What Words Are You Using - Creating With???


Ya feeling the power that is you??  Phew baby.  But, before I get into all that, there was something I really wanted to talk about yesterday, but I overslept.

Something has been happening lately, especially since the ET's started showing back up in readings, that this morning, I am reminded of when my Pleiadian daddy, Franklyn, used to do every time I was in judgement, he would be in my ear saying "Lisa, you're judging."  Of course, 15 years ago, I asked him to help me know when I was judging, cuz I really was confused about what exactly that meant.  In his teachings to me, he said the most important thing I needed to learn back then (which of course carries thru to today for  all of us) is non judgement and unconditional love (I found a few leaks there lately, especially with my birth state of Pennsylvania lol.)  I say all that to say, I am familiar with being redirected.

Even over the years, spirit has been filtering the words or sentences I use to describe what I am seeing.  They want accuracy not vagueness or misinterpretation even when using a metaphor to explain what I see.  But lately, holy chit batman.  I swear I show up to get beat up!  It's one thing when spirit filters my words, they always send a stream of love with their redirect.  ET's however, not so much!  They are incarnate Being just like we are and sometimes, their tact is, well, quite firm and to the point, their point not my rambling points.

I have realized intimately why it is so important the way we say things, the words we choose to use when we say them, because that is the most potent stream of creation we have.  Our power sources are aligned and working.  Harnessed thru the breath, made audible with the voice, and all that energy released thru our throat chakra, our soul expression made manifest, becomes creation.

Spirit has stated many times over the years, be very clear in what you desire.  Be very clear in how you perceive your life as well (this is my addition too) and if you are going to say it out loud, say it clearly.  Let me give you my pesky, living example of what not to do (Can I resign from that role already?? lol)

A few days ago, when I was talking about December being the last phase of this part of the massive shift we are undergoing, I also mention my cash flow.  Over the last 4 years, I have now seen my cash flow retreat every single time we are at the end of a major phase.  Money, like everything else, is an energy system, it comes, it goes, it comes and goes.  With each new phase, that energy system became less tight, more flowing.  Then it retreats, what my team is calling this morning like cleaning a container, getting ready for a new, higher vibration of energy.

My bad was the sentence I formed when explaining myself.  I said my money was in a negative flow, what I really should have said is for the first time in close to a year, I have more bills than money to pay for them.  That is not a negative flow, not really anywayz, not from creations point of view.  But too late, I said it that way, innocently enough.

A couple of days ago I logged into my bank account to see how much money I needed to pull from paypal for my upcoming bills.  Holy freakin shit, I seen red.  Four things actually bounced, wait, wait, wait... would have bounced had I not had a little bit still left for my mexico trip that was planned for this month.  So they took what was left in my savings to pay what I did not have in my checking.  But really, nothing should have bounced, I was close to the nut, but not under it!  Or, so I thought.  I called the bank, sure enough, I seen the money I thought I had differently than what was there.  How is that even possible??

My freakin use of words.  My creative power in innocently stating my finances were in a negative created exactly that.  Well just dammit!!  Lesson learned!!  I hope anywayz.  We are freakin creatures of habit.  We all need to start speaking differently, positively without lying to ourselves.  To say I have tons of money in the bank when I do not, is BS (and not the holy kind lol) and emotionally we would be creating a static field instead of clarity.  Even tho I knew... KNOW that everything with money changes, retreats, fills up and I just breathe thru the shifts, couple all this with christmas and travel and stuff, I wasn't breathing quite the way I usually do.  Which would not have been as casualty effective had I not stated out loud, even if it was just writing, worse case scenario.

So with all this, what is sitting in my face to share is one of the readings the other day.  This gal had this HUGE ET exterior to her inner field/terrarium, which by the way, is where all the ETs are showing, exterior.  The reason was stated that they cannot interfere in your immediate energy field without you inviting them in.  Think about that, NOTHING can move into your energy field unless YOU invite it in.  Be it your guides, your Intergalactic family and even those that would want to manipulate you in anyway.  Our emotional fields (and words, yes WORDS) are what keeps us as living bug zappers or open to anything and everything.

But back to my lady's ET.  Did I say HUGE!! lol  All I could see was his right foot and most of his leg.  His foot alone was easy 3 feet big, his leg went up to the top of her terrarium after that, I could not see the rest of him, he said he was out of my vibratory spectrum.  But I also realize, his message was bigger (smile) than I realized.

His position was walking from east to north just outside of her terrarium thingie and just think about the shock waves that happen when something that huge steps on the ground, I could feel the earth's vibration move into my body with each footstep.  If I didn't know better, I would swear he was literally shaking the ground outside my door.  Well, obviously he was, I felt it.

As we started talking and he was now stepping in place, these vibrations became visible.  Sometimes what I seen were waves of energy moving out from his foot and ground, then other times the energy was very grid like.  What I didn't understand then, but sure do now, we are always sending out either waves of potential or grids to solidify our desires.  Our communication, whether we are just thinking something or especially saying it out loud to others, creates the differential.

Lets talk about that for a moment, holy shit, I didn't realize this but it makes sooo much sense now that I see it the way I do.  If we say something out loud to another person, it is then received and carried even further outwards by that other person or people, strengthening the energy flow of creation in what is said.

If anyone is propagating fear and negativity, that really becomes solidified in their realm by sharing it out loud.  It has to show up as experience, as creation made manifest.

Lets take this into a broader example.  I know there are a lot of people out there who fear the chemtrails, talk about the poisons that they connect to in those streams.  Most of these people do not realize that a shift over to love and beautiful and magnificence changes what the chemtrails are made of, so in their area, they have strengthened the poison and it must have an effect.  Whether it is them or someone else getting sick... the universal field of creation is NOT biased and sees nothing as good or bad, it's just creating your focus for you to look at more.

