The Braxton Hicks Contractions have Started!!

soul birth This is just going to be a quicky, for the second day in a row, thank you day light savings time, I woke up after 7am!!  I think the only way I have of describing this amazing, super intense energy  infusion we are in, maybe like the last week of pregnancy, something I never really thought about before, but hey, it really is a great analogy.

I will kick this off with a paraphrased quote (since I don't remember it word for word) from yesterdays first reading: "nothing will ever be as malleable within you after this phase."  This phase being thru the 23rd-ish (nothing is ever set in linear stone, datewise.)  I had to really ponder how that sentence could be anywhere near true.  The way I am seeing it now, I think I kinda get it.

A few weeks before the actual birth of a baby, a lot must happen within the body.  First, the body itself, the muscles, the uterus, even the skin, must become overloaded with energy, what many call braxton hicks contractions.  A flood of energy is coming in to every "soul skin" via the upper atmosphere (thru pure spirit, the sun, the planets, the multidimensional fields beyond earth,) there is a ton of energy coming in.  Reading everything within and around the "soul skin" for its next step into the grandest expression yet!!

Tomorrow starts the physical body's infusion, the baby if you will.  A pull from the earth magnetics herself.  Solidifying the energy we have been infused with, placing higher amounts here, lower amounts there... all based on your/our emotion feelings within us.  Thru this phase, thru the 23rd, we are still making massive choices of how things are going to unfold for us, thru us as we emerge in our brand new container of life.  Our new, rebirthed spiritual body.

If we really looked within the energetic highway of the almost new born baby, we would actually see the tremendous flipping on of various switches and life experience that is being chosen from the soul level as he or she enters into matter.  Well, the switch in this scenario, we are choosing the energy highways, as opposed to having it all done for us.  We are consciousness in physical matter now, we are the deciders, the way pavers of our own life.  Thru all the inner and outer work we have done to get to this amazing, blessed point in our lives, in this way, in this intensity, is the greatest achievement of any soul in this physical realm.

And our collective energies will become stronger, more potent together, than ever before.  But of course, all collectives will, not just ours.  I took a picture the other morning, from my computer seat, thru my front door, all I could see was the magical colors of sunrise.  I grabbed my camera, went outside and was stunned to see this massive black cloud appearing to try to devour the colors of sunrise.  I could not see it where I was sitting:


I looked at in shock and then awe.  The day was in a choice moment.  It was either going to storm, or not.  Shortly after I took the picture, the dark clouds dissipated and it was a beautiful, sunny day.  It did remind me of the weather here in the US of A, the consciousness weather... so incredible different, divisive, telling.  I also realized too, the greatest way to dissipate the looming storm clouds is to love it all, love it without fear, without worry, to see each and every one as the amazing creations they are.

I learned my greatest lesson with George W Bush about unconditional love.  It took me three long years to get to that place of zero point with him and who he choose to be in this lifetime... we are all being given a similar choice with the wonders of Trump.  His darkness could not sustain itself the first time he ran, because WE were not as enlightened back then as we are now.  Now, he can only be seen for the trueness he brings to the party, because so many of us have turned the lights on.  Imagine that.  I actually feel in love with him (and many other ego maniacs too) that very morning, he gives such beautiful contrast to the light!!  Thanx Trump and to all those who have powerful egos!!!  My world has been changed for the better because of it all!!

Well, on that note, my day is about to begin.  I love you all so much.

((((HUGZ))))) of beauty made manifest by the storm clouds!! <3

Lisa Gawlas