The Magic, The Alchemy... Putting Away Old Tools to BE the New!!

merlin I have realized with absolute clarity the wonder and magic alive within us now.  Granted, I have still not done any readings yet (i am soooo hungry lol) but an unexpected conversation on facebook turned into a true, albeit, unintended alchemy session.

Let's start with that word, I have heard it so many times thru readings this last year or 4, including magician, but I also want to include, thru many of the readings over the year, especially as we entered the last half of last year, that our "energy work" is changing, so much more is available thru what we do, energetically.  As always, our jobs are to uncover what that is, practice it, perfect it and use it.

The alchemy of energy work.  We can go on rants about western medicine, the drug industry, and yet, we tend to pop supplements and other remedies like candy.  With that, we have created another multi billion dollar industry.  With that, we have given our power over to yet, another thing and damn we are quick to do it.

I personally, have some built-in aversions.  I have spent a good portion of this lifetime over dosing on drugs, my feeble attempts to get the hell out of this body, this world and all its ever done was make me sick.  So now, I have a really had time putting anything pill like into my mouth, my body just doesn't like it.  Altho, with headaches, I will swallow ibuprofen, I don't like pain at all.  My body gives me that leeway.

When I went thru my cancer journey as 2012 closed itself out, I started taking several highly recommended supplements to make sure cancer didn't come back, even tho I KNOW its an energy thing, an emotional thing, I still was willing to do anything, well, at least for a week until my body asked me why I am doing this.  I was simply taking hemp oil, some kind of tea in pill form and something else, I can't remember.  My body was adamant, I am either going to trust it, or not.  I stopped taking everything right then and there.

So with this ongoing congestion and voicelessness a precious soul suggested (as many others have as well) on my facebook yesterday to do a neti pot.  Can I just say I am not shoving ANYTHING up my nose.  I actually bought some nose washing solution last year or so and I cannot bring myself to do it.  It creates this bizarre panic in my body just thinking about flooding my nose with fluid.  Out of the clear blue, thru my response to his suggestion I realized I must have been water boarded in a previous lifetime... and then more cogs clicked together in what I thought were random (not related) phobias in this lifetime.  I cannot stand balloons, I will not blow them up nor be near one being blown up or near one that is blown up too much.  The sound of them popping terrifies me.  So does the dark of night if I am all alone.  If there is a street light, a person with me, I'm perfectly ok, give me the dead of night by myself, my freakin heart palpitates.  Couple this with my fear of guns, my absolute adamancy of my children NEVER enlisting in the military... holy light bulbs batman.  This is all war related.

In all my inner dysfunctions, I never put any energy into working any of these out.  They did not interfere with my quality of life or Self evolution so why bother.  Yesterday, thru this amazing, enlightening exchange, I realized these things are what guided me to be who I am now.  The residual effects from my death in 1952, during the Korean war. Thru my meditation after our exchange, I went directly to that lifetime, I could see myself walking around in the middle of the night, alone.  The ground open up and swallowed me, I became captured by the enemy.  My team did not allow me to see anything else other than myself from the back and the year I was in.  I was tortured until I died.

But this was not the only thing this precious man turned on in my head, my heart of knowing and the full on realization of what this extraordinary phase we are in, is all about.

He also gave me the suggestion to add some vitamin D3 to my daily intake.  My natural response was fine, i will energetically add it to the coffee I am drinking.  Then he gave me a whole list of "supplements" to take.  As i was reading them and their effects, I could feel my body, energetically, taking them in.  With it, I could feel the wall of congestion in my head, moving, loosening up a bit.

He made a statement:

Hey if you can transmute coffee into Vit D that's a cool trick.  In which my entire spirit replied:  We ALL can... remember, we are the magicians and water the base of all magic... <3
The truest form of alchemy was taking place.  He looked into my energy system, seen what was needed to assist its restoration,  told my energy system, which immediately turned on the chemical makers in my body to produce exactly that.
TRUE ALCHEMY.  Our bodies are highly intelligent, conscious Beings participating, if we allow them to be.  It knows divinely what it needs and when it needs it.  There is a time to be congested (spirit lube lol) and quite and there is a time to assist the restoration process, but not by taking exterior remedies any more, but by turning on the engine within the body that produces that.  But for this to work as efficiently as it can, as it did yesterday, both must participate.  Both must be conscious participants in the exchange.
I could not wait to hop in the bath, as we were talking on facebook I ran a bath, as we were finishing up, so was my running water and I was astounded to see how black my bathwater was.  All the excess sludge came out in my holy waters.  Boy this saves the body system some wear and tear too!!  I drained my bath, refilled it and for the first time in a week, could actually smell the essential oils I put in my water.  YAY progress.  Plus my voice is cracking back.  Granted, I sound more like a frog speaking words, but hey, that's more than I have had in  days.  Even the energy in my body went up.  YAY I need tissues, I have the energy to do a store run.
I got out of the bath and into my car.  OMG what a freakin ride.  I no sooner pulled out of my driveway and my team was asking me (again) if there is room in my life for a divine counterpart.  YAY!!  YES this time, I actually am!  But dammit, I don't want to go fishing.  My heart rejoiced when my team said, I don't have.  The next thing I know there is this bizarre white series of energies coming out of my heart beaming up into the sky.  My team said that is my beacon signal, he will find me and cross my path.  Phew, takes a lot of the work out!!  YAY.
If that wasn't enough, on my drive home (that beacon thing was constant all the way to the store) suddenly I could see all these other streams of various colors coming directly from my ovaries and fallopian tubes.  What the hell is all that??  It is the energy igniting my new web of life, magnetically attracting many things to be fertilized into the realm of life.
Now I am walking around the dollar store, I think to my human self, maybe a different kind of decongestant (I am so flipping human sometimes and forget the extraordinary event that just happened) I was browsing the drugs and I HEAR the drugs themselves say, we cannot help you.  Everything about you has changed.  Well that gave me pause lol, our drugs has a consciousness too.  But of course they would... dah.  I smiled at them and went down other isles.  I have been craving a damn chocolate cupcake like no ones business.  I don't have the energy to make my own and I could feel the drool rolling down my lips as I seen the Hostess cup cakes.  I looked at the calories... holy freakin yikes.  I put them back on the shelf and as I was doing it, I hear my own soul say "everything has changed."
So as I come home, well stocked with more tissues (smile) and pizza and freakin chocolate cupcakes...the pull in my whole body to go down to the river, to the mesa was overwhelming.  I ate my pizza, several cupcake (I have no control lol) I grabbed my camera, smokes and some cough drops and went to the mesa for the first time since this past fall.
As I sit on my tree stump next to the river, I look up to the mesa and the first thing my eyes behold is the figure of a woman in the cut out (it exploded in january 2013) of the mesa that has been ever-changing and ever reflective of our ongoing story.  The Guardians of the mesa explained that this is their way of paying homage to the evolving human (they made it female to reflect me since I am here) into the next grand version of themselves.  The next thing I know, my eyes are pulled to the right of her, on the other side the only thing that is left of the elephant face that has been there for years, its trunk, is a very visible ET form.  Over the years, we have done many ET sessions, ET connections and we have learned and evolved thru their connections and their participation with us from the higher consciousness zones of our lives.
The last image my eyes were drawn to, was to the right of the ET, separate but guarding us all.  A very clear bear face.  I about shit because arrived in my world the first night I left Virginia and camped my way to new mexico.  He told me he was there to protect me and help me get to the unseen places I needed to explore.  Seeing him on the face of the mesa my heart about cried, I knew we finally arrived at our destination!!
And now the story opens up to the full restoration of the Galactic Kinship Era, first within ourselves, then at the ground level, quietly (meaning, no big public display of arrival.)
As I listened to the Guardians explaining this full on shift we are in, how important it is to trust the alchemist within, to KNOW this field of life we are still setting up magnetically, has never been before, not in this realm, not in this way.  Anyone thinking they have been working with this energy before is working with the influx of new energy in the old world.  We had a ton rain down on us to create the bridgeway to here.
Everything has changed.  Now we get to put our explorer hats on and understand, intimately the changes within and without.  No bias, no preconceived notions.
On that note, I am going to go brew some tea and pray today is the day we get to see the massive changes thru you!!!  You create a picture, an understanding I cannot see thru myself.  I am soooo ready for soul food, fork and spoon at the ready!!  num. num. num.
I love you so much and am sooooo freakin excited about the full breadth of potential already underway!!!!  <3

(((((HUGZ))))) of magic, of Alchemy and divine alignment every where!!! <3

Lisa Gawlas