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The Old Hologram of Life, Done. We Are Actively Building the New!!

imagine this thing we call life is a game board... What they showed us was the game board itself blowing up, and we, in this present moment, bringing in our new, unique game pieces and as we open to the new day, we also come together, multidimensionally in human form to start building our new board made out of love, compassion, empowerment.

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The Multidimensional Expansion is as New to Our Soul as it is to US!! Imagine That!!!

As we crossed the threshold from 2012 going into 2013 we tore open a higher energy system that has been filtering into our (earth) realm since that moment. ...Our souls, deep in classroom lessons, learning how to use this never before energy system and create skills that in this plane of existence, within this particular field of energy, has never ever ever happened before. So all of this is brand spanking new to our souls as well.

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The Age of Aquarius Has Begun in Earnest!!

Also, another thing that is so important for us all to realized, that whole ascension thing IS HERE. WE are the living vessel of ascended energy. We have cleared enough of our container to hold and use the higher Light of spirit in all we do. The earth has reached the ascended vibration to allow the ascended ones (us) to Be Present on the earth, alive in body, active in matter and visible to those with hearts that can see.

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