Meditation and the NDE are Two Sides of the Same Coin.

near death experience
near death experience

There is something I have been pondering the last several days, within myself, about myself and us together.  I had this urge to download another ebook and I ended up with another NDE of sorts type book called "Life After Death, The Burden of Proof" by Deepak Chopra.  I really had to start contemplating the why, I now have a good many NDE type books in my audio stash and it is not because I am looking for proof of the afterlife, of heaven, I know it exists simply because of the sheer amount of meditation trips I took back there.  So, why am I so interested.  What is it in my own search of a greater understanding am I not getting, yet?  I am really starting to understand the why...

We talk a lot about heaven on earth, shambhala, the garden of eden, and most especially ascension, all various names for the same thing.  Every lifetime ever lived, every one of us will experience the full spectrum of ascension, it's called physical death. We all return to our Light body ever single incarnation.  The gig now tho, what we are doing is skipping the death part of the ascension process to have as much of our functioning (with consciousness) light body/soul here in this realm.

One constant in just about every NDE story is moving or experiencing the "tunnel of light" and the overwhelming feeling of being loved by that light.  How much their lives (on earth) changed even if this was all of the NDE experience they had.  For those that stayed longer than hanging out in the tunnel of love (smile) many went thru "layers" of experience, layers in the frequencies of light and experiences thru the layers.

It became really clear, while listening to the onset of my new audio book, meditation itself is the reverse experience of the NDE.   I say reverse because you are not dead, but instead, consciously and purposely invoking that tunnel of light to you, at least, that is what I had done.  I spent weeks in my bathtub, doing my best to inhale a light i could not see but insisted to myself, was there anyway (because people told me to do it that way and I am ever grateful.)

It took me a few very frustrated weeks to actually connect visually and emotionally to that light and I held it for maybe 30 seconds, the emotion running thru me was too overwhelming to sustain anything longer than that.  I became a blubbering mess from the feeling of such intense love.  Thru the decades, oh a decade and a half (smile) I had been able to move thru the layers of light, accessing higher information, applying it to my life, and (eventually) assisting others to access the same within them.

Even as I listen to my mouth say thru reading after reading "I don't know how your going to access what we are showing you, except thru meditation" I now get it more than I had ever gotten it before (again, I am slow on the uptake.)  Meditation is the opposite of an NDE, opposite only because your are not going thru a physical death or shut down of the body, only a sort of shut down of the mental mind.

Many NDE'rs talk about a spontaneous healing once they came back to life.  Me too!!  Only it wasn't instant, it happened over several months and became a constant over the years.  We also shed the cataracts over our eyes, the veil of illusion and bring the greater reality into our Being.  We can see what we had never seen before, hear and understand what was only static in our minds once before.

Heaven on earth can only be experienced thru the human incarnate.  It is not a place on earth, it is any and every place the ascended human walks, breathes, plays.

Ascended, that is a funny word too, to hear it feels almost unattainable.  Maybe because we think of Jesus so much with that word, he ascended.  Yes, but he freakin died a physical death!  We all do and we all will.  The point now is to ascend without the physical death aspect happening.  To access all you are capable of while still alive in body.  To live in that tunnel of light as a constant, the bridge between the veil comes alive thru you, thru us.

The one thing that is really amping up thru the readings, is its time for everyone to get their butts out in the world.  Reconnect with earth in new ways.  Partner with her life force in new and uplifting ways.  Divorce all the old stories of want and separation and Be the Living Spirit you are, Here.  Hell, divorce all the old stories that even got you to this place, the layers of light (various experiences) were simply stepping-stones into a much fuller Living Reality.

Know with every fiber of your being that you have opened your container so wide to the Living Spirit of Life that you are, that there is no more inner work left to do, but now the focus is on sharing yourself outwards, helping others still trying to get a foot up into that tunnel of Light while still alive in body... release the chaos and move into, well... Heaven on earth.

Listening to my new audio book and the narrator talking about the dimensions and where exactly "spirit or heaven" is located, made me think of my new dream experiences over the last few months.   In these amazing experiences I am very aware of my sleeping body and not even a foot above my sleeping body I am experiencing being on the other side of the veil, understanding the fields of light consciously and intimately.  This is something spoken about thru the vast experiences of NDE'rs too.  There is no up in the sky or down inside the earth (for those still believing in a hell) there is directly in front of you, the higher dimensions of Spirit, of YOU!!

What is happening now is going to take everyone straddling both sides of the veil at the same time.  A foot in matter a foot in spirit and harnessing the powers of both areas in a brand new, super exciting way.  Consciously!!

Once again, I want to give those still challenged with the many many areas and openings of meditation, a foot up.  I am giving you the link to my 5 session class on meditation.  Class three of the series is building your inner and outer "soul gym" and if you work it, it will change and enhance your life on so many levels.  But as always, that is up to you!!!

Have a blissed out day everyone and know, YOU are the one you Pray to, so please, be the living answer to your prayers!! <3

Lisa Gawlas

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