The Life of Creation, Creates thru You and Your Emotional Core.

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What an amazing broad spectrum day yesterday was.  I was actually holding my breath connecting with my first reading, with the sheer amount of weepy (in a really good way, love drops) emotions pinging off of every center I have, I wasn't completely sure I would be able to see.  But see I did!!  In three so surprising venues.

Of the 6 appointments on my dance card, 4 were just about the same, the only difference was the various color spectrum, but it was so vast there was no way of understanding the details... yet.  So let me start there!

There was this sooooooo freakin beautiful stream of energy coming from the sky, a portal that connected spirits side of the veil to ours.  This stream of energy was about a yard wide and was the most beautiful, multispectrum of living light I had ever seen, from silvers and golds to blues and violets and everything, pouring down to earth, to each individual energy sphere which were starting to really look like the most amazing disco balls my eyes had ever seen.

As this liquid light poured onto and into the tops of each energy sphere, it was I guess the closest word I have would be absorbed by the membrane that held all the hexagon openings together.  Brilliant and so multicolored and reflective and more than any other day that I bitch about not being able to record or reproduce what I see, I was on overload yesterday.  Then I started to see various places thru each sphere, spark or maybe more like, tinkle??  I don't know how to explain it... maybe like when we see a star in the sky and there is a constant flair to its light field, it was like that.  Each person's team explained that the was the magnetic field firing up, getting ready to connect with other things for the next phase of our ongoing experience, places, people, events and so on.  It is thru the sleep time the magnetic fields will be busy connecting in arrangement what we will (choose) to experience first to expand and enhance what we already know about ourselves.

When an energy system is so repetitive like that, which rarely happens, I never consider it a reading, I consider it shared information for all of us.  I rescheduled all 4 of these beautiful people.

My first lady of the day, was in complete contrast to the 4 after her.  She was stuck in a really deep mud puddle, it really reminded me of quick sand, but she was not sinking in and the ground itself was like thick, rich soil, so black and full of nutrients, but when we over water any soil, it becomes mud.  I did connect to her the very day I started to see the new biology matrix I think it was last week, but even then her image was like in this clear bubble of energy that was melting, pure sadness.  It was all I could feel was the depths of sadness.  I rescheduled her that day to give her time to release what was going on in her and then lets see what comes of it.  ...Mud.  From the waist down, she was thick into the mud, from the waist up, it was clear.  Her arms were raised upwards, looking for something to hang onto in what felt like to help pull her up and out.  Whatever she was reaching for, was not visible in my field of vision, at all.  The sadness that I felt the last time, was more in her core energy now.  This thick mud puddle was deep and oval-shaped.  As we talked I really started to understand her placement.  Her focus was so much on what she doesn't want, pretty much most of where she is at in life and the sadness of not being able to move beyond it, everything falling apart that she has attempted to put into place, only fell apart because of the focus of energy.  The more you're focused on what you do not want, the heavier it gets (think stuck in the mud.)

Since not even her team knew what she was reaching for (remember, all of this is an emotional reach, an emotional change of frequency to release/attract something new, a way out started to be presented.  On the left side of her mud puddle oval a light infused silver ladder with 5 rungs appeared.  Left side relating to the physical life aspect, silver the higher vibration of earth energy to work with, 5 rungs, five frequencies of change, the left side also putting her kind of at the starting point of this year, to choose again, emotionally.  The ladder itself was straight up in the air, raising her vibration higher and higher and finding the deLight in it all.  Even in the mud, deep down below the surface I started to see these specks of colored light moving around.  She must also find the gift, the value of where she is now as well.


As the next four readings showed up, I realized intimately that the more we dwell in the heavier emotions, the more we keep away the very thing we seek.

Now lets look at the grand finale of yesterday, a precious, exciting soul in New Zealand, my heart about popped when I realized OMG she is in tomorrow (which is now today lol) and maybe we can all get a sneak peek of what has happened thru our sleep time!!  Sure enough!!

The first thing her team showed us, was a section of the north face of her energy sphere opening up, like a 3 X 3 (foot) section opening like a draw bridge.  Her team explained they presented the visual that way so I would connect the energy of "opening to" her next phase of life.  Her entire energy sphere radiant beyond description, inside tho, black like the night.  I could barely see her thru it... but hey, it was only 8:30 in her morning, barely the new day of this next quarter of our evolution.

I could make out a faint image of her inside her pimped out energy sphere, working the gears of navigation.  It was kinda funny, if we stepped into the box compartment of a crane (using the analogy from a few days ago) and we were just testing all these gears, moving them this way and that way to see what happens... that's what it felt like she was doing.  That alone is perfect, this moment thru April is our test zone... figuring out the perfect sequence of emotion and magnetics to create with.

Then my eyes went into the area we will just call the future, foggy really, but details emerging.  Three things stood side by side in her future potential.  A man, a school and a food buffet.  Her team explained, these three elements, enhancements of her life WILL all show up, it is up to her the sequence of arrival.  Instantly this energy of light zoomed onto the man himself, her next partner, and I just giggled and asked her, you want that man first??  Of course she did.

Equally her team explained, as much as the human would love to have every experience all at the same time (we do want it all, now) that would not be conducive.  So she can either play and get to know the energy and connected matrix of her new relationship, or enter a school (not a traditional school, but one that will teach her her expanded skills, the school of life itself) or entered a soul food buffet that will nourish her to bring out even more of her skills.  Again, all three of these experiences are important and will eventually arrive, she is the one choosing the experience sequence.

Then I came back to her... holy freakin heaven batman, her eyes were floating just in front of her face.  But not biological eyes, instead her eyes became like faceted crystals, circular with the Lightest of blue crystals, about the size of a quarter each one, faceted on the sides, raised up about a half and inch and the upper part flat and about the size of a dime.  Kinda sorta like this:

blue eyes

I looked at her and asked her if she had blue eyes... sure enough!  The facets on the sides take in the light spectrum exterior, merges with the light coming out thru her, coils up and decides timespace.  The time and place of arrival of her desires.

Sadly tho, I am going to have to leave off here, I didn't realize how close it is to my next phase of readings.  Time flies!!  I gotta find the brakes of my pre morning activities!! lol

I love you all so incredibly much, thank you for rocking thru my whole Being yesterday... firing the grid of our new connections starting today!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and bliss and high productive emotions to All!!

Lisa Gawlas


P.S. Just wanted to share my marshmallow message I just received in my email today from Kryon with y'all:

What If?
Live Kryon Channeling:  "Becoming Masters"
March 2006  |  St. Augustine, FL


There is an assumption that all divine things are separate from Human Beings. This assumption actually makes good sense, for it follows three-dimensional thinking. It's logical. You know how to separate the tangible from the intangible, and the things that are marvelous, unseen, invisible and miraculous belong to God. Things that are mundane and ordinary belong to you, the Human. And that's an old energy concept, if you know that or not, and it's a paradigm that's about to be shattered. What if those masters who walked this planet, who did grand things, were just like you?