The Body Matrix and the Challenges that Serve to Activate You!!

l_bcb0e81edf1972f90eb83f9d4de40be2 We look at our selves in the mirror, we see flesh and bone, I look at you thru your soul shine, I see some really strange and beautiful stuff, everything except flesh or bone.  Well at least not the material we think we are made up of.  We really have a Frankenstein kind of gig happening inside of us.  So many different attributes working together in a massive relay system within.

My first two ladies of the day, I decided to pull into my kitchen first.  My first lady is pregnant and I wanted to get a close up look at her body and she wanted to understand why she tends to feel like crap once she gets pregnant.  I know we have all heard you are eating for two, well these days, you are now changing and radicalizing energies for two.

As soon as I pulled her into my kitchen, my eyes went straight down to her feet, and this magnetic stream of earth energy was flowing into her arches, thru her ankles and to my eye's view, seemed to stop just above the ankle.  It became understood that this was the baby inside her (she is 7 months pregnant) taking in pure earth energy thru her.  This leaves her ankles swollen simply because of the engorgement of earth energy flowing up for two.

The next thing I see is her pelvic girdle, it was sooo beautiful made from celestite crystal:


One of her agreements here was to bring in children of really high vibrations (hence the celestite) and not only mother them (this is her 5th baby) but as her body would show, become a system buster to accommodate their needs and desires as they grow.  The way her team showed this, was at the base of her ribcage was this slab of smooth cement, about an inch thick.  Then I seen a wooden gavel that was triggered by her heart energy.  This gavel would come slamming down on this slab of cement and start to produce cracks, and then more cracks, until it gave way.

She had asked about her lungs, thru the perception, or is that illusion, of allergies she developed asthma like symptoms, needing an inhaler as well as a nebulizer on occasion.  This was such a cool and informative visual of understanding.

Her lungs became two round balloons, inflating with high intensity energy, once the lungs were fully inflated, they would be tied off, just like you would tie a balloon to keep the air in.  It is at that moment the asthma like symptoms begin.  The high energy must be distributed thru the body and not exhaled.  Once the energy is distributed, the asthma like symptoms go away until the next round.  I was so grateful for this clear and perfect understanding.  I developed asthma like symptoms with the onset of menopause.  I knew it was energy, I just didn't fully understand the cause until yesterday.  So thanx for that from all of us!!

My second lady I pulled into the kitchen because we had an hour and plenty of time to look at both places (the field as well as her body matrix.)  Her face was freakin bizarre, in a strange and beautiful way.  It was made of a material that just reminded me of a painters drop cloth, off white, a bit rough to the touch and she had all this nubby things all around her head.  Thank god she understood what I was struggle to understand.  A part of her soul is also a white dragon... that's it!!  Minus the snout, but more human features, that's exactly it!!!  Those nubby things serve as an antenna for incoming and outgoing energies.  But then again, so did her spine as well.  Instead of looking like vertebra within her body it looked like the spiny things that run down the dragons back and it was explained that this is used to weave new strands of energy thru the airspace around her and into her.

Her pelvic was prominent in her reading too, but very unlike my first lady, instead it was this amazing orange.  What I now know this morning as Spessartine Crystal, I never heard of it or seen it before.

spessartine crystal

I found a website that gives the properties of this beautiful crystal:

Known as the Garnet of the Sun, Spessartine is one of the lesser-known and rarer varieties of Garnet. Its energizing warmth radiates in shades of dark gold, orange, scarlet and deep red. Crystals can be pale yellow if nearly pure, but are almost always mixed with Almandine Garnet. [Eason, 119]

Spessartine Garnet, which includes Spessartite and Imperial Garnet, takes its name from the Spessart district of Bavaria, and is a magnesium aluminum silicate. 

The energies of Spessartine vibrate at a high rate, imparting a willingness to help others and strengthening the heart. It enhances analytical processes and the rational mind.  Yet Spessartine also stimulates aspects of creative abilities and energies, encouraging one to take action toward one's dreams, visions and goals. It is a good stone for artists, writers, dancers, actors and others who express through creative energy. 

Not only is she birthing in and thru this amazing energy, it is also what her legs are made of too all the way down to the ankles.  Her strength and foundation of creative, reproductive life come from the core energies of this crystalline energy.

My next lady we only had time to look at her field and it was already showing itself before I even said hello to her (I think to make sure we looked at her field and not at her body, spirit can be very fussy.)

She was standing in the center of her field, on her center path forward and surprisingly she was not only holding a stop sign, but raised it in the air when I looked at her.  She was facing east and then west and I really didn't understand its meaning until I seen this huge boulder in the road a few days ahead.  Instantly I realized there is no going around this boulder, she must scale it, go thru it.  The landscape all around her was rocky, small rocks but rocky none the less.  This boulder took up her entire center path and was an easy 4 foot tall.  Unlike the rocky ground, which all looked like real earth rocks, the boulder was made of a dense white light with a tinge of a blue hue.  It was beautiful, but obstructing.  The only thing her team was tell her about this boulder was that it was something that will be a challenge to move thru, but will also make her use some spiritual talents she didn't realize she had within her and could only arise in conscious thru this situation.   Hence the stop signs, can't go around it.  I loved the way she understood it... a situation to make her "bold-er."  Perfect!!!!

Let this be a great anticipation for anyone facing challenges, now or in the coming days or weeks.  Nothing is there to stop you in your tracks, but bring out inner resources, abilities and wisdom that could only be opened thru the challenge at hand.

There is, as always, so much more to share but my day is once again about to begin.  This sleeping til 6am is getting old, its so late for me.  Thank god I woke up when I did, I swear someone was knocking on my ceiling, which woke me up.  Other wise, I would probably still be sound asleep.  Gotta love a spirit alarm clock lol.

Here is an exercise you can do, if you want to see what you are made up of.  Go into meditation, imagine a full length mirror directly in front of you and start to see the body matrix as it is now.  Not skin and bones and not soul energy, but the living matrix that is you now.  You will be amazed at how beautifully bizarre you are put together!!  I so freakin wish I could draw!!  gr

I love you all so much, thank you for showing up and helping me by helping yourself!!  You are sooo appreciated and marveled at by me!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of radiance inside and out to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas