no idea what my new abilities are yet.  However, he was in an environment that was out of his norm and was invited to attend and participate in healing work and tho hesitant, he did it anyway and was shocked at how well he worked.

Another major major theme for every one of us, get out of our comfort zones.  Try something new, something you never thought you would be able to do, or even like. Maybe you even have the perception of not liking something even tho you have not experienced it yet.  This is where your true growth and discovery of your expanded, enhanced abilities are.

I am going to tie in a very important person on the field yesterday who gives us all contrast to look at.  She was like the fourth person and until her, everyone I was reading was in relationship to their magnetic field umbrella.   She was on the ground, stuck in an odd wall of water.  This wall was set way over in the east, or the far right side of her field towards the back (as opposed to center.)  Her team explained the placement as the right side, emotional spiritual side of her life, still identifying with her past self.  Even tho this beautiful lady moved from the country she lived in to the USA, and started traveling all over the southwest and east coast of the US, she still set up her new life as she had her old one.  Her body was in this 6 foot high, 5 foot wide and 3 foot deep wall of water that her team called "emotional entrapment."  Her arms and legs were flailing about as she was trying to get out, but her body didn't move and I realized, she was headless.  No head at all!!  Her team said she still identifies herself with who she was, which she is not, and does not see or recognize who she is now and therefore, she has no new, expanded vision/version of herself.  She needs to grow a new head, one connected to her heart and mind together.  Where the light of her third eye leads the way.  Then, her team threw what looked like a set of car keys on a silver ring about a foot in front of her.  Her job is to get out of this emotional entrapment she put herself in (to be clear here, she did this, not her team) grab the keys and move forward in her life.  We will see what energy she puts in motion in a few weeks (wink, hug.)

So lets come back to this magnetic field something or another.  Of the five I had seen, 4 were spinning in a clock wise motion.  One was flowing downwards then back up the underside to flow back downwards.  I don't fully understand any of this yet and several people's teams told me it is going to take several days of readings to fully understand this new gadget that is a part of our energy field now.  There is one lady I do want to talk about too, the one who's team called this half bubble of creation the magnetic field... whatever.  This information blew my flipping mind!!

She was on a metallic multi color bicycle peddling against the flow of the bubble thing.  Her team explained this is part of what she does and will do moving forward... going against the flow, creating friction which is creating higher outcomes.  Then what shocked me, her team explained how we effect the greater whole, or at least, our section of it.

For those of us fully aligned with this magnetic field something or another, we have truly been given a larger territory to assist.  We not only use this concentrated magnetic energy for ourselves, those we know, those who seek our skills and talents out, but then they showed me a map of the US and that each of us also now fuels a section of the world, several hundred feet squared.  So what we do, think, or say affects a wide territory!!

Well, there is so much more, but my lazy ass woke up late.  So I will end there as I get ready for today's wild ride uphill!!

Ohhhh my daughter's bond hearing is set for tomorrow, Oct 9th at 8:30am EDT.  If you can join us in flooding the courtroom and the judge's heart with pure radiant love light, we both will appreciate it sooo much.

I love you so much!!  (((((HUGZ)))))) of deep uncomfortable Self Discovery (smile.)

Lisa Gawlas