The Sun, Venus, and the Pleiades Engorging a Rising River of Light Unto Earth!!

river of light incoming If I wasn't so damn excited about the energies coming thru yesterday, I would start out bitching about not being able to do readings, but the cause is too well worth it.  But let me start at the beginning, it was an odd odyssey of a day.  My first reading was a beautiful lady across the pond and as I went to connect with her, my antenna/eye was drawn upwards to the sky where the sun was hanging low, with a very strange thing beneath it... A huge red X!!  What the hell is that doing there??  On rare occasions over the years, spirit would place a big red X across my backdoor as their way to say you cannot see the field today.  My antennas are working, the field is just unviewable.  But never in all my years of reading have I ever seen this X placed under the sun itself.  But I also felt, this is going to be the way of it for everyone today.  Dammit!!

Then I started to hear a song by the Beach Boys "Good Vibrations" and it felt like it was the sun himself singing directly to the earth, the love of his life.  Which of course, reflects all of us as part of her living body.  <3

So once I got her rescheduled, I went to to see if there was anything up with the sun, other than an ongoing coronal hole spewing space wind around, according to spaceweather, the sun was kinda uneventful.  However, as I was looking at the sun and scanning the info on's page, in my vision I could see a filament leap up and outwards and release itself.  I ignored it since there didn't seem to be anything that would produce such a thing.

As I was hoping that this X would be gone by the time my second reading came around, and still very much pondering the placement of this X, I heard spirit say "The river of life (light) is rising and creating new curves in the flow."  With it, I could see this massive flow of light at the earths level, deep and rapid like white waters rushing forward.  Alrighty then!!   My second lady was in the red X zone too.  Dammit.

Since I had an unexpected hour of free time with rescheduling instead of reading, I decided to hop in the bath to see if I can get clearer information on what this is about.  I was stunned at what I was shown and excited for all of us!!

The very moment I closed my eyes in my bath, I instantly seen fissures all over the magnetosphere and thick, foamy white energy oozing thru and down to earth.  I could see various forms of this river of light and how it can be used.  The first image was the massive river of love and hope growing in relationship to Bernie Sanders (spirit is all about the Bern let me tell ya!!)  The raging river (filled with the consciousnesses of his supporters and their energy of motion/movement) and it slammed into the Democratic Convention and tore apart the doors, the building, everything.  This on the heals of a little video I posted on facebook that really got my heart excited, which sadly, I cannot post here since its not on youtube.  But in one of his speeches when someone from the audience shouts out "You" he instantly says no, not me us.  No president can make changes alone, it must be the people together.  A movement indeed.  Movements change things, protest build up static electricity.  If we want change, we must band together like drops of water that form the raging river of life... together.  This flood of change got my little heart excited!!

But spirit was just beginning to show us what this energy can produce, if we allow it to.  The next thing I had seen, shockingly to me, was my sons energy field and his new girlfriend.  I wasn't sure I would ever meet someone who he dated longer than a day that my heart would feel like it does for the mother of his son, until he started talking about this girl.  Ohhhh yeah, this one is THE keeper!!  Well, seems spirit thinks so too!!  I was shown his white water river of life increasing with this energy, flowing rapidly forward and then an unexpected (to me) merger with his girlfriend and the amazing energy they will harness together when they merge lives together.  I about pee'd my pants with excitement for them.  But equally, I was being shown what is at hand for those finding the loves of their lives thru this amazing time.  Superpowered rivers!!

I couldn't help but think of my grandsons mother, I love her so much, like a daughter.  I had already seen a man coming into her field a while back, but so far, he hasn't arrived.  The moment I thought about her I was shown a man coming down from the sky inclosed in an octagon crystal... what the hell is that??  I could see his image thru the crystal, a pretty pretty young man, but what the hell is he doing in a crystal?  I feel like his energy should come with a label that says "please break in case of an emergency."

So then, since spirit is on a love adventure, I asked.... wait, excuse me, I demanded to see my own opportunities in this lane.  I was shocked, still am really.  Unlike my son or my grandsons mothers energy that was in full spectrum light, mine showed up kinda like in the shadows, or maybe better said just as night was about to fall, that kind of lighting.  Instead of being on my center path forward, my path formed a C curve outwards into the field of life (rut roh, what new adventure awaits me doing something different... dunno) and I had to crack up at what they showed me.  Men lined up on either side of this C curve path and I was doing the "eenie, meenie, minie moe" thing.... WHAT???  Like I should have so many choices, lol, I would be happy for just one choice at this moment.  I thought my team was just being ridiculous so I cleared the energy and started again, and once again, I am doing the eenie, meenie, minie, moe pick of men.  I cannot wait to see how THAT comes into play!!  The one thing I am sure of tho, given the way these C curves show up in readings, it's going to be something new that takes me out of my usual life and curves back later in the timeline.

