Nothing Is Ever As It Seems To Be, Especially NOW!!

May Rise
May Rise

I love this image, it looks just like what I see in the readings with May.  The large wall of energy that rises up from the ground of April and becomes May at the top, where the tree is in this image.  Even the debris on the bottom landscape shows how personal choices can and will affect the outcome of anything.

The moment I published my blog yesterday, I took a long minute, I could feel every ounce my own expansion coming back, the blending of myself back with mySelf, not that my soul wasn't present the last few days, but sometimes, we need the task master front and center.  I sat here thinking, now fully surrendering to my auto loan, whatever is going to come of it, I am so ok with.  I thought about my daughter, whose sentencing is in a couple of weeks, I thought about the fiasco with the New York primary elections and the struggle of Bernie Sanders to set our country straight.  This is what change looks like on the front end, we see it as (I'm going to steal a phrase from a beautiful soul on facebook yesterday, smile) a "shit storm."  I remember spirit talking about shit, literally about shit a month or several ago.  Fertilizer for the new.

As I was expanding into all of this, suddenly I heard the strangest noise outside my front door, I turned around to see a beautiful brown horse come running from the south end of the driveway (in readings that area is connected to the past) and zoom past my door and up the driveway.  I knew it was the neighbor's horse that got loose, but the timing of the message, extraordinary.  So I took my starstuff's website to look up horse:

Horse:Travel, power, spiritual and physical stamina, freedom, persuasiveness, increase clairvoyance, awareness of cooperation and communication abilities, time to move on if you feel stuck, teaches how to go in new directions with freedom and the power to face life and overcoming obstacles with grace. Your journey will take you in new directions. Horse teaches the power to allow and awaken your freedom in movement and will clarify the path in which to take. Do you need to break from current confinements and restrictions? Pay attention to what the individual breed is saying to you.

The sentence that stuck out, I made bold. Not even an hour later, my attorney emailed me back with three spreadsheets, three scenario's with my car loan.  He showed me in detail how my loan would have been paid off had I never been late or missed a payment.  The other two spreadsheets showed how my payments were applied, the late fees and stuff and how Santander applied my payments.  From his figures doing the only two ways they could have applied my payments, my principle should be showing about $1500 less, however, the late fees should be showing about $150 more and either way, with interest and principle, I do indeed still owe $6600.  I did not take out a fixed loan like I had done with every other car note I ever held, nope this like having a credit loan, flexible.

Since I started sharing this crazy part of my very personal journey, I have gotten so many emails hating on the banks, the systems that are still in play here today.  However, we the people, are as responsible for what they are doing as they are themselves.  It takes two to play this game, lender and borrower, and we, I myself did not do my due diligence with this loan, I was too busy being grateful to have someone loan me money so I can have my car.  Ignorance is not bliss, trust me!! lol  We are as culpable as the lenders, as the system that keeps doing what they are doing, because we say OK, give me more.

But hell, we don't just need me and my little expensive scenario to show us that.  Look at our elections at this moment.  We say we want change, but keep hiring the same old people, signing the same old contracts, that have no desire to change a thing and we keep the blame fired up.

The one thing I am absolutely sure of, thru these last couple of days, we MUST take the hate and blame out of our energy field.   I so understand why, when I woke a few days ago, when my soul mind gave way to my mental mind, the last thing I heard was "stay in gratitude."  Which also allows me to take responsibility for my end of what I allowed myself to get into.  Now that I know and see and understand it clearly 7 years down the road instead of day 1, I am taking a new approach.  I will take every spare penny I have and throw it on my car loan.  I am, at this moment, forgoing my Mexico trip and plan on staying home for Christmas, otherwise, I simply give more money to Santander than I am to myself and my own needs.  I sure as hell don't like it, but am incredibly at peace and ok with it all.  My bad, a bad that will never ever be repeated!!  At the same time, I am grateful on so many levels and I have a really great car that I know will give me another 10 years together.  Now if something more in my favor happens thru the consumer agencies I filed with, or Santander themselves, I am open to it.  But hating on them will never pour good into the stream, so I stay in gratitude on all fronts and own my own responsibility for this moment.

