Down the Rabbit Hole!

Looking-Down-the-Rabbit-Hole-97065 I swear I woke up yesterday and proceeded to live out loud the analogy of sliding down the rabbit hole.  I shared yesterday the image I took of the snow I woke up to and my camera capturing the swirl of sideways vortex.  Then after I published my blog, I realized I left out half of what I started to say, and couldn't understand why on earth I would do that, until later in the day when what I didn't share, was made clear in understanding.  I would have been inaccurate if I kept going with what I thought I understood.

My first reading of the day (and what would end up being my only reading of the day) showed up and her field was so freakin beautiful.  There were sheets of rainbow energy raining down all around.  When I say sheets, I mean a foot, foot and a half wide of paper-thin rainbow colors that we see in the sky.  Her team explained that when water droplets of ice crystals are present and the sun rays hit it just right, it produces the rainbow effect (hey, that I knew!!)  Her energy combined with what was happening in my world revealed the refraction of light pouring into her world, our world.  It was so darn beautiful visually and emotionally.

All the while thru her reading, man oh man the hummers were flying to and fro everywhere.  I was worried their tiny little bodies would freeze to death and instead they seemed to be having the time of their life in the snow and making their presence known clearly by banging into my window to get the attention to them.  Overnight, I went from one hummer to many!!  YAY!!

I barely got done with her reading when suddenly a blast of light shined into the house.  The day was still very dark cloud wise in the sky.  The very moment I turned around to look at the sky, the sun making its presence known, wham, there went the electricity.  The sun really is a photo hog, I grabbed my camera by the suns request and took its picture:


It was gone as fast as it came.  My electricity on the other hand, stayed away.  It was time for my next appointment and I still have no internet or phone to use, I decided to trek down to the pueblo gas station where I get a cell signal to put on my facebook that I am without power or ability to show up for my appointments and email my lady that I was a no-show for.

When I went outside to my car and had to brush off the snow I had this crazy impulse to make some snowballs first (feeling into my mans reading the other day with his team having what looked like a joyful snowball fight.  I did, I made 4 snowballs, but them on the back of my car (I was taking the snow from the back of the car) I put them in the 4 directions, then brushed them all to the ground.  I decided since I was already out and really needed bird seed, I would drive the extra 5 miles to the bird seed store.

All this time I was listening to my audio book "Life After Death: The Burden of Proof" by Deepak Chopra and I was at the part he was talking about Mellen-Thomas Benedict's NDE experience.  My ears were trained to what he was sharing, my mind recalling the readings and the energy play I have been seeing thru them.  When the narrator of the book, recalled Mellen's expansion into the light, into the greater conscious of himSelf, with the reminder we are not trying to become god, God is becoming us, I realized what we are experiencing right now, is the opposite vantage point of the NDE experience.

This light infused crystal rain, the snowball looking play, toilet paper being strung on trees I cannot see... it's all our consciousness expanding right here where we are.  Universes being brought in (snow balls) sheets of energy embedding in the tree of life enhancing you.  We talk a lot of about dimensions which really a shift in our consciousness, reaching higher, understanding and using more of our Source energy, our Source connection via the soul matrix within the body.

But like the old saying goes; you can take a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.  In this case, your conscious is expanding right there where you are, no matter where you are, it is up to you to access and use it.  We are being given something (because we worked to attain this) that many people die to have, literally.  Full access to our soul light, Source mind and all that goes with it.

I had the privilege of being a guest on a radio show last evening (I will leave the link at the end of this sharing) called "What do you really want" and the conversation went to, geez I cannot recall what we were talking about, but I remember vividly something that came out of my mouth... one of those ohhhhhhhhhhh moments inside myself.

We are here to access as much of our Self as we are willing to dive into.  We create challenges in our lives to access even higher aspects of ourSelf.  So many people I hear want their team to do the work for them, this whole, I give it up to god or jesus thing has always confused me.  What are they gonna do with it??  As we were talking about this sort of subject, an example of why it is up to use to get creative, get over our challenges came out.  Imagine you have a child that wants to learn to ride a bike and you the parent hop on the bike ride it up and down the road for the child, forever.  The child never has to get on the bike and will never learn to ride it because you are doing it for the child.  Same thing with what we are doing.  It is up to you, to us, to get beyond a challenge, to learn your superpowers, to do things differently to grow, expand and become what you never thought you could become.

So I trek on into the feed store, never ever noticing the four little rabbits in a cage at the front door, until I come back out.  But it wasn't that I looked at them, I could feel every ounce of my energy moving down towards them, that's when I looked and fell in love.  3 snow white rabbits and one brown one:



Their feed dish happened to be the same exact color as the jacket I had on as well.  I thought about my snowballs.  I made four, here are four rabbits and I hear my team say three are pure source energy and that brown one is the outcome.  Yay... what outcome??  Silence!!!


Movement in life, fertility, sensitive, artistic, plan for possibilities, check what is in motion now, move carefully in work or play, allows for taking advantage of brief chances available. Is it time to observe and watch or time to make leaps? Rabbit can teach you how to plan and helps in setting them in motion. How are you eating habits? Perhaps you need to increase your vegetable intake? Rabbit is a joy so enjoy the movement at this time.  Taken from:

So I am driving home and as I approach where I live and the many mesas that are a part of where I live, there was an intense fog over several of them.  You really couldn't tell where the fog started and the mesa ended.  Instantly my mind went to something that Erik shared (the "channeling Erik," Erik) shared in one of his books... when he met with god after he died, god appeared as a massive god in his presence.  I knew I was being shown something very important.  As I got closer to my mesa, I realized the fog bank was covering the mesas on the back side of my own.  My mesa was untouched by the clouds.  Ohhhh I get this, god, source, whatever you want to call the creator of all life, is always present, always just in the background Present, loving, supporting but never interfering.

So as I come in the door of my home carrying my 50 pounds of bird seed, I hear the surge of the electricity come back on.  How kinda kewl is that.  Did you go off just so I would go on this consciousness expanding journey to understand more deeply???  I also was made very aware of the trail of dirt now thru out my house.  Again, I thought of my lady who had her construction workers hammering into the ground and the dirt debris flying over to the strings of her life.  My team said where do you think the purest strings are in your life, its in your home.

My electric and internet was unreliable for the rest of the day.  About 2pm I started to think about my car loan people.  They should have already called me back with their internal audit.  They hadn't.  I decided to call them since I had a brief moment of phone use... even tho I called during their business hours, I got an answering machine.  I left a message, told them I wanted them to call me before the day was over with the audit results or I would start filing with the consumer protection agencies at the state and federal levels.  They never called.  I hopped on a jack hammer and filed with the atty general of Virginia first.  Today, I am getting on another jack hammer and filing with the federal consumer protection agency.

May the force be with it all!!  If you can pour your love light on it all too, that would be much appreciated!!

So much love, joy and expansion too ALL wrapped in fog filled ((((HUGZ)))) all around <3

Lisa Gawlas


P.S. Here is the link to the radio show "What do you really want" that I had the fun pleasure of being a guest on last evening: