Are you Creating New Energy or Living in the "Spoils" of Old Energy?


Ohhh the unexpected days of, well, these days we are in!!  I was more than a little miffed when I connected to my first reading of the day and ended up staring blankly at my floor.  I was hoping it was because I barely just woke up and was only on my second coffee of the morning, until the same thing happened with my second appointment.  By this time, I knew it had nothing to do with my lazy butt.  But for the life of me, I had no idea why I was unplugged.  Dammit.  There was nothing obvious that I could pull on for understanding and so, I decided to get a bit demanding, not that that ever produced any real results before, but hey, if we don't try, we will never find out otherwise.

So I cranked up my Pandora Radio, put a little wiggle in my step and a dust rag in my hand and started pleading to the universal forces of life to at least be able to get a clue thru my third lady as to why we are not seeing today.  I did get a little visual of something that looked like cotton balls raining down all over the field, but what the hell does that mean??  I had no idea.  So I went back to demanding understanding thru my lady that was about to show up.

I about shit a brick when spirit heard my plea and there was a visual for my 3rd lady.  This giant golden egg laying on the ground sideways east to west.  All I could think to say was you must be the goose that laid the golden egg.  What the hell??  What happened to our pimped out energy sphere?  An egg looks more like a regression not progression.  (Give me what I want and I will still bitch about what it is I get!!  lol)  Her team released a single word: Birth.  My lady said, "rebirth" instantly the reply, now louder in my field of hearing said NO... BIRTH!!  When a chicken lays an egg there is no rebirth but a brand new birth about to take place.

So I went looking for my lady's body, not surprisingly there it was inside the egg, but way at the front center of her egg laying on the ground.  Similar to seeing inside the energy sphere a couple of weeks ago, she was working something that looked like long gears.  Her team explained that unlike a chicken who pecks their way out, this time is served by the heart, release the quantity of energy that is fertilizing the experiences coming up.  This visual is to show how much more concentrated it is, how life serving it is, fertilizing the fields of our life moving forward.

I swear we already done this, but what the hell do I know??

So when I get little tidbits of information that serves the day, I always share it on facebook.  When I went to write, a bit more was added to the understanding (I thought we all had a golden egg, nope) there are golden, silver and rotten eggs being hatched. ROTTEN?? What???

Emotional fields that have laid stagnant, no growth, no movement upwards and outwards.  Where any form of change is stepping back into what used to be, the energies... spoil, if you will.  But never without purpose.  Think about the aroma of a rotten egg, it is unmistakable and nothing good can come of it.  It needs cleaned up and discarded.  The smell of a rotten egg is there as a warning to all around it.  Don't go there.

We can look out our collective windows and see where the eggs are spoiling, but just as clearly, where the energy is expanding, changing, removing all elements of stinky energy.

Those in the silver and gold eggs, we are not breaking thru to praise ourselves, tho an inner high-five is definitely warranted, but we will be the catalyst, demanded by the universal laws of nature, to clean up the remnants of the rotten eggs still spoiling the landscape.

We are coming out of the shell, empowered in ways never seen on this earth plane before.  In joy and determination.  What good is having superpowers if we never have the call to use them.  I don't know whats up the sleeve on our collective stage of life, but even as I write this, I feel its momentum building.  Yikes.

So when I was talking to my 4th lady, explaining to her what I could understand about not seeing, a few of my antennas were still working... yay.  Unlike my other lady, this one was a silver egg.  The contrast, at least initially that I can understand, is the silver eggs will gather on the ground level, together in groups, sharing and merging energies.  Boots on the ground.  I didn't get to see or understand the contrast of the golden egg at all, maybe it was because the silver is more earthy, I was able to pick up more info, I have no idea.

There was a word, an energy so engulfed in the word is sprayed all over me, and remains to this moment.  For those whose eggs are either gold or silver, the "GLORY" of this next phase... the word GLORY was gold, moving like flames lapping gently upwards and I felt it in every ounce of my Being.

This next phase, I have no idea what is in store, but there is a season for it, mid April thru May 21st.  I got the May 21st the other day thru a reading, the 2 and 1 were in my field of vision in a high glossed gold energy.

This morning I woke up with a deeper understanding of all these crazy, unexpected "phases" were are in, thanx in large part to a wonderful conversation I had over dinner last evening.

The end of 2012 put everyone in choice mode, within their hearts.  The phrase that came thru over and over again during that time period (and occasionally since then) was "if you could have it all, would you let is all go first."  This choice was made by many, death without dying, physically anywayz.

We woke up January 2013 in a bridgeway of sorts.  If we had physically died, this would equal the life planning area in spirit, but we did it all in body thru the very last day of 2015.  Three years of energy overhauls, life over hauls, stripping down as much as we can and igniting the higher arenas of our DNA.  Changing our minds, changing our lives, stepping in, stepping up and putting ourselves out there more and more.  Building this new collective my team has been calling the "Shambhala" collective.

Those who have done the work inside and out, stepped into a greater reality of energy January 2016.  A new body, a new energy system, a new expanded way of Life.  We are setting ourselves up in the expanded realm in trimesters. Even in the trimesters (1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters of this year) there are phases of growth and release taking place thru out it all.

So I had to take to google to remind myself what happens during the 2nd trimester within a baby's growth.  The sex comes online (silver or gold eggs.)  What my team stated as rotten eggs would be diffused of any and all potency and must play into the realm of karmic energy that is slowly dying and fading away.  The skeleton forms (yup we have been looking at the new strange and beautiful skeletal make up of the body matrix.

The baby's uterus forms, ok guys you get one too.  Life producing life happens.  Fat accumulates, damn 15 pounds that I gained.

The baby begins to hear.  Yup, your cells are talking, your soul is talking, your LIFE is talking.  Are you listening with the heart, which is the only ears you need, cuz the ego can go on a tangent and misdirect the path forward.  Those who hear with their hearts can also hear the foul smell of the eggs gone astray.

It is crucially important that we employ all that is coming on-line as a way of life.  I am very sure that are many other parts unknown to me, beyond the development of a baby, that will be shown thru the readings and I am kinda excited to understand it.

Boots on the ground, hearts at the ready....

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of love, joy and movement to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas