Changing to the Fertile Fields of February!!

mother-earth-pregnant-large Well here we are, the last two days of January, what a wild wild ride January has been!!  For me personally, I had two very interesting, if not in the house of slightly worrisome, dream experiences.  First, I almost never have dream experiences that I consciously remember in the morning, if is 3 or 4 times a year, this girl is celebrating.  But I also know, I expend so much of that higher energy there is nothing left to harness in the night times, I am out cold.

About 2 or 3 weeks ago, I was semi woken up in the middle of the night with the presence of my mother standing at the side of my bed.  My mother and I have been estranged for 20 years.  I tried to reach out and reestablish contact with her back in 2011, but it was not returned.  So when she showed up in my room that night, all I kept telling her is if you are here, then you must be dead.  She kept bringing my vision out to my living room, I have a wall that has some pictures of my dad and some of his indian jewelry his wife gave me after his passing.  On that same wall, on the bottom, I also have a picture of my mother.  Twice during that strange visit, she stretched my vision to that wall, not saying why, but having me stare at the picture of my father.  When I woke up, I really assumed she must have passed and that was her way of saying she was with my father.  Well, I knew she lived in an over 55 community in Florida, so after much pacing, I called their office to have them check on her, well, she is still on this side of the veil.  Thats a good thing... so I went to option number two, maybe she was forewarning me of my own fate.  My father had metastasized lung cancer, I was having my annual CT scan, I would find out soon enough.  Even tho I don't see my oncologist until February 10th, UMN put the results on my online medical page, I am perfect neck to pelvis, nothing remarkable inside.  YAY!!  But what the hell gives with her visit.

This past Thursday, some of my friends here where I live, got together for dinner.  One of my friends was diagnosed with inoperable stage 4 breast cancer a few months ago, waiting 3 years to have it checked.  The first time I touched her tumor, I instantly got a connection with my dad, his lung tumor protruded out of his chest wall bulging on his back.  Her's was bulging at her upper chest.  Since then, she has been proactive with holistic remedies, but really pulling away from the cancer docs and their options.  She is taking chemo pills to shrink the tumor and when she said it was shrunk my half, I couldn't control my hand to reach out and touch it.  I really wish I didn't.  There was no light in that area, it was guarded by a metal plate (metaphysically speaking here) and a repelling energy that sent my hand off as quickly as it went on.  I gave her a high-five even tho, we both knew what she said was not exactly the truth, but much like my father, he didn't want to talk or deal with any of either.

That night, Thursday night, when I went to sleep, my whole entire evening would be spent by her physical body haunting me.  That sounds really negative, but insisting I pay attention.  I had no choice but to pay attention it wouldn't let me get into full on sleep.  It's presentation of itself burned itself into my mind, even this morning, I cannot shake it.  Hey, I love her like a sister.

I have done energy work and readings thru massage for 7 years, I have seen many body expression, the less light one allows inside the core, the system itself, the body itself starts to present from deep browns to fully black energy, on my table, if some sort of disease hasn't already presented itself, it's just a matter of time unless ya deal with the emotional field of light that has been blocked out.

My beautiful friends physical body was deep brown and black, with an odd twist.  It was as if her ribcage was once broken or severed and grew to the left, creating a 90 degree bend of her body to the left, always in the light of physical life, but never up straight within herself.

I also realized thru the night, this was her physical body tapping into my sleep time, less her soul energy.  I didn't even know that was possible.  But of course, it goes to what we have been really understanding together, our biology is a living conscious energy with desires and a will of its own, beyond but also, partnered with the soul energy.  If it was her soul, the first time I said to it/her I have tried to talk about what caused this cancer and have been repeatedly shut out, let me go back to sleep.  All freakin night long, I got no sleep, instead, this pesky, actually desperate body kept knock on my window.

I was a useless rag yesterday.  I got no sleep, I finally got out of bed to stop seeing that image of her. Like that worked lol.  It was less invasive being totally awake than drifting off to sleep tho.

I had no real idea why her body was stalking me lol, but with a freakin awesome nights sleep last night, my brain is working today and the rest of the story is filling in.

Let's put this all on pause for a moment and I am going to back up to the last two readings of the day on Thursday.  My beautiful 14-year-old fiery-angel in body, her entire field was like this amazing yellow, yellow-orange field of liquid glass.  She was not in her center so much as she was sprawled out from center/now to the far right, future and I got an image of being peeled like a banana.  This light field that has surrounded her was releasing itself to reveal the fruit of her soul in body, in a process that will stretch into the middle of February.  The beauty of most of our children, they are coming in so aligned with their soul light and purpose, they don't have to do a thing except wake up and Be each morning.... very much like the caterpillar changing into the butterfly. Unlike us seasoned veterans of the old world, it's a choice, we must be fully aligned to our light source to evolve into our next light form and all the abilities that go with it.

My last lady of the day, she was in change too.  Only like wonder woman, rapidly spinning about 7 feet above the ground, changing to align with the fields of fertile february.  They kept aligning her energy with wonder woman and with wonder woman, she had to decide to change from human to super human.  Obviously my lady already made that choice and it was underway.  As we talked she said she was hearing the word "Calculus" and neither of us knew why.  Hey, don't talk math to me, algebra melts my mind, forget anything beyond that!!  So in the morning I looked up what is calculus used for... I sooo had to smile those big deep smiles when our team validates what we are seeing in unexpected ways:  Calculus is the mathematical study of change, in the same way that geometry is the study of shape and algebra is the study of operations and their application to solving equations.

There is not a man, woman or child not being affected by the solidifying energies underway as we cross from the energy field of January into February, the only thing I am sure of right now, February will be so fertile in all the reflective (or damped out) energy of your Life field.  Meaning, what one may not be dealing with (and its always at the emotional level of creation) will grow more quickly in whatever form that needs, and those who expanded their field of light are going to reap gardens they never dreamt possible.

Ohhh before I close, my team does want to say too, there are many that are using this amazing field of energy to exit, on purpose and as planned from the soul level.  Leaving behind seeds of light for all of us.  Even those who cut their journey short, leaves us all caution signs/detour signs that states so clearly, not this way!!

Mother earth, HA!!  In the form of my own mother, is doing all she can to assist in direction as well.  Can you imagine the earth loving you, that one amazing person living here, so much, so INCREDIBLY much that she built a bridge from one person to you, to say fill yourself with light so you can stay and enjoy the party, you have more to do Here, than There!!

Let me close by address this profound thing we have Here and  NOT on the other side of the veil, a physical body.  A conscious, living entity with needs and desires of its own.  It knows what it needs to not only be Here, but also, Thrive Here!!  It sends us all kinds of signals all day long.  Cravings is a huge signal that our body needs "that."  My body happens to be a chocolate-aholic lol.  It will also tell you what it doesn't need, too.  So many people are tapped into the external programming of others, they ignore the body signals being given.  We are not talking just foods and stuff, but equally the interaction with others.  I get a well placed energy wedge between me and someone who does not need to be in my life at least until they change their frequency more towards love than separation.  I have that with my oldest daughter, she just had her first child, my second grandson and my heart would soooo love to be part of her life, but...

As I grab a cup of coffee and ask my team if there is anything else they would like to share today, I hear the opening of a Bowie Song, a man who used this energy to truly blast off into the expanse of his soul and touch us ever still

I love you all so much and thank you for always understanding my crazy days and nights and loving me thru it all!!

Lisa Gawlas