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Living In Our Pimped Out, Fully Equipped Terrarium!!

We are still in our glass enclosures, which actually makes more sense given the above and really takes us deeper into the saying "Be in this world, not of it." Our glass enclosure is much like a terrarium, all we need is within our personal fields of created reality, sealed for our personal use, growth and flourishment. We can see outside the glass, but are shielded from the hostel appearing environment, unless we move outside of our enclosure or are in a situation that keeps moving us out.

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The Illumination/Germination Period

The dirt, the soil of our lives, at least the ones who standing within this illumination period of the Christed earth... it's so rich and nutrient filled. Pristine and perfect. The seed itself, You. After a long season of harvesting, you have brought together the energy, the wisdom, the full expression of mastery within the DNA of Life.

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