Emotional persistence is getting things done by not making them worse for all involved.  Hate and blame serve no higher good in anything and will never bring a higher resolution to anything, just more of the same disguised as something different.

And now... back to our regularly scheduled program!! lol  I can no longer see the ground of April in the readings, the energies are so high, so fulfilling that all I can see is the energy pouring in and pouring out from you, from us, the collective harnessing this amazing time we are in.

Geez, sometimes my own brain makes me crazy, it really needs a much larger expansion slot to remember the things that had me popping off my chair in excitement.  New information and new ways of seeing and being in life were pouring thru just about ever reading yesterday, I'll be damned if I can pull them up right now, geez.

There is one thing tho, that I have been wanting to talk about and just haven't remembered, so lets look at that.  We have always known that we come into this lifetime working on unresolved karma from previously lifetimes.  The word karma usually getting a bad rap because it is so entrained with negative experiences.  Yes, we have had our share of putting even some negative karma, but we also built a storehouse of really good karma that has not been set free to be experienced in our previous lifetimes.  Spirit has been talking about this part of our energy system for the last few years in relationship to the "west field" in our readings.  The storage place for energies, masterys and good karma waiting for the time it can all be set loose.  We are now in that time!

What is happening in our energy systems, personally and collectively is kind of like a coagulation of all our past life karmic fields, the good karma that has not been used yet, and is binding together with our present life energy field to become manifest.

In one of the readings yesterday, the way this was presented created a stunning visual.  My eyes were up at the energy of the sun itself.  Blended into the front of the sun was a pendulum like the kind you would see on a grandfather clock, I could even hear the ticking as it moved to and fro.  Then, just above it were two hands of a clock, but they were not straight hands instead they were arrows at the top of each hand, spinning wildly around a clock face that was not visible at all, instead I could see two white threads of energy holding these two time-arrows together and were connected to the center of the sun.  For the life of me, I couldn't understand much more than the explaining the visual... until my beautiful lady said what she wanted to do.  The moment she said what she is focused on now, the sun itself started to drip its energy in huge globs down to the field of May.  I could only see what I feel is the first week in may and that sun energy cooled to a vibrant yellow gel, forget the red carpet, it is yellow carpet time.  Heaven and earth conspiring together to bring your desires manifest.  Key word... YOUR DESIRES and action!!

As soon as we understand that visual, something amazing happened.  About a foot under the sun, this tunnel like thing opened up.  At the entrance was her putting her energy into desires to open the first door to the next phase of her life.  Thru this tunnel were so many other doors that will just ope to her once she walks thru the first one, changing so many lives including her own because she did something that is sitting in her heart to do.

Ohhhh, I remember something.  Water!!  Our interpretation of water must change now too.  In my readings, if water was clear then it was showing that your emotional field is clear, if it was foggy or debris filled, well you had clean up to do.  Not no mo'!!!  We MUST remember we did all the inner work we needed to do to be Here, on the new earth, in Shambhala, with all the clarity needed.  So if you dream of water, meditate and see water, and it is foggy or there is debris in it, it doesn't mean go get roto rooter, it means something special is being revealed to you for use.  Dive deep, play, enjoy.  Something hidden is waiting for you to see it, use it, Be it.

Something similar with our animal messengers too.  One of my precious lady's asked me about some animals (without saying which ones) that she has been seeing lately.  I about shit when her field opened up a visual of a herd of elephants, rhinos, tigers and lions stampeding her way.  WHAT??  Well, as her team explained, it is not reasonable to have a rhino cross your path, so your "usual" animal messengers are carrying another animal with them.  The ones that are not as easily visible in our day-to-day life.  So if you see a bunny and suddenly think, rhino... trust that!!  Nothing is as it seems these days.

Well, I know I am missing so much but dammit if I cannot remember what that is.  If you remember, please pop me an email so I can share it tomorrow.

I love you all so very much and so much more than that too!!  No, I didn't get my ET package done yet, I was figuring out how and when yesterday.  I got that done, today, I will put it on my site.

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with gratitude that IS changing the world, thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas