The 3 Day Event of In-Fusion Straight from the Source thru You!!

new light body I am going to declare Valentines day (3 days) the holiest of all holy days ever!!  It started on the 13th, with what spirit called the "sonic boom."  In the beginning there was the word, now that word is amplified thru our hearts and lips as sonic boom waves.  Then, on the 14th, the inflow of the most pure Love direct from the Source of All Life into each clear vessel ready to receive.  With that I am hearing the word in-fusion.  So I took to the handy-dandy google search engine to understand that more: "Fusion is the process which powers the sun and the stars. It is energy that makes all life on earth possible. It is called 'fusion' because the energy is produced by fusing together light atoms, such as hydrogen, at the extremely high pressures and temperatures which exist at the centre of the sun..."

The Light of your energy field fused with the Light of Source (creator, god) not diluted or filled with buffers for dilution.  Straight from the Source into You, fused together with PURE SOURCE Light, to create a brand new energy that can only come THRU YOU, that is a unique part of you made manifest.

Now, before I get to what yesterday was in this holy 3 day event, let me share the magic of my morning, just as I was publishing my sharing yesterday.  Keeping in the vein of all this three energy.  The first thing was I was tapped on my shoulder to look at the sunrise... of course, I took a picture.  It wasn't until the third event that I even realized the huge significance of what was being validated thru the skies and even, my phone.

The fires of passion, the fires of the Divine Masculine (do not assign that a gender role, it has nothing to do with gender, at all.):

fire morning


The flow of light connecting into every open vessel, just after sunrise:

light tube

I keep my phone on my desk, face down (saves distraction for me lol, I am so easily distracted.)  When I published my blog I picked up my phone and I could feel this odd energy when I did.  As I looked at the face of my phone my eyes were stunned.  My wallpaper on my phone has been of me and my daughter at Busch Gardens pretty since we went to Busch Gardens last summer.  Imagine my surprise when I picked up my phone to see my wallpaper magically changed to this:



The rainbow energy of the Divine Feminine vortex style!  Why my phone and not toss a rainbow out in the sky, everything has a reason.  Lets go back to the 3 vibration, action... the fire is god in action thru you/us.  The rainbow, communication thru you/us.  The sonic boom of our voice breaks the sound barrier of separation, fuels passion thru the flames of fire, the fire of God alive in body.  The funnel of ever connected Light to the Source of All Life.

Jesus Christ - Superstar (that was an in-spired insert into yesterdays blog)  "Fusion is the process which powers the sun and the stars..."  The full moon, where the starts come to gather and reflect their light in harmony, in participation with the full moon which is reflecting the full sun/son.  The Siamese twins.  

With yet another readingless day yesterday, (well, let me clarify this statement, not reading like I am accustomed to and that you paid for,) my first two appointments I could not see a thing, not even the field.  I was not completely surprised, when we have huge events they usually take up the span of 1, 3, 5 or 7 days.  Considering the emphasis on the energy of three, I knew we would be in one more day of this Holy in-fusion time.  I kept saying that it all must be solidifying, all this energy and all that goes with it.  I said it two times in a row.  So imagine my surprise when I connected to my third reading, a precious man, and I actually got to see a little something something.  If only to redirect my words.

That pole of intensely white streaming light changed.  I could not see in any way the ground, the person nor even the bubble of creation, this visual was just above it all, but I understood what I was seeing.  The white stream of Light changed into what is looking like someone pulling fibers apart.  Kind of like this, minus hands:

fibers spreading

God, the Source of ALL LIFE, cannot solidify.  It's an impossibility.  His energy, cannot even stand still, he is the force of Life that is in constant motion, movement.  So his pure essence pours into your body, where the body is in constant motion, blood moves, the beats, the lungs inhale and exhale, the body is never ever still.  Thru the very pores of your body, a fibrous network is being spread out.

Even what I want to say about that right now, nope.  Ain't coming out, I have Source tape over my lips lol.  But I do understand why, I only know what I know and that is not even close what is happening.  Thank God/You, (smile) you will show up every day and help us all understand so much more!!

Something new is happening inside of me, and I am loving it.  Thru the conversations the last few days, I am seeing my replies in visuals.  The incredible one that I want to share from yesterday was seeing the titanic.  I cannot even remember what my lady said to trigger it, but it must have had something to do with getting our act together and changing the course of Life itself.  I could see the titanic on the ocean, it was dark out but not midnight dark, dusk dark and this rock formation and iceberg was just in front of this ship.  Suddenly, the entire ship began to turn away (turn to the right, spiritual energy) and avoided the head on collision with that solid mass.  I also realized, what I call the Shambhala collective, us... IS the ship that is turning the course of ALL humanity from self-destruction.  WE ARE Noahs Ark, each other bound together as one whole unit, one whole ship.

Think about what it takes for a massive ocean liner to make a sudden turn, its slow and steady.  So too, is the changes thru humanity and all versions of earth.  If the titanic was to suddenly and sharply turn itself, it was break from the force, from the pressure, causing more damage than hitting a solid wall of mass.  Remember this when it appears nothing is changing... it really really is BECAUSE YOU changed.

Staying with this visual and analogy, DO NOT look back at the wake that is being created.  Look only to where you are going, what you are heading into.  The magic, the wonder, the land of Shambhala.  YOU, Your Life IS that landmass.  "Shambhala (Tib. bde 'byung) is a Sanskrit term meaning place of peace/tranquility/happiness."

((((HUGZ)))) of immense and intense Joy binding us together!!

Lisa Gawlas

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