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The Full Moon on the 2-22 and the Full Sun on 3-3 - Siamese Twins!!!

The full moon on the 22nd and the "full sun" on 3-3... they were conjoined by the most intense "membrane" (spirits word) of light I ever seen. A system the field, everyone's teams yesterday is referring to as a Siamese twin.

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The Portal of the Hearts Gives Birth to the Multidimensional Self(s) into Consciousness!!

...except to know... KNOW that was we bridge the 15th-16th of this month, that is where that second of three activations happen. From every angle of this oval, we are all moving into the center (literally and most especially, figuratively) of March, hence that entangled growing thing I seen yesterday as I woke up.

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The Portals of Light (YOU) Moving Towards Center!

I could see all the individually connected portals or entrance ways into Now (March) in a deeper, richer color spectrum that before. Each and every portal had a very particular color streaming from it heading towards the center of this oval shaped landscape. It was beautiful, like a massive web being created and connected at the center thru each person's energy.

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