The Feast Begins...

lifes buffet Happy April!!  Didn't the whole first quarter go by in a blink.  And now comes the fruits of our labors, or as the words I heard this morning as I got up today begins "The Feast."  So let's talk about what all this means for this next phase, our 2nd semester, I mean quarter (smile.)  I will have to skim thru it, since I woke up late, again.  I think for me it's not a feast but the time of the lazy butt!! lol  I am so challenged to get my butt out of bed these days!!

This whole first quarter of 2016, we either allowed ourselves to open up to higher emotions, more unified energies, or went deeper into separation, duality.  We can look at this part as putting our main ingredients together.  Choosing then choosing again.  Purifying who we chose to be and how we choose to be in this world, emotionally.  Using those very emotions to try out new attributes, new things in our lives.

I think the easiest way I have of understanding especially these first two weeks of April is thru one of the readings yesterday.  My lady was down under, so she was in today's dateline (April 1st.)  The repeating image I had seen even before she showed up was as if the deepest bluest waters were being poured down on her whole life.  The feeling was, the garden is planted, everything is in place beneath the ground of life and now the hydration of germination releases.  With that release, it changed the entire way I see the energy sphere disco ball thing.  The many hexagon areas now form a much larger shape, the skin between the hexagons much thicker and all I could think of was a child's shape ball, at least to help describe it.  Keep in mind, this image is beyond simple, there is much more complexity to what I see, but it's as good as I get in helping show the difference right now:


The deep blue energy I seen is connecting with the output of this magnetic frequencies, shapes to start the process of attracting that to you.  I watched her walk thru the first two weeks of April and radiate her own light simply by Being and at the same time, pulling to her new shards of light that started to stick to her skin and eventually she started to look like she was becoming a vanilla soft swirl ice cream lol.  It was interestingly bizarre.

To change the subject just a little bit, but not really either.  I pondered last night, the dream I mentioned in my sharing yesterday.  In the dream experience I knew something was being created in my world, something new and different, but i had no idea what that was.  The only thing I knew for sure, it was coming directly from Source, not from myself.  So as I was pondering and asking... so what we cooking up together??  The reply pretty much was, you'll see.  There are things in our life we cannot even fathom having or wanting or needing, things that can take everything to a whole new level of experience, of interaction and for those things... how could we know.  There will be many things appearing on the buffet table of life that we did not expect to arrive.  For those aligned with the higher Light of life, your mind will be blown.  For those aligning to the denser realms of duality, it will appear as food poisoning filled the table (going with the whole food analogy here) so you can look once again of what, who and how you choose to Be in this world. These first two weeks will be the most magnetic, amplified moments of our life moving forward.

I have been trying to avoid using this analogy again, but that which writes thru me, is pretty adamant about the reflective nature happening at this time thru the USA elections.  Each horse in the race is there on purpose.  We can see the three different filters that make up life and our choices or non choices.  The Trump camp, hate and separation to the extreme.  The Hillary camp, those in severe identity crisis mode within.  Then there is the radical Bernie de Birdie who campaigns for the greater All, for unity and equality for every Being.  All we can say right now, is if you are not sure what buffet table will arrive in your personal world, what camp have you moved into??  Like will always attract like, and the food which feeds you is already on the table!!

On that note, mangia!!! <3

Big big (((HUGZ))))) of deLightful food inside and out to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas