Dare to Dream Bigger, Do Things in New Ways, Reach Higher!!

reach higher  

I can never figure out this crazy field of ours, one day you get told we are all in an egg, next one would think we would be looking and understanding eggs.. nope.  Not a damn egg in sight!  Maybe the hatching was only a day long, what the hell do I know.  But man, what we did see was pretty exciting!!

The common theme thru the day yesterday was do something different, get out in life, explore places and things you never explored before.  HAVE FUN!!  Life itself is sooooo ready to give back in big and small ways, but also in unplanned (oh our part) unexpected ways too!!

My first lady showed up  and suddenly out in her left (physical life field) all of these fully grown plants started to pop up everywhere I looked.  Not just any plants, a beautiful soul and her three lovely daughters took me to dinner the night before and she came with this big beautiful Jade plant to adorn my home.  Not even a day earlier, I had just cleaned the window sills and all my rocks and crystals, rearranged them and where I had my plants and thought to myself, I have room for a new plant now.  Next day, one arrived to occupy the space.  So the things popping up out of the ground for her in her reading, was full-grown Jade plants.  I loved the way her team explained it, life is pressure sensitive, step in the right place... wham... something emerges.

One of my guys, he had brass rings all over the place.  (Resembling the merry-go-round ride when you leaned over the side to try to grab the brass ring to win a prize.)  This was a little different, he had to reach out for them as opposed to step on the ground somewhere.  He even had a built-in A frame brass ladder to assist him in reaching higher, the higher placed brass rings.  There was a constant message back to him thru his reading, and I feel it can serve all of us.  Over and over his team said "dream bigger, make your desires bigger than you ever thought possible."

One lady was still going thru some intense energy change out, she had this massive energy tornado working the front part of her energy sphere, moving up and down and sideways, creating the magnetic openings that were in her sphere to become even larger than she designed them.  The winds of changing blowing outside of course affecting her inside thru the energy we call pneumonia.  As older energies were removed by this funnel cloud, new life was already emerging thru her feet, something that looked like a thick stem of a plant, growing from the original earth and moving up into her thru the arches of her feet and up into her legs.  Her team showed this beautiful, still forming/energetic flowers that would grow thru her movements in life, for me visibly the flower heads were growing from her joints, the ankles, the knees, hips even her toes.  These flowers represent the life that we lived long before the "fall" back on the original earth, also known as the garden of eden.  Obviously so big the energy exchange is still underway.

My last lady was really showing how important it is, for all of us to let go of the past, wash it away.  Of course for her, she is going thru a divorce, and sometimes when we are releasing things that seem to fight us every step of the way, finding your new joy, your new fullness in life, can be challenging when the old is still dancing thru the court system.  When she asked about a new partner, I could see a few choices out in her future, but first she must release the (melting) handcuffs from her past that keeps her arms behind her instead of in front of her.

Allowing herself new joyful experiences will also release (take the focus off of) the stress of these last steps of her divorce and allow her team to work everything out for the highest good of all.  When we are stressed out, they cannot do their work efficiently because we keep clogging up the gears with stress.  Holding back the wonders of what can be!!

Dream bigger than you ever dared to dream before and do something, a lot of things you never let yourself do before too.  Your life is waiting!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of blissed out dreams come thru!!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html