The Great Give Back Underway!! Do you feel it??

sunrise1 What an interesting day yesterday was, beautifully unusual.  I woke up late, well past daylight, which is late for me (I did again today too) as I do every morning, fixed my coffee sat down to share and nuttin.  It was a very unusual feeling of nothing tho... blank maybe, or like someone just washed my coffee cup and there was nothing in it... yet.  As I sat here trying to get something flowing, I heard my coffee pot start to spit and sputter... what the hell??  I went over to the counter to see what its noisy song was all about, well the coffee decided it was not only going into the coffee pot, and under it and on the counter, all over the place, to include the grounds.  I opened the top to see what was the matter and the water was overflowing from the grounds.  I had assumed I must have forgotten to put a filter in, which is sort of impossible since my coffee filters sit directly on top of the coffee can itself, but hey, anything is possible with my mind.

My first lady showed up for her reading and all I got (for the whole day) was my floor.  No connection at all to the field.  Altho I personally felt great, my mind was still feeling empty and my mornings chaos lingered, so at some level, I was not totally surprised, but had to wonder why.

I am so grateful for the interactions on facebook and those that follow the movements of earth, it became clear it was a new moon day.  Ohhhhh, well that may have something to do with it.  I decided to look into one of my favorite astrology sites called  her headline alone gave me that ahhhh-haaa feeling:

...New Moon on Thursday prompts alignment with True Self...

In a 30 second inner flash of vision, I could see all this beautiful, multicolored metallic looking energy spiraling down to the earth.  There was such easiness to this energy, a fulfilling feeling to it.  This is what must be happening today and I am going to take it that it is a day to in-joy ourselves, each other without peeking into the wonder of it all.  Thank everyone on my dance card understood it too.  If I was in a traditional job, my ass would have been f...New Moon on Thursday prompts alignment with True Self...ired a long time ago!!

As I looked at Karl Jackson's astrology wisdom thru her Alphatrends site, it was so reflective, information wise, about all the readings this month so far.  I am going to share it all here, because its important and enhances all I had been sharing thru the incoming information via the field:

This week, April 3rd through April 9th, brings a connection with Moon and intuitive Neptune, which accentuates the spiritual elements of our journey.  The new month of April is universally a FOUR month, which prompts plans, goals and organization to enter into the day-to-day activities.  Tuesday Mercury shifts into Taurus, which brings in a strong earthy element as need to become efficient and expand the practical elements needed to organize and plan.  Ultimately Mercury will reach 24 Taurus at the end of April and turn retrograde, to revise the plans, to organize the pursuits in a different way, that emphasize the more practical matters.

Early Thursday morning, Sun connects with Moon to bring in new beginnings, as Sun and Moon connect at 18 Aries.  These new beginnings promote the new focus that is a major part of this year, with spearheading the directions and pursuits that are geared to bring about change and a shift of focus.  The fact that Moon also connects with Uranus brings In the changes on the winds that are blowing in situations from a different direction.  The new energies are moving away from the old situations as the new winds signal the time to sail in a different direction.   Friday Moon connects with Mercury, as new plans are made and a new course is charted.  This becomes the new focus that pulls away from doing things in the old ways, and emphasizes using the intuitive connections to shift new directions.  Mercury and Moon in Taurus bring in the new focus as a stronger efficiency begins to set the stage for new plans to be unveiled to bring situations into the lineup of inner and outer value.  

Saturday, Sun connects with Uranus, which blows in the winds of change for those who have taken the cosmic hint to see that the winds are shifting directions, blowing in from a different direction to take situations into a new environment.  Sun shines the light on the changes that are emerging as 20 Aries becomes the point of change.  With 30 degrees in each sign, Uranus has now reached the entrance to the last 10 degrees of change.  The points of change become key to this time as the focus of Uranus is about change, breakthrough and freedom.

The focus can no longer be of the old way and expression, but must bring in new ways of operating, shifting out of the last nine year cycle and preparing to shift into a new nine-year cycle.  Sun emphasizes the true Aries approach, which is to move into new directions, setting a new pace to move beyond the old ways of operating.  Setting a new pace is the requirement as Mercury in Taurus emphasizes value, the inner and outer values become aligned with “right action” of the True Self. 

(My choice of bold starting with the second paragraph onwards.)

While I was waiting for my 2nd reading to roll around (I never declare the field closed until it happens twice in a row) something inside of me grabbed some windex, paper towels and started washing the windows.  Holy heavens, I knew they were dirty, I didn't quire realize just how filthy they were.  There was such an overwhelming feeling flowing thru me just seeing thru my windows with amazing clarity.  The way it felt in me, you would have sworn I never looked thru windows before or they were never cleaned before.  The outside landscape so crisp, clear and turning green.  I stood there in awe.  And then I stood there in awe of my own awe.  I just wrote about removing the cataracts from the eyes the day prior and that is exactly what this felt like, for the first time being able to see the world so clearly.  That feeling lingers even this morning as I look out the windows.  Kinda strange, kinda exciting.

So I had to take the task up of cleaning my coffee pot up.  I was so surprised to see I had put a filter in the basket.  Then what the hell happened, my pot over floweth for no reason at all.  This was going to be the theme of the day.

With each window I cleaned, removed the furnace soot from, my heart swelled more and more.  I would simply stand in the middle of my home, in awe of the clarity I am feeling.

Since my windows are so clear, I decided in my heart, it was time for the hummers to get their pretty little bird body back to my world, I missed them terribly.  So I turned to the lonely feeder I had hanging outside for weeks, invoking the hummers to please return soon, I miss you terribly.  Not even two hours later, while doing some dishes, holy freakin shit if one wasn't buzzing around the feeder.  OMG!!  My heart exploded, so did my mouth and the poor little thing flew away.

The power of desire is made manifest almost instantly now!!

I had to run to family dollar and the seed store, everyone was feeling this joy that seemed to fill the air.  The lady at the post office wouldn't sell me stamps until monday, saying they are going down by 2 cents each.  Really??  Stamps are going down??  Holy cow, that's a turn of events alone there!!  Her desire was to save me money not to be mean and not sell me stamps.

As this day of amazing reflection thru everything I experienced continued, a beautiful soul made a statement on facebook that just hit deep home plate:  "Today was a day for me overflowing with simple pleasures and one of my best days for quite a while. True happiness deep in our hearts for both of us."

So many of the readings have been talking about the "great give back" from life to us.  Even thru the readings there seemed to be a couple of days wait, which I could not understand at all.  But then again, so forget whats happening energetically via planets and stuff on earth, but the new moon is spreading this great give back in its seeding.

One of the most clear things that really confused me thru a reading and is crystal clear today, was talking about my lady's "horn of plenty" spilled out on the ground and her team explaining that nothing is really known until she steps into those fruits, the great give back unto her life, and what she chooses to do with them; eat them or go around them.  This time period is what is building the second phase of April.  That was a strange thought, I thought.  This morning, I so get it.   If we are only looking to be in awe of the big things, we have missed so much of life.  It really is the simple things that expand into bigger things, if we take the time to relish the simple moments.  Often times, we go around them, missing the energy food building in front of us.

I had a conversation with my youngest daughter the other day, her life is about to change tremendously on May 20th, she starts the sentencing phase of her convictions.  She will be going to jail.  She has come to a place of peaceful acceptance of this next phase of her life, something, I really wasn't sure was going to get to and am grateful that she did.  She takes full responsibility for the whys of it, the reason why the prosecutor is pushing for jail time and that she knows she is not in it by herself.  She has me and you that will hold her hand, feed her thru her "time"  no matter how long or short it is.  To me, this was the greatest miracle, the best conversation I have had with her in a long while.

To be at peace with the simple things, especially if they look challenging, is the greatest gift unto yourself and the others around you.

Life really is a miracle unfolding day by day.  A new course in most lives are being charted right here, right now (going back to the alphatrends statement) and that course will be built by the awe of life changing, or... well... the opposite.

So lets all celebrate just like the sun did with us all yesterday!!  From

GEOMAGNETIC STORM: On April 7th, Earth crossed a fold in the heliospheric current sheet, plunging our planet into a region of space filled with "negative-polarity" magnetic fields. This sparked a G1-class geomagnetic storm and bright auroras around the Arctic Circle. "Suddenly, the sky exploded in color," reports Janne Maj Nagelsen, who took this picture from Stamnes, Vaksdal, Norway:



Have an amazing weekend building your next adventure thru the daily food provided in each moment.  I love you all so much, all-ways!!

Lisa Gawlas