The Expansion of Our Biology and Engorging of Our Light Receptors Within the Biology.

the light grid Well another day in the zone of silence!! lol  Meaning, no voice.  There is nothing accompanying the lack of voice either, no sore throat, no swollen glands, the only time anything is uncomfortable is when I actually try to talk, then my throat burns and of course I am gathering air from deep down in my lungs to produce some sort of volume.  So, I decided I needed to understand this from the inside out and hopped into my bathtub.  What I had seen an understood really, really surprised me.  You wanna talk about a twist in the way we work now!!

My team showed me the area in my throat where my vocal chords live and an energy system surrounding it looking very much like the way I see people's consciousness connected to the pineal gland and rotating outwards from that area, except this little system wasn't much more than 3-4 inches in diameter.  Then they showed me the energy I take in when we are in a reading or even, when they are just talking to me and showing me things outside of meditation, it hits that area in my throat first, then travels upwards to my ears and third eye for audio and visual expression.  They explained that it is very much like having a direct source of energy from the soul mind to give the unfathomable, words, description, expression.

This morning, I am seeing the enormity of how our bodies have been changing over the last few years, using my own as an example because these last few years have been crazy in this biology, between developing asthma like attacks and the consist loss of voice especially last year, which all coincided (per spirit: on purpose) with the throes of menopause, I have under gone more tests to rule out anything unforeseen than I ever imagined having.  CT scans to rule out cancer of the lungs or throat.  I had cameras on several different occasions stuck down my throat to take an up close and personal look at my vocal chords, all coming back perfectly normal.  My oncologist and my ENT both scratch their heads and come to the conclusion there is no medical reason for what is happening in me.  Of course, I know that, but gotta rule that out first and foremost!

We have been going thru tremendous Light shifts on all versions of this planet, the air, and it is affecting our physical bodies, it has to.  We are changing the DNA blueprint as we live and breathe.  We are altering our human design with each step deeper into the world of spirit we allow ourselves to go and it MUST affect our biology at the level we work at.  For me personally, I have been doing readings since 2003 and writing out loud about the understandings pretty much from about the same time frame, nowhere near as consistently as the last 4 years tho.  With every shift, my lungs had to change to accommodate purer energy from my soul and connect into kind of like a brain consciousness within my vocal chords to express that new energy into a living story of radically changing light.

With every shift, with every biological change, we change the DNA blueprint in which our babies are born into.  Also tho, for us to access more and more of this Living energy system now flooding our worlds.  Phew!!  So in a rather literal sense, my vocal chords are raising its own consciousness.  Kinda crazy huh?  If you look at your body and the work you do, spiritually speaking, you will also see a similar connection and expansion happening.

This is why spirit has been saying for some time now, when our body goes into change, what many would look at as sickness or illness, its expansion that needs to happen and NO-THING you need to clear or stop, otherwise, you stop the process and it will resume another time.  Now with that said, I do take ibuprofen to stop any pain (let's say for headaches or even intense body aches) that does not stop the process but allows it to continue without too much discomfort.  When it comes to asthma like attacks (which are rare these days, thank goodness) albuterol to the rescue.  Some of our medicines are designed to work in harmony with our changes, others, if not most, against it.  Always ask your body, it will tell you what is best for it and the process underway.

Another thing I was shown that suddenly made so much sense with my voice and attempting to talk...  When our internal frequency is rising, the air quality within our lungs connected with our soul is vibrating at higher rates and the whole body must take the time to assimilate this increase in vibration and light itself.  When I try to force the changing air thru my vocal chords, I am actually taking air that is too hot to use and forcing it thru my vocal chords and creates a burning sensation when I try to speak.  Which has been the only discomfort I have experienced the last two days... is when I try to talk, it burns my throat.

I have a feeling too, this has all got to be in preparation for what spirit calls our "new day" and the intense light field I see as the 23rd and beyond.  That's my theory and I am sticking with it!! lol

Another crazy thing I have noticed, most especially, yesterday.  I was practicing making words before my first appointment and altho they were raspy and cracking, I could hear myself constantly and it didn't hurt so much at all.  The moment my first appointment showed up, that changed.  My throat was burning with each forced word, my voice in and out of audibility and in ranges I have never heard come out of my mouth before.  I had to reschedule my whole day yesterday, but what is happening in my throat intensifies when I connect to you (this is a really good thing.)

In contrast, I had my appointment at the Jemez Springs post office to apply for my passport.  My blood started to boil when the young lady at the post office insisted that my birth certificate is not real.  WHAT??  She insisted it was not valid and I need to apply for a valid birth certificate.  I assured her this is a true and real copy of my birth certificate and again she insisted it was not.  Piss me off let me tell you!!  And it pissed me off even more than I couldn't raise my voice very much to yell at her!!  (good for her!! lol)  However, altho I was forcing a consistent voice in the higher octaves it didn't hurt my throat at all, not like the several phone calls I had yesterday with you.  HA!!  I LOVE this visual:  I am being shown like we are equal to a striker pad and a match, the moment we say hello to each other, the fires ignite within the field of life!!  We are hot tamales together!! <3

The moment you and I say hello, our souls are immediately sharing energy, codes of light and information.  We have set each other up very much like keys on a piano and our strings are hit and reverberating the moment we share our breath and voice together because we reside in the same quantum field of Light.  Others on the other hand, have zero effect on us because their notes, their energy is at a frequency that has no long-term effect on us.

