Sending Love and Honor as we Celebrate the Christ Within!

living light Happy Easter my beloveds, the day where the focus is on resurrection, ascension, rebirth.  Not on someone else's journey, but your own, your own amazingness to be Here, Now.  I so wish there was a way I could put a collage together to show you how much you have persisted (not calling it work lol) to not only Be Here Now, but to be the very ones that opened this massive field of High Light to Be Life itself.

I know there is so much I could be sharing from yesterday, but my head and heart are really nostalgic this morning, honoring what we all had to do, individually as well as an emerging collective to Be Here, in this way, Now.

I also turn my heart towards all of nature, the elements, All aspects of life and how much it makes sure it reflects back to us, US.  The sun itself, it humbles me to no end.  The moment we get a heads up some incoming energies, it presents itself in ways that reflect our personal energy fields as we are understanding them.  Take today's Solar crack... I mean canyon as spaceweather describes the flow:

CORONAL CANYON SPEWS SOLAR WIND: A gaseous canyon has opened up in the sun's atmosphere, and it is spewing solar wind toward Earth.sun crack

Here we are talking about holy gas from our own self's and there is the sun, saying YUP, dat's holy and important!!

I look at what is happening in our current presidential politics and how nature herself is showing up to be seen and felt, and my god, the PEOPLE are getting it.  When a tiny little bird can bring people to their feet, the hearts and mouths rejoicing at the sight.  What I did not realize until this morning, was the contrast that is also taking place.  This video I stumbled upon this morning says so much about what is happening.  Force versus free will:




I cannot help but think of the movie Avatar, when mother nature sent her animals to assist in the destructive fight taking place.  I have also said in the past, this is the first time in all my meditation history (and god knows I have logged an easy 10+ thousand hours in meditation over the last 16 years, give or take of course lol) where spirit brought the energy of Bernie Sanders, a politician in before anything, to lift him up in the field of Light.  And then to hear mother earth herself say, if our choices go to the other two potentials, she has her own ways of restoring unity (and it won't be pleasant in experience, but it will be unmistakingly powerful.)

However, the one thing becoming absolutely clear thru you, thru this amazing, living energy field we call Now, we have the power within us, to change it all.  To restore the full energy that is Life back to Source harmony.  Now that we have resurrected our hearts Selfs in body, we are Now fully empowered to restore paradise right here, right now, in this amazing place called earth.

I think the only thing I feel this day, is just how in love with you I Am.  Today, it's not the details, but the ocean that makes each of you up and you are ebbing and flowing in my heart.

Happy Easter... Christ Consciousness Day to All!!  Thank you for All you have done and will do! I love you soo darn much!! <3

((((HUGZ)))))) filled with the aliveness of Light and Love thru you, thru us as we Change it All!! <3

Lisa Gawlas

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