Duck... Incoming Intense Energies!!

rain of light I really felt like I was viewing everyone's field from a football stadium and the understanding of the crystal clear visuals I was getting, was being said from some baseball stadium... I had the hardest time understanding what I was seeing.  The audio communication from spirit felt like it was coming from somewhere else in a faint whisper.  All the visuals stopped at the threshold of this "next phase."  Something bigger than I can even understand is underway, that I am sure of.  What it is, not sure at all.

Altho, I do have to mention my last reading of the day had this light infused, crystal like rain falling down all over her field with these big clumps of crystal rain bouncing back upwards from the ground.  I could not for the life of me, understand fully how that fit into her reading.  I think she was showing all of us what was already being released via the sun storm and then some!!

Last evening as I do what I always do, ponder the readings, suddenly there was a massive opening in the sky and rain just poured down to the ground in intense audibility.  Hey why couldn't the field be this clear and audible.  With its release, it must have brought in some high intensity energies because instantly my right eye and my lungs felt like someone shoved a red-hot poker into each area.  Ouch even.  I had to hurry up and take my contact out before the tears running out of that eye glued it in place.  Then I couldn't breathe, so to the albuterol I went, it was so intense I needed a double dose.  WTH??   My lungs burned so badly I was even thinking... maybe this is my end game... maybe?  It was sudden and so intense.

On top of the rains pouring down outside, I also knew we entered a G1 solar storm as well.  This is a freakin duzy, I just went to bed.  I'll either sleep it off or transition in my sleep, either way, I'm tapping out.  The night was hell.  I woke up several times, each time more aggravated than the next.  I woke up because I was so hot and my covers were wrapped around me and I couldn't get out of them, pissed me right off, then I woke up because I was so damn cold and my covers were nowhere near me... pissed me off.  Then I woke up for what appeared to be no reason at all, I tried to check the time on my phone.... battery completely dead.  I went to bed with a fully charged phone.    That pissed me off too.  So I decided to go potty, freakin 1:30 am, pissed me off I was wide awake so early, but went back to sleep as quickly as I woke up... 3 more times.


So lets take a look at our crazy sun and what it has been up to.  I checked the day everyone became an egg.  The sun looked like this that day:



There is mad energy coming out of the reversed vortex looking opening.  It kept growing and morphing and now it looks like this today:



It's got a heart on!!  How beautiful... so why did I spend my entire night aggravated!!

Now that I am on my second cup of caffeine and returning to mySelf, I think I do understand, going right back to my sharing the other day of our dualistic energy emotions.  I spent some time yesterday in that venue... using my anger to get things done.

My car loan, now over 6 years old, I should be done with my final payment in September this year, my car lender Santander, decided thru my financial hardships in the past where they took my payment that I could not pay and said they would just put it on the back-end of the note, without my knowledge, decided it charge me an additional $8,000 in interest for their kindness.  Which would make me pay for well over another year.  Not!  I've tried talking to them on the phone twice now, both time, I hung up in their ear.  I took to email yesterday.  They are opening a complaint with the office of the president.  Action is needed to change things.

Then I was watching some videos on our elections and what is happening.  Piss me off that Bernie Sanders keeps winning the popular vote and freakin Hillary is getting all the delegates.  Ripping the vote right from the hands of the people to serve the political agendas own affairs.  If we do like we did in 2000 when Gore won the popular vote but the delegates put Bush into office and we do nothing about it.  We are going to repeat a cycle far bigger than the one we experienced in 2001.

I posted a video on my facebook wall I seen that really surprised me that the media, more specifically "The Morning Joe" show was actually talking about this issue and calling it what it is.  YAY.  Here you watch you it:



So much is coming to light in this wild, diverse arena called the presidential race like never before.  As I was listening to the comments being posted to this thread on my facebook, I got a visual that sticks with me now.  So much has been swept under the rug for decades and now, via this visual, there is a wind blowing under this rug, I could see its currents moving... and WE the PEOPLE are what is under that rug.  We are empowered now in a way we weren't in 2000 and we MUST take action and use our power to create the change for the greater good.

I kept thinking, we need to do what the Egyptians done back several years ago that was called the Arab Spring.  Don't ya know just before I went to bed I got an email from that contained this image:

rally in dc


It's happening!!  WE ARE HAPPENING.  Spirit is now demanding we all do something different, something we would never do before and that the rewards back will blow our loving minds and hearts with the return from action.

Well, my day begins.  I love you all so much and am so grateful that you dare to be You in all ways.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of love, joy and determined action to ALL!!!!

Lisa Gawlas