The Avalanche of Love Births the Cycle Busters (that's us, if we dare!!)

energy release Did ya feel it??  Did ya swim joyfully in it???  What a high rise of an emotional day yesterday was.  For me, it started the way I start most of my days, with our sharing.  With the love wrapped around me for pushing thru perceived limitations and blowing things up inside of myself as a result (smile.)  The roar of the winds wrapped itself around the house all morning long, blowing snow within its stream as a way of being seen.  My heart just expanded more and more.  I was silent, but I was in love and being filled with love, nothing is more perfect than that.  Suddenly something grabbed me and my camera with a desire to go outside and video tape the winds to share with you on facebook.  Feel what I am feeling, hear the magnificence of the air and life as it amps up in its changes.  This was, I don't know, about 9am??  I dutifully smiled, grabbed my camera, stood outside my backdoor and in my mind said "please give me a big gust to share with everyone."  (I would have said it out loud, but I was still voiceless.)  LIFE does respond, immediately:



I could feel the life of the wind blow thru me, the resonance within its sound as it picked up speed permeated every ounce of me.  It's only this morning as I got to share it with everyone here, that I realize that gust lasted 50 seconds. 5-0 change with unlimited potential.  I thanked the wind for its immediate and huge response to my desires, went in the house and poured me a bowl of fruity pebbles (gotta keep the kid inside happy.)  The moment I placed my phone down on my coffee table (far left side) my father's maju and a little amethyst leaped off the orgonite base they sit up and fell to the table.  I smiled and said "I love you daddy."  Instantly I became surprised, I heard my voice!!  It was audible and no digging deep in the lungs to say that!!

dads energy

My father's email address was wind walker and when I asked him about it, he said he could hear things in the wind.  I could feel his presence blowing in that gust I video taped, but never in a million years would have realized it also dried up the blood that was sitting in my vocal cords and now suddenly, I am audible again.  Holy miracles!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I started practicing saying a few words, there were skips in the audibility of each word, but hey... its coming back and not a week from now, but today!!  YAYAYAYAYAY!!!

I had my quarterly oncology check up this day as well.  Since its my re-birthday and I have to go out in the big wide world, might as well treat myself to something yummy for lunch.  I was torn between Olive Garden and Red Lobster and couldn't decide what I wanted.  I gave it up to my soul, you decide, thats where we will eat.  I was amused to find that the place I choose, Olive Garden and Red Lobster were within 15 feet of each other.  I was really thinking unlimited soup and bread sticks... Olive Garden it is.  I walked inside to find there was a 50 minute wait.  Really??  On a Wednesday at 1pm??  Screw this, I walked to Red Lobster, there was a 5 minute wait for a table or instant gratification if you sat at the bar.  I went to the bar.  I recognized the bartender immediately.  He was the guy that served me when I was there on Valentine's day.  I about shit when he recognized me too, not only recognized me, but remember where I sat, what I ordered and why I had double lobster that day.  8 months prior, once.  Holy shit, I can barely remember if I read for you two weeks ago or are you new.

But wait... I am way ahead of myself here.  As I was taking a shower, I my inner vision was taken to that place of the milky way in the sky.  This platform of the spinning energy of the milky way was all white, solid, there was a figure there, dressed kinda like an eskimo, all in white parka looking clothes tossing something over the edge onto the earth, which too, was now covered in white substance.  I could not put a firm finger on who it was doing the tossing, I want to say if felt like my soul, but different.  I dunno, I just smiled, remembered its avalanche day and gave thanks for the visual.

As I got in my car, barely a mile from home, something I have not experienced in a very very long time, maybe a decade ago, happened.  My inner eye could see the outside of my car, it too was now coated in white stuff and then quite unexpectedly, my vision was watching my car break into pieces and fly away.  I knew exactly what I was experiencing, entering a portal into the next reality we call life!!  I couldn't contain my inner excitement very well.

I spent the hour driving to lunch listening to my brand new audio book "My Big Toe" by Thomas Campbell, never heard of it before yesterday morning but the fact he is a metaphysical physicist excited me to no end.  I instantly fell in love with the way he narrates his book and his whole energy field coming thru my car speakers.  I didn't have any more visuals on my car ride, but the expanse of love was becoming more and more alive.

I know miracles are afoot in this new energy because the conversation I had with my oncologist was like never before.  For three years this man has been on my case about smoking, about COPD, emphysema, and lung cancer all tied into my smoking.  He came closer than he ever did before in acknowledging I do not have COPD nor the early stages of emphysema and he even said out loud that only 15-20 of people who smoke develop lung cancer.  Holy shit!!!  This is a bigger miracle than my voice instantly coming back online.  BTW, by the time I got to my appointment, my voice was fully back without skips or deep bass tones.

Since I didn't have any thing else to do, I was scrolling my facebook wall and holy shit the freaking selfies with dead, bleeding animals and smiling humans, smiling kids built to a crescendo in me.  I have been seeing more and more hunting pictures on my news feed the last few weeks than my heart can bear.  With so many of these bizarre selfies, I can feel the emotions of the animal families left behind, the pain and sadness no different than when a human looses a loved one.  Altho I don't hunt, nor do I condone hunting (my kids never even so much as played with a toy gun in their childhoods) I don't care if you do, but force me or anyone else to see your kills and the odd pride that goes with it????  Can you imagine Jeffery Dahmer putting up selfies of his kills??  Anyway... I couldn't stay silent about this pain unneededly searing my heart and posted:

I would like to extend my heart felt condolences to all the animals that are left mommy-less and daddy-less (and so on) by those who call themselves hunters. It breaks my heart every time I see someone smiling next to an animal they just murdered, not even in a fair fight. What if that selfie was taken of you by the animal that killed you. This has been building in me for weeks, must be hunting season out there again. May the karmic blow back be more gentle on the hunters than it was on the animal and those who will have to live without them. (Here's to my new voice lol.)

One response broke the dam of understanding why I even posted this and even, what I was feeling deep down inside as well as our bigger agenda in this amazing field of life we are responsible for.  I also want to be clear here, my post has NOTHING to do with eating meat, or the animals who so lovingly do come into this plane of existence to be our meals, but the freakin selfies of kills and the families that mourn their loss.  I am a omnivore to my last breath.  I am actually grateful to those who can release an animal from its form, I personally cannot.

We are here to bring in changes, to BE the change that life itself starts to see and experience as the new way of life.  That's equally means, WE are the system busters, to opt out of old energy ways and lead by example.

Yes, there was a time we had to hunt for our food, a sacred process of agreement.  Prayers sent out, the animal coming forward with incredible love and desire to be our food.  In some countries, this is still the only way meat is available.  Here in the US, we have farms, we raise our food and one day all people will honor and love the animals to their last breath for being so willing to give unto us in that way.  Hell, if we were lost on an island and could not find food, I was instantly give myself to you to be fed, I would just ask to make my death quick, I am not a fan of lingering pain (smile.)  And be sure to celebrate while eating me, laugh and enjoy.

We do things because it's what our parents did, and their parents and their parents before them.

Imagine we teach our children love, when we take them to the grocery store or farmers markets and we do it in prayer form, loving all that is in the aisles, giving gratitude that this amazing life force, whether it is meat, vegetables, grains, even the concoctions of chemicals representing foods are giving their last essence to us.  No judging, no feeling the pain bodies of anything (because truly, we are only feeling our own when we focus on that.)

To truly change the world, we must first change our own minds about the world and all that lives within it.  We are changing the face of religion (look at the catholic pope, he can speak the way he does now because of the many who spoke before him, who cleared the way for what he shares now to be more openly accepted and understood.)  WE are doing the same, if we dare.  If we get out of saying and thinking, this is the way it has always been.

Cycle busters!!  That's who we ARE!!  But we must first bust our own repetitive cycles and thinking before we can lead the way efficiently and out loud.

On that note, my day is about to begin!!  I'm so freakin excited to see what the field looks like now and pray I can understand it efficiently too!!  May the avalanche of love that is still underway expose the greatest, most miraculous things to you and thru you!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with the audible, emotional winds of change to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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