So then, I thought about my next appointment, a man who already has a lot of changes happening in his ever expanding heart field as well as his life field.  What they showed me with him, really got my motor running.  His whole energy field represented a sling shot that has been pulled back thru the whole of this year:



With the focus being on the tension of the energy being pulled back.  Which also reminds me of all the "retrograde" planets that are happening.  This is using the energies to catapult your desires forward instead of always doing a review of our long cleared shit (unless we insist on picking old wounds, which many do more out of habit than need.) This is really where he can lean in with pure knowing and exciting and say "the force is with me."  Everything he has desired is releasing unto him because he put his energy into it and created the perfect amount of tension with focus, action and that most important fuel, desire!!!

I also felt very much, this is an event many are experiencing at this crucial moment of energy release too.

Then, one of my readings as I kept trying to see if I could see anything other than a red X at the sun, I did see something different, even more bizarre, there was a series of X's on one side of the sun, I knew they represented planets or something, but what the hell does that even mean?  I am still trying to understand why the X is at the sun, now here she comes to confuse me even more with a series of planet X's lol.  Her team did explain that there are more planets involved in this energy release from the sun.  Alrighty then!!  What the hell??

Shortly after I think my 4th attempt at seeing something other than these red X's someone posted on my facebook a video of "A filament eruption towards the northwest limb today hurled a coronal mass ejection (CME) into space. So far the plasma cloud appears to be directed away from our planet. More updates later today once full coronagraph imagery is available." from solar ham.  I about shit a brick!!!  Spirit wasn't kidding when they showed me a filament eruption, of course, why would they?? lol

For those of you still overcoming doubt, let me tell you, there are days and moments I am full of it (in more ways than one lol.)

I went to a few times yesterday, nothing.  But this morning... those series of X's suddenly make sense too:

VENUS, THE PLEIADES, AND A SOLAR STORM: A filament of magnetism connecting sunspots AR2542 and AR2543 erupted on May 15th and hurled a CME (coronal mass ejection) into space. Coronagraphs onboard the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory captured the cloud as it billowed away the sun alongside two other objects of interest: Venus and the Pleiades.


The Goddess of Love and the Seven Sisters are in conjunction with the sun this week--a close encounter invisible to the human eye. SOHO can see it, however, using an opaque disk to block the sun's blinding glare.

Although the CME appears to intersect Venus, it does not. The expanding cloud is far in front of the second planet. The third planet may be another matter.

Sooooooo!!!!  The power of the sun, harnessing the power of love (venus) coupled with the ascended energy of the Pleiades, which in my personal world, taught me about the importance of unconditional love and non judgement, collect together to form a massive rising river at the earth level.  And at that most amazing time spirit has been focused on, the split of May (first half to the second half.)  The 15th-16th is the split, the gap between all we have put into play and the way it will appear on our field of life as an outcome.  And the timing for me to not be here is perfect too, as the energy takes form for me to see, I won't have a week of reschedules, just two days (yesterday and today, of course, I am just assuming today given all the energy understanding, I hope to be wrong about that.)

I am personally excited that at this time of the river of life overflowing and creating new curves (hey there is my C curve, ohhh shit, don't let it be related to Virginia lol, I am so over that state!!) in the field of life, I am more than grateful to be spending this week of love rising with my baby girl.  This will be my last sharing until I return late Saturday night, however, I will put the outcome of my daughters sentencing (which will be at 10am EDT on Friday the 20th) on my facebook wall.

I will, however, be coming home with something new.  My daughter is an amazingly talented tattoo artist and as a way of binding our energy together as she starts this change of life (incarceration) I am getting a tattoo from her tomorrow.  She already has it on her arm in honor of us and now I will have her mark in me, on me to bind our energy fields together thru our animal totems:


Her's is the lion, mine is the tiger and the eyes will be colored with our birthstone colors (the lion blue the tiger green.)  I have never had a tattoo in my life (can we call me a wimp in the pain department) so if you think about sending me lots of comfort tomorrow (I really am scared shitless about it, even tho I got me a tube of "super numb" but what the hell, its time to get beyond our comfort zone!!) I would really appreciate the energy, thanx in advance.

On that note, enjoy the swim, rage into new directions, dare to live out loud with joy and determination.  The sling shot has been pulled... ready or not... here we go!!!!!  Go with the sudden and rapid changes/flows otherwise, don't complain if you get caught in the undertow!!  Just sayin!!! ;-)

I love you all soooo flipping much!!  Thank you for Being the amazing Beings you Are!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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