Change and Intense Magnetic Infusion and Recallibration!

energy enhancements What an odd way to see everyone these days, swirling bits and pieces of body parts and energy.  Well, swirling is not quite the right word, more like quickly rotating.  In this quickly rotating field that is you, I see bits of biology, nothing connected to itself yet.  An arm here, intestines there, kidneys flailing around and around.  It's a truly bizarre sight.  Every ounce of you recalibrating its magnetic field to the arising equinox, turning permanent magnetic field of earth energy thru your core.  Just to be very clear on how I see this happening, the earth has opened up a stream of her pure magnetic energy thru the earth, your soul skin has widened at the bottom to make room for this intense impregnation of this magnetic pole becoming your core energy and is slowly elongating upwards and altho I have not seen the final product (ummm, you lol) I have a feeling this magnetic system will come out about a foot above the head, but we will see as the days go by.

What I am understanding is this is the restoration (with many added perks) to our original design, to be empowered Beings with the earth's energy.  To play and live and love in unity with the All, here, on earth.

There is no doubt in my heart, there is something huge taking place as our bodies.  I say that because in the last couple of days, out of the clear blue sky, suddenly I have two massage appointments scheduled.  I haven't laid my hands on a body in two years.  Well, now I have a Mexican, Indian man coming in today, whom I had the privilege of watching his body evolve as he purposely evolved his consciousness and abilities within over the last 5 years.  He was actually the last massage I had done, 2 years ago.  Then suddenly he called and asked to come see me again.  I about peed my pants with excitement, because as I was talking to him, his team said, yes, he has the new body template.  Then, the next day, I have a lady that I had seen a few years ago, still connected to what I call soap-bubble land, coming in next saturday.  What are the chances of that??  Two very different, extremely important contrasts within a week of each other.  My only hope... I hope that skill set is like riding a bicycle since I haven't done that intense work in 2 years.

I am going to completely change the subject here, I wanted to touch on it yesterday, but time was not on my side. Today, it very much is!!

Have you ever read something, that seems to out of this world impossible, yet there's such a feeling of truth to it, that it lingers in the front of your consciousness... waiting.  I cannot even remember how long ago (10 -15 years) I read the final book of one of my favorite authors, Ken Carey called The Third Millennium, and at the end of the book he said something about leaving this planet and flying to other worlds, thru the stars, hand in hand with God (since he was channeling God thru the book.)

The day I found the article on Mellen Thomas Benedict, I went on a binge, I read as much as I could on his experiences, then found a youtube video where he was interviewed for 90 minutes, I listened to the whole interview, tons of interesting stuff in there, but I really perked my ears up when he was talking about leaving this earth.  Literally, as a species and developing colonies on other planets, allowing Gaia a much-needed rest.  (I will leave the video at the end of this sharing, for those interested in hearing it.)

Instantly, Ken Carey's sharing came flooding back to the forefront of my mind.  What really sealed the deal in this mind altering thought/knowing was an email I get on occasion from Tom Kenyon and his messages from the Hathors.  (Click the link to read the whole channeling.)  This particular line really jumped out at me, considering just last week, Mellen was talking about the same thing (much more lovingly than the Hathors did tho lol.  I suppose that's the difference between seeing something thru Gods eyes and seeing something thru an incarnate Beings eyes:)  "Indeed, a growing number of your scientists are saying that your Earth is entering the beginning stages of a “6th mass extinction.”

Now lets look at the Hathors paragraph talking about our changes within our bodies:

"A second challenge to your individual stability has to do with the magnetic shifts and dimensional alterations that are unfolding on your planet. Because your nervous system operates according to the principles of bio-electromagnetism, the neural networks in your nervous systems are being challenged by these shifts and alterations. Some of you, especially those who are energetically sensitive, will be prone to this more than others. But increasingly, no one will be exempt...

...The first has to do with the destabilization of your nervous system making it more prone to losing its center. And the second level has to do with the process of catalytic evolution that you are undergoing as a human being at this point in time. What we mean by this is what has been hidden is being revealed. The deepest catacombs of your subconscious are being turned over like a plow cutting through a field. This is essentially a very disturbing state to deal with especially for those of you who think of yourselves as spiritual beings.

If you are of the opinion that being a spiritual being requires that you always be in a state of bliss and happiness then you will find this purification process deeply disturbing, but it is—quite frankly—required for individual evolution and liberation from the restrictions imposed by your religions and confining histories. It is also necessary for humanity, as a whole, to face and transform its own shadow material (i.e., unresolved emotional issues and destructive belief patterns) if humankind is to survive."

(I made the few sentences, bold.)  Can I just throw a high-five out for the first sentence in the 3rd paragraph I shared.  This process down right freakin hurts like hell biologically, but not 24/7 thank god.  However, more frequently than I personally have ever experienced before.  But coming thru the pain within the body, is the most amazing clarity, the knowing... then whomp back in again for another tug on the hair!!  Like pulling the hair out, one follicle at a time, and on occasion, whole handfuls at a time!

Over the last few years, thru many of the readings, the focus and understanding has leaned into breathing in new energy, new atmospheric energy.  Quantum energy that spirit keeps saying, has never been on this side of the earth realm before.  Now I see the bigger picture emerging.  We are changing our entire Beings to allow for our life in other realms.  The work we are doing, naturally comes into our babies already done.

Even going into the hathors statement of "what has been hidden, is being revealed."  Spirit started talking about the wisdom of the "original earth" that has never been a part of our memories, for those who have no need to keep dragging our old memories forward, this hidden wonder is coming thru you.  I see it and hear it every day in the readings.  Wowzers!!  YOU keep me going and staying centered in joy, YOU truly give me, all of us, the privilege of realizing the enormity, the wonders of this massive change that IS happening!!

I will leave off there for today.  I love and honor you All, so very very much.  Thank you for Being and Being so Beautiful!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of Change inside and out to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

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