A beautiful soul named Fernando left a comment in this blog's comment section 8 days ago and when I read it, I was like, ohhh holy shit, YES!!  Well, his sharing is exactly what we are talking about now.  Thank Fernando!!  Here is his comment (with my highlights:)

YES!!! this is so awesome, the day before i read this i saw a talk about magic and how we all make magic with our thoughts, then i saw a post on Facebook, can’t remember exactly what it was but it said something that eating meat was wrong because of all the abuse animals were put on and something came to me!! when someone says ” i want to eat only vegetables because of the animal abuse” then the universe has to create that abuse on animals to give that person their reason to eat vegetables, i was so shocked!!! all vegans that chose to not eat meat because of the animal abuse on farms are creating that abuse!!! and they don’t even know it!!! and it’s the same with all the decisions we make, if we chose something because it’s “good” we are automatically creating the “bad” to justify that “good” and reading this blog was like a confirmation of that, wow!! well i know you know but felt i needed to write this :) to say that i in-joy reading your blog Lisa. ~ Love love ~

Geez, its amazing how quickly time goes in the morning.  There is so much more I want to share from the readings the last couple days, but I am down to my last hour before my reading day starts.  So I am going to switch to yesterdays power load of energy.  "Sealing the deal" energy!!

I slept 10 hours the night before last and had two dream fragments that I remember distinctly.  One was from a reading where I could see these like computer codes of 1's and 0's being inlaid in my lady's field, superimposed on top of the computer code was tiny little geometric patterns (about the size of pennies.)  Neither of which I understand at all.  But I seen it.

In my dream fragment, I was seeing my own 1's and 0's and tiny geometric patterns as if I was in a vat of energy and this stuff was seeping in.  Thats all I remember... the next dream fragment was a baffle when I woke up and remembered it.  Another beautiful soul (thanx Zarah) helped me really put it together, and this morning and after yesterdays events.... it really makes sense.  I was at my coffee maker making my morning pot of coffee.  But instead of dumping out the day priors coffee grounds, I made a hole inside the wet ones and placed the fresh ones inside.  Obviously only using three scoops instead of my usual 6 (I always have a full pot of coffee every morning.)  I even watched myself purposely tuck the new grounds into the center of the old grounds, creating a new core in the old skin/grounds.  Zarah's lightbulb moment for me came from facebook when she said: "It might be a play on words ... like exploring new grounds (new playgrounds) and combining them with the old ones."  YES!!

I LOVE YOU all so much, I work so much better because you are in my world and share your insights out loud.  Thanx!!

Let's put that on pause just for a moment and let me talk about my weird and exciting day yesterday.  I woke up and my entire head felt like it had been placed in a vice all night long.  Not a headache, but the bones of my skull ached as if it was in a vice.  My brain was thick and gooey and I was not totally surprised that I could not see the field at all yesterday.  Even tho I had 10 hours of sleep, my body was not peppy at all, it was focused on "deep couch sitting."  I love that phrase!!

In between phone calls I started to notice something, first, there was a stream of energy coming into me from above, thru my crown, running down the backside of my spine, entering in at the sacral plexus area and making my stomach churn.  When I would move away from the computer (too much energy comes from the computer on high energy days, I cannot handle it all)  and sit on my couch, I became very aware of the sound, the various frequencies being emitted from this incoming energy.  I have never had this experience before.  It was not in my ears, even tho, off and on the tones in my ears were loud then soft and constant, this was exterior to my physical ears and I knew there was a resonance pattern happening, I had seen and heard similar things in the readings the last few days.

Then all this energy started some serious vertigo, I had to place my hands on either side of me to remain sitting upright thru the spins.  One of the times I had to get up, I got soooo dizzy I thought I would fall over, but with the dizzy I could see the thick white light coming down from above, into my crown and into my pineal gland and it looked like someone was placing an ice cream cone (soft swirl) in my head.  This must have enhanced my vision because a little later, sitting back on my couch, feeling this constant stream of energy coming into my back I started to see the 1's and 0's with the tiny little geometric patterns embedded in this energy stream.

Going back to the way it was shared the other day (and my coffee grounds lol) the base software receiving the new software programing.  Even the use of me making coffee was foretelling what my day was going to be like, but I didn't really see it that way until just now. lol

All of this incoming energy lasted til late in the afternoon.  It was kind of exciting to be able to see and hear it for the first time ever.  I mean, before I always knew when energy was happening and intuitively understood it, but this time I got sight and sound to go along with it.  It made the uncomfortableness of it all, rather enjoyable.  Not that I understand what it means on the larger playground of life... but we will find out!!!

Some of the readings have been showing incoming meteorites hitting the exterior of the glass terrarium thingie, infusing it with its energy for use by the person I am reading for.  I just had a wild hair tickle my butt to look for meteorites from the zone of silence for sale.  Holy shit, the exact formation of what I see was in this persons ebay offerings.  Now, let's have strange get stranger!!  I tried to download his pictures of the zone of silence meteorites he's selling, couldn't get it to download.  So I enraged the picture in the browser, got my camera and took a picture and emailed it to myself.  I cannot get it to load up from my email to download it, or even download it from my email without opening the image full view.  Freakin strange!!  Let me get around that and just give you the link to his ebay site:  http://meteorite-identification.com/auctions/6623055756.pdf

With all my heart and soul, I know something bigger is afoot and cannot wait to see what the hell it is!!

On that note, my day is about to begin.  Speak wisely, ohhhh and NO SLANG!!  OMG, I have been so fussed at for using slang to explain anything.  Geez.  Good thing I don't take myself seriously!!  Phew!!

I love you all soul much.  Have an amazing, creative day, every day!!

((((HUGZ))))) of expanded love thru ALL we do and say!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html