Your Personal Universe and the Magnetic Pull...

your universe I should have known that whatever this crazy "Siamese twin" system we are in, was going to be big, at least, energetically.  Of course, I couldn't even fathom how big or how intense it would be, and we are only 4 days in!!  Someone posted a video on my facebook wall last week and I have been trying to weave into the days contents, which obviously has not happened yet, but today is that day!!!  So I will kick this sharing off by sharing that video here and then expanding the ongoing information from the visuals in the video itself.


I had seen a very similar image in one of the readings this past week, actually the day of the full moon, only the electrical currents were half way between the moon and the earth, coming from the core of the moon beam surrounding my lady.  Maybe the reason I didn't get around to sharing it or even talking about it until today, is I needed much more understanding to make the story more complete.

As the full moon itself completed it's 24 hour cycle, that electrical field was placed in us, engulfing the solar plexus thru the sacral plexus area, where are our core electromagnetic field is.  Think of this area either like a huge rechargeable battery cell or even an electrical socket in the wall (that we plug stuff into.)  The energy radiating outwards is changing the electromagnetic field around you.  The current within the body, up and down the core, more fluid so the body does not burn up.  This is one of the main reasons so many people are having bouts of, allergies, colds and stuff, spirit lube in place and very needed!!

Equally, while all this energy is coming thru you, expanding around your environment, of course it is going to affect electronics especially and things working off magnetic energy.  But let's go further, imagine that is a group of people in your neighborhood going thru these upgrades (and let me assure you, not everyone is,) then it affects the energies of the whole area.  Where two or more are gathered... (obviously, not even consciously gathered lol.)

So lets take my own personal, ever world called, my life.  For the last several weeks, serious static has been gathering in my phone (landline) and sparking to the degree calls are disconnected.  Sometimes, we have to call each other back 4 times to get a clear connection to do our session, the windstream man was here yesterday (the 2nd time this week) to attempt to fix it.  He changed filters and wires and stuff, my son called, I gave the phone to mr pretty windstream man, and sitting in my chair I could hear the static, this man is saying there is no static!!  WHAT??  Are you deaf??  He said there is interference in the line.  Hey, a rose by any other name...  sadly tho, I was voiceless and could only think thoughts as opposed to say them out loud with enthusiasm.  He wiggled something had me call my landline from my cell, it was clear.  I so tried to explain to him, for the second time this week, that sometimes, the line is clear.  He didn't care, he declared it a job done and went on his way.

While he was here changing things up, my landlady came over and told me there is going to be a planned power outage (yesterday) from noon to 4pm.  WHAT?? WHY????  She didn't know, upgrades maybe.  It is a really good thing I decided to write everyone on my agenda yesterday, the night before, to forewarn them I may be a no call, no show.

Now lets talk about this pesky voice of mine.  Yesterday showed me without any room for doubt, it is really spirit just pinching my vocal cords shut so I will not take in any extra energy thru readings as we go thru this expansion.

I did try to at least say hi to my first three appointments for the day.  Each one, evoked a massive tornado from my lungs and produced serious thunder (smile)... coughing.  I had zero cough, except when trying to talk to appointments.  So imagine my surprise when talking to my landlady, windstream man, even my son on the phone, produced zero coughing, zero voice, but I wasn't hacking up a lung from forcing audible-ness.

Let me add this tid-bit in.  When I was at my son's house for the holidays, I did lose my voice just after new year.  His housemates girlfriend went out at got me some "Yogi - Throat Comfort" tea.  Nasty tasting stuff, but, 3 magical sips of that elixir, my voice was restored!!  I had the same experience once i got home on those days I woke up with no voice to do readings with.  A 5 minute delay so i can fix tea and drink a bit (and drinking this tea, at the back of throat is like gargling with peroxide, disgusting,) worked well and restored my ability to talk.  Except the last two days.  No fizzy at all in the back of my throat, no amount of cups of this tea (did I mention it tastes disgusting lol, ohh the things I will do to do what I do!) did nothing at all.  Dammit!!

I actually stopped trying to say hi to my peeps on my schedule, the strain of it all actually was starting not only to hurt, but depleted my energy from the effort.

I already had a huge to-do list out in the big wide world, so I decided to get it done early instead of late.  Shortly after windstream man left, I started my adventure out, stopping at the local gas station to get smokes.  Imagine my surprise when one of the guys in the parking lot told me the store was closed due to the power outage and when I spoke back to him, I had FULL VOICE!!  WTF???  10 minutes and 4 miles ago, I had no voice at all.  AT ALL!!

It's only this morning do I realize the fullness of it all.  Spirit is giving me a parallel to a nuclear power plant, our exchange in the readings is what fills the energy vat (my house) the station itself.  There are days, sometimes multiple days we are closed for upgrades.  Inconvenient, yes, needed for the well being of all, more than we realize!!

So on days I wake up with no voice, and my magic tea is not working, I am going for a joy ride to discharge the energies out into the big wide world, so we can continue doing what we do together, audibly!!

OK enough about my craziness, let's get back to the group crazy called us.  lol

When the Source of ALL Life drops into my meditation and asks "Do 'you' know who you are" he is not asking me personally, but as I use the word "you" in my sharings, it is plural.  And let's be clear as well on the word "know."  It is not just a bunch of information we tell ourselves or each other.  Yes, we all know we are Source, we all know we are intimately interconnected, but even that is barely the skin on an apple.  WE are the creators of universes, of Light turned into matter and matter dissolved back into light.  WE are the formed and the formless and all that goes with it.

