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New Rules, New Potentials and Actionable Outcomes... or Not!

This is a huge insight really. Those that may be living in a chaotic environment (home, relationship, whatever) until you clean house and allow the fullness of this world to Be a part of you... well, lets just say you will find yourself at a never-ending choice point... unable to go back and still unable to move forward.

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The Mind Bending Attributes of April, Of YOU!!!!!

Time travelers, interdimensional travelers, archaeologists... so many new things coming thru that really is making my mind melt (in great ways.) Granted, focus has once again come into the realm of meditation, understanding the multidimensions and navigating them must be understood from the soul. It will take focus, dedication and some serious reprogramming of the brain. All leading to the reality of doing it all in the physical world we exist within (that keeps changing vibrationally lol.)

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