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The Magnetic Stream of Your Life, Quantum Surfboards and the Flow!!

Staying in the rhythm of your lifes flow... timing is everything. Being in the moment, getting a glimpse of the next moment to move into, but not hurrying up and forgetting the flow to it. Speed is not needed here. You would end up arriving before your energy did. Or the opposite, you hesitate so much that you are a mile behind your energy.

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Massive Quantum Energies "On Steroids" Billowing in...

This brings a few things to the fore from previous messages. First, if we want to head out in unlimited waters, life, we MUST learn to surf against the flow. Since this energy is coming in from the future, if we simply "went with the flow" it will take you backwards into previous experiences and familiar ground. However... with our new crazy quantum surfboards that can move like the flight of a hummingbird... we are knee deep in surf lessons!!

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The Mind Bending Attributes of April, Of YOU!!!!!

Time travelers, interdimensional travelers, archaeologists... so many new things coming thru that really is making my mind melt (in great ways.) Granted, focus has once again come into the realm of meditation, understanding the multidimensions and navigating them must be understood from the soul. It will take focus, dedication and some serious reprogramming of the brain. All leading to the reality of doing it all in the physical world we exist within (that keeps changing vibrationally lol.)

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