"You're Asking the Wrong Questions!!" ~ Spirit. (That does make THE difference.)

the right questions This has been an interesting couple of days in my personal world.  It has been a long time since I have had a "review" of where I have been (evolution wise) to where I am presently.  It's been so long I cannot recall the last time.  However, it was full-blown and detailed yesterday and truly is relevant to everyone one of us.  And spirit used everything to bring it all together in clarity, for all of us.

One of my readings yesterday was an incredible catalyst for this personal review and understanding that unfolded all day long yesterday.  She showed up in her tall dome of centered energy standing at the far north end while remaining inside.  I started to see her field as the phone was ringing and I had to smile when I seen her just standing and it looked like she was spitting watermelon seeds out of her mouth, constantly and rapidly.  What the hell is that??  As I sat down and waited for her to answer the phone, her image changed to a deep green machine gun held at her waist, on the right side of her waist, it too, was rapidly firing bullets outwards thru the domed glass to nothing I could see.  What the hell is a machine gun doing in a reading???

She didn't answer her phone and I got her voice mail.  Her voice on the recording just washed me over in such a feeling of love.  I made sure in my message, she knew that. About 10 minutes later, she called me back and i was so curious to understand what the hell she is doing!!

Ahhhhh, the clarity when you show up!!  It wasn't watermelon seeds she was spitting out rapid fire, but seeds of love, in her breath, in her voice in all that she exhaled.  The machine gun represented the presentation of the life she lives, deep green representing the heart, the soul alive in matter, thru her, as her.  The bullets were bullets of love.  Pure energy love, constantly being released by her life and how she lives it.  She is a foster parent, for me personally, that is a position in life that is near and dear to my own heart.  I grew up in the foster system and not by the most loving people out there.  She so loves and cares for these children that come to find refuge under her umbrella of love that they are forever changed.  Not only that, no matter how young the child, when you are filled with the pure love of Source, you will forever change the world around you too.  I wanted to be a foster parent until I had kids of my own.  Nope!!  I didn't come equipped with that kind of patience!!  YOU are my foster children and you teach me well, thank you!!

Her questions were interesting and are important equally in the reply for every one of us.  She asked how she can be in service more. What????  Your spitting love seeds with your breath, your are blasting open hearts with your Life, to spirits view, you are fully in service.  Then she asked, what is her life purpose.  OMG you are living it!!!!!  This is it!!  To be the fullest expression of love on two legs that you are capable of.

YOU ALL are doing this.

Something kind of fun has happened the last two days, your team is now asking YOU the questions.  Talk about the role reversal!!  When her team asked her "what do you desire for yourself" the scene instantly changed.  She was now left of center within her clear glass tall dome, sitting on this little wooden stool that one uses when milking cows (well, when we milked cows old school.)  In her left hand was wooden bowl and my mind went to the story of the three bears and Goldilocks eating their porridge, it's exactly what the stuff in the bowl looked like.  Her reply to their question evoked a now family counter-reply from her team "you're asking the wrong question."  Her reply was I want to know how to be more in service to others.

Then it was explained that this bowl was filled with mana, pure energy to fulfil any personal desires you have for yourSelf.

If you do not have a clear desire for yourself, the field in front of you will simply keep being more of the same that it is now.  There is nothing wrong with that, at all.  The greatest and most fulfilling service that we can do here in this realm we call earth, is Be the living expression of love.

In these last few days of readings, starting with my lady digging in the ground looking for what she desired, and her team said she was looking in the wrong place.  Never in all the readings over the last decade and a half, did spirit every say that word "wrong."  Now, we are asking the wrong questions and at times, looking in the wrong place.  There is something enormous happening with that sudden expression.

Her team suddenly gave me an example of my day prior experience.  I realized, for the first time in years, I am completely and absolutely out chocolate.  OMG!!  How did I let that happen??  Of course, I have not done any big grocery shopping lately, I just don't have the time and with my daughter back in jail, didn't have the money either, it was redirected to her, which was ok, I have plenty in my cupboards, I will not starve any time soon.  BUT NO CHOCOLATE????  That is a mortal sin in my world.  This realization happened Thursday evening about 6pm.  I looked at my friday schedule to see if I had time to go grocery shopping, not really.  My last appointment was scheduled at 2:30, ending my day at 3ish in the afternoon.  I had 6 readings scheduled before that homework session.  Saturdays are out, I have meditation classes.  I actually said out loud in a voice that was not playing at all... I WILL go grocery shopping tomorrow.  Within 30 minutes, someone from Fridays schedule, rescheduled their appointment, another 30 minutes later, another person had to reschedule their session.  By the morning I was down to3 appointments left for the day, still spread out thru the day, so I sent out an email and asked if they could be seen earlier and everyone agreed, and one was overcome with her day and she had to reschedule.  I have never, not ever had 4 people reschedule in one day. EVER!  But like magic, my day was completely cleared and rearranged so I could go grocery shopping.

For those who do not know, grocery shopping has to be a planned event.  The drive time to the closest store, walmart is my personal and closest choice, is 2 hour round trip.  These eyes can see thru the multidimensions, but not the dark of night, so I don't drive if I don't have to at night-time.

Lets go back to my lady's bowl of porridge, when she chooses to eat of the mana available to her, for herself, not for others because that is being done naturally, suddenly that manna came down and created a bubble coming out of her heart center.  Her bubble of created life experience.  That was so freakin kewl.   Much to my surprise, they used my experience as an example.  I invoked my Will to go replenish my chocolate and other stuff (a lot of other stuff lol) and had desired to get it all done before night fall.  And the magic started, I was freakin home by 3:30 in the afternoon, cupboards full, chocolate abundant!!  Magic I tell ya!!

This trip to the grocery store was much more than I bargained for. I was listening to my new audio book "My Big Toe.  Awakening." By Thomas W. Campbell and I was at a part where he was talking about being young and his teacher/guides asked him a question in reply to his desire.  He was experiencing OBE's and wanted to learn more about that.  His teacher told him they were going to give him a test to see if he was ready.  The first question on the test was (something like) Do you want a treasure or to learn something new."  I blurted out in the car LEARN SOMETHING NEW!!  OMG, that has always rocked my world, does to this moment.  He chose treasure, that ended the test.  His (youthful) rational was, give me the treasure now I can always learn something new later.  When he learned that that reply ended the test, and to use his words, failed the test, he begged for a second chance, his team had to meet with their team for permission.

I find this so freakin synchronistic when I am hearing in readings "you're looking in the wrong place, your asking the wrong questions."

Of course, we know there is no failing anything, but we can very well delay it all, simply because we are looking and expecting something else.  Let me assure you, learning something new IS the treasure.  And we have a field of unyielding harvest to learn from.

Somewhere on my drive to the grocery store and listening to this wonderful, humorous physics/metaphysics man, my team brought me wayyyy back to the time the Blessed Mother gutted me like a fish, releasing all the beliefs I held deep inside of me and telling me "you will now be filled with the truth of spirit."  Until yesterday, I never realized the depth of what she meant, because thru even this moment, I am still being filled with the truth of Spirit, of US.  I learn something new every day, within every connection.  You are teaching me in a way nothing else can and I pray with all that is Me, I am sharing coherently enough to give back to you each day.

On my drive home, still listening to the same audio book, he said something that was so important I looked at the book mark so I can quote it back for you today, from chapter 22 "Beware of the belief trap."  "The quality of your Being expresses the correctness of your understanding.  Think about that for a moment."  Actually, that was the closing few sentences that opened chapter 22. well 22 on my player even tho he called it chapter 19.

Now, again lets wrap this around us, from my amazing, humbling review.  Once upon a time, like the first 3 years of this journey, I spent 5-10 hours every day in meditation, in my bathtub (in 2 hour increments.)  It's one thing to learn something new, I wanted to live it, have it so ingrained in my way of Being in life that I don't have to think about "doing it," it just is.  Think about when you first learned to ride a two-wheel bike, there was a lot of thought and presence involved in maintaining your balance even with training wheels.  And now, you ride freely, no thought about keeping balance, pushing those peddles, it just is what you do.

I have always been a firm believer and promoter of the phrase, the more you meditate, the less you have to meditate.  By going within and understanding the energetic matrix of something new within yourself, you are equally creating the neuronal pathways of connection that becomes natural, instantaneous and without thought about doing that.

Since moving here to the Jemez in January 2012, I meditate less now than I ever have in the 15 year journey to this moment.  But equally, I do readings that put my humble meditations onto steroids of new, each and every day, several times a day because YOU show up.

This past Wednesday, I accidentally booked 7 people for readings.  6 is my tap out point.  When my 6th concluded and the time before my 7th showed up, my brain was buzzing like a voltage electrical wire.  For the first time ever, I could actually SEE the wiring called my immediate and external brain, thick looping like wires that really seem to an atomic symbol sign:



That white dot in the middle, thats our pineal gland.  My vision was on one loop and the bursting energy was coming out of that loop.  HIGH VOLTAGE, that's YOU, that's US together, sharing, making all this REAL!  Thank god my last, my 7th lady of the day understood I was fried, I could barely run words together coherently and since she had another reading scheduled in a few days, we set me free lol for the day.

I realized yesterday, that because you and I spend so much time together, opening nuggets of holyshitness, and I am literally experiencing your meditation homework, my brain became efficient at learning how to ride a bike, every style of bike simply because YOU show up and want to know more.

I have said this a million times but I never felt so deeply, so understandingly why, until yesterday.  YOU are the greatest gift unto my days, unto my life and my every evolving Life, experiences.  You are my treasures.  You teach me something new every day, and together, we are filling up with the ever evolving truth of spirit.

I so want to share my other lady's reading with you, but this is my very long day and I need to pace myself so I am somewhat connected for meditation class this evening.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of mind altering, life changing, frequencies of connectedness and applications to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas    www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html

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