Time to Clear the Collectives or Have Mama Earth Clear it For Us!!


Well, welcome to the wild energies of March!!  The one thing I am absolutely sure of, we can no longer get away with anything.  No more sitting on the fence of indecisiveness, no more twiddling our thumbs and focusing on my small self while ignoring the world around us.

Today I want to focus on a reading that turned into a planetary message for all of us.  Especially since my team repeatedly tapped me on my sleeping shoulder saying get up, we need to talk about this today and their hanging in my dream face, my beloved Bernie Sanders.  All I could think of was, oh shit... super Tuesday may not have been so super.  Sure enough...

My lady showed up in the most beautiful of presentations, that really confused me a lot!!  There are some people now who are showing up in relationship to the magnetic pole called the Equinox, so did this precious soul.  Just above midway above the center of this pole to about 10 feet up were the most amazing, beautiful LARGE butterfly wings and the body was the equinox pole.  Considering everyone else on this day (the 29th) was about expanding and what they were creating in their personal expanding new universes, she threw me for a loop for a long minute.

I cannot remember exactly how everything turned to this conversation, but I am going to get to it since it's in my face at the moment lol.  I watched as her HUGE butterfly wings started gently flapping when suddenly the chaos theory was placed in my mind.  Hey!!  Science again!!  But it was more the focus of the butterfly effect, the energy released from the gentle flap of a butterfly wing in one country can cause a storm in another.

Then, somehow, we were talking about the politics currently underway in the USA and the earth's vested interest in it.  How often do we ever really think... I wonder which politician the earth would like to see in office?  Until this particular race, I never did.  But, what we do topside, affects her inside and let me tell ya... she is brewing some serious energies within her.

We have three main horses in the preliminary presidential race, two of which are such old energies, and hold their own interests that has nothing to do with us, we the people of the world, not just this country.

As she and i were talking about this and I only half-joking said that maybe I can create an energy field in them (trump and Hillary) to take them out of the race... bad karma juju there.  But then the earth herself stepped up to show what we can do that would not be personally attacking a human.

Way to the left, representing the past, the old energy field, trump and hillary stood next to each other.  Much to my surprise, I seen the collective consciousness that is aligned to each one of them, trumps was larger than Hillary's by double!!  These collectives, which I see like huge thought bubbles above their heads, were gray.  People want the light of change, but for themselves not for the ALL  and these two, promise such things.

The earth herself, she is alive with the unified field and has every intention of having it go thru all the dimensions, especially that place we call soap-bubble land.  The deep duality of yours vs mine.  She said that we cannot target a human, but if we came together to target the collective that supports these two, fill it with life, infuse the love of all into it, people would start to see the lies they are believing as truth and hopefulness, but only those who have some connection to their own heart/soul.  Sadly, not everyone does... yet.  Most people in these collectives are connected to their own egos and their own personal agendas and don't even realize it.

So I had to look around for the third horse, where's bernie??  Way out in the north field, in the energy of the future there he was, but I could not separate the collective consciousness around him from the field of Light that is Life itself.  It was one and the same.

The bottom line of this twist of a reading was, we are either going to focus our energies, our powers on the unified field of all life, to include each other, not only in this US of A, but all the world, including the earth, the sky the air and everything that binds us together, or we will, right here in America, be forcefully reminded of how unified we are.  Those reminders will not come as loving hugs, but major earth events that force us together.  Just to throw out a few examples (which I am being reminded of)  The Indonesian earthquake and tsunami 2004, Haiti earthquake 2010, the Japan earthquake and tsunami 2011.  Lest we not forget Katrina 2005 and how little our government did for the safety and well being of All thru that.  What we do not learn from, dammit if it doesn't get bigger, more personal.

We are all in the greatest, collective choice of our lives.  Clear the collective or have it cleared for all of us.  One way or the other... Unity is ALL that Matters!!

But lets bring this down to our personal self too.  The lawn mower is already out to mow down our egos if we haven't already done so.  I am so accustomed to seeing and experiencing the growth of Light thru you, thru your beauty on the field, I can and do forget there is a massive contrast happening too.  My baby girl is one of those ongoing reminders of the contrast.

For the most part, she has slid back into her old ways of Being in life, numbing out and pretty adamant that life hates her.  I have tried to tell her that hate is purely a human emotion and life does not know how to hate, but it will create that energy because of the deep focus within you to keep you feeling that... that's how much life loves you.  But equally, her love is also displaced.  She lives for her car.  Granted, she is 25 and I can understand that to a degree, but when that relationship trumps all others...

Well, I was awakened at 1am yesterday morning by my daughter saying she was in a major car accident.  My heart cringed for her, but I cannot say I was surprised.  Her team is once again working overtime to get her to focus and really see what matters in life.

She broke her sternum thru the accident, painful as that may be for her, I could see the perfection in it.  The breast-plate, heart plate has now been cracked open to take another, longer look at what feeds the heart, the soul, life itself.  She cried not because she was hurt, but because she thought her car was totaled.  She sent me a picture and all I could see and feel was her spiritual teams hand at work.  The streams of Light say it All:

vals car
vals car

The right side took the brunt of the impact, emotional spiritual side.  The accident was her fault, she does not remember it or how it really happened.  Her biggest worry is the well-being of her car, mine is the fact that she has court on the 3rd (tomorrow) and for the 4th time in a year, she is ticketed for driving on a suspended license and now causing an accident that involved another car.  Thank god no one in the other car was hurt at all.  She also choose to let her car insurance go.

Her inability to see her own responsibility in life, for others was slammed in her face, well a guide rail that impacted her face and chest.  I spent the better part of yesterday refocusing her energies on gratitude that she actually walked out of that car and towards the people who rallied around to help her, because it was initially and (kinda still) primarily on the loss of her love, her car.

With that said, life is on a mission world-wide to refocus on what is important thru all of us, each of us.

With that said, holy shit did you feel the thump of March yesterday??  I knew March was going to be energetically intense, but man oh man, this was more than i bargained for.  I was psychically down yesterday and I assumed it was from the disrupted sleep and worry and stuff.  But as the day went on, I realized ohhhh no it was much more than that.

My head had weird dizziness to it, my stomach strange nausea, the sinuses exploded, the body felt like lead and all my lower/base emotions were having a field day.  And I had the hardest time staying centered in my own reality.  I just felt I don't know, expanded is not the right word, maybe, not sure what dimension I was in and had to keep reorienting myself with my space around me.  Bizarre!!!

Today I feel together and perky!!  YAY!! So on that note... have an amazing day, please help us all clear the collective growing in the old energy, blow your light into it!!

I love you all so so much. Happy March everyone!!

(((HUGZ)))) of wonder and joy to All!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html