I also realized something very valuable in my exchange with the post office lady that is so important for all of us to understand too.  I am not sure whether this lady knew that the rules of attaining a passport changed in 2011 and that not all states list the parents on the birth certificate (Pennsylvania did not, which was the issue with my birth certificate) and explaining this fact to me instead of insisting I do not have a valid birth certificate, our moments together could have been so different.

You and I, we are bringing informational changes to the forefront and HOW we disseminate that information to others, holding on to what was once true, is more crucial than I even realized.  To insist to anyone who has been doing something, understanding something for a long time and to suddenly and without reason, insist it is now the wrong way, the wrong thing...  we will create melt downs instead of opening the consciousness to newer, changing understandings.

It wasn't until I came home and got on the website of PA vital records to call them, did I see and understand the changes in passport laws which required PA to change the information on the birth certificate copy.  So, since i had the lady on the phone from vital records, I did say since this is your fault and note mine, I do still have the birth certificate you issued me in 2003, you will just give me an updated one for free.  Ohhhh hell no...  $48 dollars later.. I have to wait up to 30 days for it to arrive in the mail and try again.

Which of course, pissed me off.  lol  I was on a melt down roll yesterday!!  I promise you, I still am very human and allow my humanness to have its way when it is needed.  If I even tried to pretend I was not pissed that energy would have built up in me and that ain't happening either.  So I vented in the most loving place I ever created to vent, my facebook wall.  And thank you all for loving me back to zero point!! lol You really are my hero's, my tequila shots!! lol

As I started to return to zero point inside myself, I equally started to hear my team (funny how we get so high-pitched in our emotional field we drown them out lol) and they reminded me that I had already resigned to the fact of having no clue what day I am going to leave for Mexico on, it all depended on when I got my passport.  That is still a true statement, compounded only be the added extra wait of receiving my new official birth certificate.  At least this one will have my actual time of birth on it, something I never knew and accessed via a rebirthing meditation back in 2001.  It will be interesting to see if the time I seen in that meditation is the actual time on my birth certificate.

Equally, in the realm of my "on steroids" learning curves here... when it comes to my adventure thru Mexico and my need to feel prepared, meaning, knowing when I am leaving and when I am coming back most especially... I started to assign dates now.  I have a calendar I must tend to, and not knowing is rather... uncomfortable and we won't mention how uncomfortable I get when I have appointments that may be scheduled in that time frame I have must send them a reschedule email.  Man oh man oh man, I am being pushed not only too the ledge, but I equally feel like I am slipping off too.  Go team!! lol

On a completely different note, I did get a lot done!!  Since my right brain was resting in my voicelessness, it allowed my left brain to come out and do some work.  I found the error on my calendar for setting the times to do one on one meditation homework.  I fixed it and you can now go in and schedule from 2-6pm in my world for those doing the super powers and ET course.  Thank you for your patience.

Also, I created some new packages for the recorded courses I have done and will be doing next month.  The meditation class is now being offered as a stand alone, downloadable course that will be available a few hours after the live class finishes.  I have added package options with some of the other courses I have done, right down to offering the kitchen sink package.  For more information just click here and scroll towards to bottom of the page.  I have room for one more live participant in the class.  As soon as that is filled, I will delete the class calendar from the page.

Also, I got the body of webex setup and everyone participating in the live class should have received their webex email yesterday.  You will receive another email about 15 minutes before class with the call in number and link to join the class via the computer or phone.

Well, here's to being able to sing new songs of light today!!  I love you all so much and I thank you more than I can ever express for your ongoing understanding and patience with me!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of super sonic Light Bodies in Human form to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I was compelled to go to before publishing todays sharing.  There is a planetary alignment taking place that I know is important to us (or I would not feel so compelled to share it here lol) but since I know nothing of our planet's energies (but the triangle energy feels connected to the triangle-ish diagram of the new field) I will just paste the info here:

Mars, Jupiter and Venus are gathering for a six-day close encounter stretching from Oct. 24th to Oct. 29th. On those dates the three planets will fit within a circle only 5o wide. Typical binoculars can see a patch of sky about 6o or 7o wide.  So when the triangle of planets shrinks to 5o, they will fit together inside a binocular field of view. Imagine looking through the eyepiece and seeing three planets--all at once.

By the time October comes to an end, the planetary triangle will start breaking apart.  But there are still two dates of special interest:  Nov. 6th and 7th.  On those increasingly wintry mornings, the crescent Moon will swoop in among the dispersing planets for a loose but beautiful conjunction.