Life's "Give Back" Underway!!

This really is an extraordinary month, a month filled with subtle and not so subtle surprises.  Surprises designed to take you to your next level of You.  I wish I could tell you some of what these "surprises are" but hell no.  I can see and feel the energy's but the details completely blocked from my snooping eyes.  As the universal teams that share thru the field explain it or state, it's the "great give back."  Equally stated, the "mystery" of what that is, must remain uncompromised.  Dammit!!  There always has to be some mystery involved!! lol

Ohhh one thing that I did get a bit excited about, the energy sphere are no longer as prevalent as they have been, instead we are getting back to life on the ground.  Yay!!  Not that I didn't love seeing and understanding our new energy fields, but it gets much meatier, from the day-to-day life perspective, when we are view the spread on the ground level.

I want to contrast two readings yesterday, and I am so curious to see how both unfold.  One lady had a horn of plenty spilled out on the ground a few feet in front of her.  Her team said she will walk right into it, her job is to enjoy it, consume it, it is all feeding the second half of April for her.  The only thing I could see in relationship to the two, was the fruit on the ground, her enjoy the "give back" and then this stream of white fizzy energy radiated upwards from the ground, arching like a rainbow and entering the 2nd half of April, then it stopped about 7 feet from the ground.  Whatever these fruits are, is taking her to the next energetic level and its an easy 7 octaves above the present moment.

In a similar yet opposite vein, I had one of my men on the field and all I could see were the series of hearts raining down from above.  All different sizes, all different hues of red.  The love he has put out, reflected, given back to him in many ways.  But there was one rather larger heart that was mostly red, but in the center area was a fizzy pink, this one had the attention of my vision and even tho it was still "floating down" into his reality, it was an important one (again, they purposely kept the details from my view) that will take him into his next version of himself.

The big surprise came when I sat in front of my computer after his reading, him still on the phone.  He always gets a package so I wanted to be ready to get his next reading on the schedule, for some crazy reason, the moment I sat down at the computer I opened up a piece of junk (I NEVER do that with someone on the phone... EVER) and I stopped in my tracks with the message back to him and I knew, KNEW it was a message back to him, from our beloved mother (it was a mother's day ad.)

moms love

Even the fact that these three messages were in the form of spoons, food being given back for all the hard work, diligence being put into himSelf to be in service for the greater good of himSelf and the All.

Then my last lady of the day, a vision after my own heart.  Old skeleton keys, antiqued in appearance were raining down all around her.  Some already magnetically sticking to the outer part of her energy sphere, which is now pouring out of my mouth as magnetosphere, opens to higher wisdom's (and so much more than that too) that tie the original earth with the wonders of the new earth.  The bounty of these keys are changing the tides of what she does here, changing the work she does and how.

Here is the thing I really started to understand thru the day and the messages, life can give us heaps of opportunities, heaps of connections and stuff, our job is to embrace them, partake of the fruits of life and not walk around them because they may not appear completely in the form we hoped or even expected.

On that note, I had so much energy yesterday I couldn't fall asleep, which had me waking up late again today.  So off I go to get ready for the keys of wisdom flowing down in my day... You!!!  I love you so much, I feel like a broken record saying that so often, but it is so true and big and needs expression!!

(((((HUGZ)))) filled with spoonfuls of love and wonder to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas