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The Old Hologram of Life, Done. We Are Actively Building the New!!

imagine this thing we call life is a game board... What they showed us was the game board itself blowing up, and we, in this present moment, bringing in our new, unique game pieces and as we open to the new day, we also come together, multidimensionally in human form to start building our new board made out of love, compassion, empowerment.

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Streams of Consciousness, Walk-Ins and More!!

We are all given moments of activation, when we have that moment in time to do something bigger than we have done before. Should we miss that opportunity, the tendrils that held that wisdom, those codes are removed from that consciousness and embedded in another. This really gave light to the thing we know as "walk ins." The main soul never changes, but the streams of consciousness from other, closely related souls (again, from the other side of the veil, especially in this highly technical matrix, it is done by a soul group working together as opposed to individually) which is why some have many ascended masters as their guides/teachers.

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Rebirth Underway... Again!!!

So I had to ponder the imagery of an egg. Why that? ...the egg must open itself up to be fertilized. We must allow the energy of new life into our form. In our actual reproduction system, when sperm penetrates the ova, new life is created. This happens at the rate of friction (high energy and ACTION.)

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