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The Unified Field of Change, of Unconditional Love Power Source

February is the true essence the human incarnate being so clear in their cellular light, the software of Source Light has been and will be installed. The creator of all life, that which is every molecule and atom and quark can only fully reside within a host, an incarnate being whose ego has been soo tempered it appears to no longer exist (it will always exist while the body is alive, minus the negative amplifications that has become commonplace over lifetimes.)

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The Source of ALL Things Is Moving Thru You... If You Let Him/Her!!

am going to leave you with a great song I heard all day long, most especially that one powerful line that says: "What if God was one of us, just a slob like one of us." Would you give God a helping hand or a warm bed or medical care??? See god in all things and allow God to See you in ALL things too!!! Thats HEAVEN!!!

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