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As the Quantum Soup Begins to Boil...

Those that live and love within the ascended body and earth (that's us) have all been sliced and diced and plopped into this pot and we have been simmering together since the 28th of September, changing, releasing our new spices into the vat of liquid (source energy) within the pot of new life (earth.) These last three days, the heat has been turned up as we move into the finished soup stage.

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Talk About the Multi-Dimensional Soul!!!

For those choosing to focus on the new earth abilities, (as opposed to those staying back to help others coming up the pike) we are going to focus our energetic abilities as facilitating the light of wisdom for those who come to our energy sessions. The new earth is vibrant and unneeded of any repair. But we can focus on connecting people/clients to their soul in higher frequencies.

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