We, as a group energy, have purposely embarked on changing our personal universe, our personal solar system we call Life.  Right now, we are undergoing the most radical of changes ever biologically and energetically.  All that got us to here, has been going super nova these last 3 years (2013 thru 2015) and now we are reforming.  I took a little trip to google land, because since yesterday on my trip to the big wide world, I have been seeing us create a new universe, solar system within our personal fields.  So I wanted to understand a little something about it and here is a great bit of info:

Scientists believe that the solar system was formed when a cloud of gas and dust in space was disturbed, maybe by the explosion of a nearby star (called a supernova). This explosion made waves in space which squeezed the cloud of gas and dust. Squeezing made the cloud start to collapse, as gravity pulled the gas and dust together, forming a solar nebula. Just like a dancer that spins faster as she pulls in her arms, the cloud began to spin as it collapsed. Eventually, the cloud grew hotter and denser in the center, with a disk of gas and dust surrounding it that was hot in the center but cool at the edges. As the disk got thinner and thinner, particles began to stick together and form clumps. Some clumps got bigger, as particles and small clumps stuck to them, eventually forming planets or moons . Near the center of the cloud, where planets like Earth formed, only rocky material could stand the great heat. Icy matter settled in the outer regions of the disk along with rocky material, where the giant planets like Jupiter formed. As the cloud continued to fall in, the center eventually got so hot that it became a star, the Sun, and blew most of the gas and dust of the new solar system with a strong stellar wind

Now lets turn the physics into the meta-physics.  But first, lets acknowledge too (since I am hearing this lol) that at the close of last year, many people simply could not let go of what they thought they knew, wanted, whatever and remained on the old earth, recreating all the familiars to them, but with higher, more potent energy outcomes.  These are the ONLY people who still need to be clearing their minds, their reality to allow for more pure light to come in... to allow the unknown to become known.

For the rest of us crazy ass people, here we are, clear as can be (energetically speaking of course lol) creating a whole new life system!!  Let me use the graphic I used yesterday as my main art to bounce off of here:


solar system


That light in the image, that is you.  You are the center of your personal universe.  The planets shown, that would be us, those that you allow to orbit around your personal world.  The particles of debris, is your potential creation forming.  The stronger the force within you (thought and feeling fused together) the more rapid the creation.  See that hazy like circle around the light source, lets call that your personal bubble of creation, now known as your electromagnetic field.  Nothing nor anyone can enter that area except by your allowance.  You either open to something, or you remain like an intense electrical grid (think, electrical fence lol) that nothing less that your personal energy can penetrate.

What I had seen thru a couple readings and that is now a constant on my mind, the first three "power nodes" spirit talked about in March.  3-3, 3-5 and 3-7... I see everyone's electrical fence opening to allow something in.  To my visual field, it really looks like absorbing 3 separate universes and they become a larger whole, a more fully functioning orbiting system.  Which becomes (for lack of a better word) solidified with the full solar eclipse on the 8th.

From what I am currently understanding, these... expansions are unstoppable, however, what you absorb in, is completely and utterly up to you and it will be the defining moment of how your universe unfolds from here on out.  Your magnetic core has a very particular resonance it is already sending out, as its like frequency is being pulled towards you.  (Wow, that's sounds kinda... harsh lol.)  Actually, creation can seem rather harsh come to think of it.  Creation and destruction are one in the same.

That's about as much as my head can process for this morning!!  With voice streaming from my face (giggle) I cannot wait to see what the hell comes out of today's readings!!!

Big big Universal (((HUGZ)))) filled with the magnetic power pull of LOVE to ALL!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I want to share something with everyone that a precious soul shared on my facebook yesterday in regards to Bernie Sanders and his "religion."  I pray you see why his presidency is as important to the universal life force as it is to little ole me!!  The link to the article is here, but I am including the article in full here as well:

CNN Asked Bernie Sanders About His Religion: Here’s His Breathtaking Response (VIDEO) Read more at:


On Tuesday, just four days before South Carolina’s Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton took questions from voters at a lively CNN Town Hall in the newly de-battle flagged state capital of Columbia.

Amid all the talk about Wall Street, racism, Donald Trump, and the GOP’s obstructionism, Bernie Sanders was asked about his “spirituality.” That, of course, was meant to be a trap, a litmus test. Americans like their presidents Christian. In fact, we haven’t had a non-Christian president since Thomas Jefferson (Abraham Lincoln was raised Christian and kept quiet about his un-churched status), let alone a not-particularly religious Jew. Here was Bernie Sanders’ stunning reply:
“Every great religion in the world — Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism — essentially comes down to: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ And what I have believed in my whole life — I believed it when I was a 22-year-old kid getting arrested in Chicago fighting segregation — I’ve believed it in my whole life.” 
And then, Bernie Sanders even appeared to get a little choked up as he declared:
“That we are in this together — not just, not words. The truth is at some level when you hurt, when your children hurt, I hurt. I hurt. And when my kids hurt, you hurt. And it’s very easy to turn our backs on kids who are hungry, or veterans who are sleeping out on the street, and we can develop a psyche, a psychology which is ‘I don’t have to worry about them; all I’m gonna worry about is myself; I need to make another 5 billion dollars.’ 
But I believe that what human nature is about is that everybody in this room impacts everybody else in all kinds of ways that we can’t even understand. It’s beyond intellect. It’s a spiritual, emotional thing. 
So I believe that when we do the right thing, when we try to treat people with respect and dignity, when we say that that child who is hungry is my child … I think we are more human when we do that, than when we say ‘hey, this whole world , I need more and more, I don’t care about anyone else.’ That’s my religion. That’s what I believe in. And I think most people around the world, whatever their religion, their color — share that belief. That we are in it together as human beings. 
And it becomes more and more practical. If we destroy the planet because we don’t deal with climate change … Trust me, we are all in it together, and … That is my spirituality.’ 

(Click here to read the full article)

To use the words of John Lennon... Imagine!!