Imprints from the Akashic Records.


I am really starting to love purposely having days off, firstly its really good for the energy and body field, second, wow the information that can come thru that would otherwise not be accessed!!!

Lets start with my morning meditation yesterday.  I had just finished listening to Bernie's speech after the elections and man oh man is that guy so filled with incredible grace and perseverance.  His focus was that he had won 2 of the five primaries and not that he had lost three and never once said a mean or hateful thing towards anyone including Hilary.  And the fight for change... continues!!

So as I enter my bath, I guess deep down, still pondering how all this can play out positively, my team gave me the grossest visual (smile.)  But, after listening to some more of my audio book "Keepers of the Garden" I so get it more fully.

What I had seen was a growing pimple/white head, it was getting larger and larger and then two index fingers came in on either side and started to apply pressure.... squishhhhhhh.

The white head itself represented the Hillary camp, the still awakening collective hanging on to the fears they have yet to let go of for progress towards the good of the All.  The right index finger represented the Bernie Camp, firm in their desires and knowing that life must change for the good of all.  The left index finger was the Trump Camp, the Fear collective, firm and solid in their separation of anything not like them.  With this visual, we can all see how valuable Trump and his followers are to this moment.

And then both fingers started to push in the white head and then the next thing I seen, was the earth herself, the earth at at least one of her fault likes, started to open up... and a great release happened.  That's where they stopped the visual.  It's going to be interesting to see how thing change or get released from the present conditions.

I had really wondered why they used the image of a pimple, that's not really nice.  Until I was riding home from the big wide world and the guy Phil, in hypnosis via the book I am listening to, started talking about the fear that is on earth.  He called it a disease and one that keeps earth itself quarantined from all the other life forms in the universe.  He explained this kind of fear is unique to earth and that until we cure it, we would not be allowed to travel to our friends from other realms homes and the star beings would never walk openly in front of us.  We would end up hunting them down and doing experiments on them or worse, killing them.

This white head represents the fear collective that the white blood cells have rallied around, clearing the fear and allowing light to come in and stay.  Sometimes the best thing to do, is lance it to release it all.  Get your rains ready!! lol

What I found funny, well, interesting, at the tail end of my meditation my team told me to go out and listen to more of my book.  Hey, housework was on my agenda, now its T-Mobile and blueberry replenishment!  I'll take that any day!!

I eagerly listened to every word coming out of my car speakers, I knew he was going to mention something important.  Sure enough!!!  Dolores Cannon, the hypnotherapist, got to the point in their series of regressions she asked him how many times he has lived on earth, she was stunned to hear is reply that this is his first actual, physical incarnation since he already accounted for at least 3 or 4 others in the start of their sessions together.  He explained the others were "imprints."  My whole energy system leaned in to hear and understand every word.  This was important!!

He explained that the Akashic Records have no "time" associated with the many incarnations housed within it.  There is also no intellectual copyrights either, meaning someone else experienced a particular lifetime and no one else can.  You can merge, have so completely imprinted in your energy field someone else's lifetime, that in regression, you would never know that it was not you that lived it, because it feels like you did.  It is, as if you did.  As he explained, it allows incarnating souls to become so familiar with the vast differences that take place here, especially in the emotional field that swings two ways (way up and way down.)

This started an avalanche of understandings for my own personal self.  I can remember, so clearly in feeling and visual, the earth still being molten.  I can remember the implanting of the quartz crystals, there are a lot of odd things I not only remember, but feel as if I was that thing happening, too.  Imprints!!!  OMG IMPRINTS!!  Yes!!!

So Dolores asked him is this why there can be 6 or 7 people who, in hypnosis, will detail their personal lives as say Cleopatra or some other well known figure.  YES!!  Imprints.  Whatever the incarnating soul needs to assure the evolution in their incarnation, they will go to the Akashic records and find lives that were similar to embed the energy need to assure that sort of evolution.  OMG, this all makes so much sense.  Especially when my team has told me and others over and over, it does not matter who you were, but who you are now!!  In large part, this is why!!  We may have the memories of a lifetime in us, but we may not have been the soul that actually experienced that lifetime and there is no way to know thru regression.

He was also talking about star beings especially (not all souls choose to do the imprint thing) from other realms choosing to incarnate or even visit earth, will have imprints so they can understand how our species works.

I thought about my trigonic crystal that I had worked with for years, given to me by my then mentor and friend Marc.  It connected me to so many lifetimes, experiences and then filled me with understandings that became so over my head consciousness wise, the information within it flashed a brilliant yellow and was embedded in my heart, several years later, as I really started to understand the information beyond my small self, for the last time, the entire crystal flashed yellow and was completely gone from my realm, never to be seen again.  It's work and purpose was to ignite the information and understandings sitting dormant within my Being to use.  Igniting many of the imprints that were tucked wayyyy back in the closet of my mind and started unpacking them over the years.

Then I thought about all the ET's I have had the surprising pleasure to connect with and how oddly easy it is to do so.  Imprinting!!  I have had so many imprints before incarnation to assure that when this time arrived, my connections would be fluid and not scary, not fearful.  I would also have the understanding of how to connect other humans, without fear, to them.  This makes sense why so many of them feel so familiar, even when they show me their realm thru the connections, I feel like I have been there and seen that!!  Either I have or its imprints, either way, it all makes so much sense now.

He also talked about the star beings already here.  Here as a human.  This got a little complicated in my now hemorrhaging consciousness (that's a positive statement there lol) but I think the term we would use is hybrids.  Biologically, they are human, came thru in the usual way, but are not just human, instead seeded from other realms.

Instantly I thought about that one and only meditation I had, that will stay vividly with me, forever.  I was given the bizarre privilege of watching my mother and father create me (nothing like seeing your parents having sex) and my closest friend from the Pleiades, Franklyn, superimposed his light body over my fathers, and they both released the seed that would become me.

It also makes sense, and this all unfolded in my car ride, why my body does not work like the docs expect.  I have been poked, prodded, photographed inside many times, with my permission of course, because I do not function the way my oncology doctor is familiar with.  And all of us are so programmed to believe that if our bodies are not function "normally" something must be broken.  Not even close!!  WE are evolving!!!!

Speaking of evolving, I do want to touch on this wonderful statement that came thru my only reading yesterday.  Our cells know we are evolving, it knows exactly what it needs chemically (as food) and will trigger cravings of such foods.  The cells of our body have no ego what so ever and therefore, it does not judge what it needs.  The human however, with such varied beliefs (judgements) around our food stuffs, or even our drugs, have very deeply ingrained beliefs about what is good or what is not good for them to take or eat.  Your body may be craving a donut and your mind is saying, but we do not eat gluten, or sugar, or processed stuff (pick a reason, they do run the gamut) guess what, you are denying your body the nutrients it needs for evolution, which affects the entire energy field called your life.

Enough about, let's get back to the star beings!!  He was talking about how they currently do come to visit here, either as higher vibration energies so that we do not see them or cloaked (for lack of a better word) as humans.  He also said they would be glad to present themselves to those who really wish to meet with them (and not dissect them.)  OMG the 4th of July fireworks went off in my system, MEXICO!!  Please, please, please come let's have some hugs and conversations in Mexico at the zone of silence!!  If all we have to do is invite them in, which is what he said... consider this an open invitation to all Beings that want a hug and some good conversations!!!

He went on to say that there are many beings that can change their form to hold the human image but focusing their mental energy.  They can remain in this image for days or years, it is not as hard or exhausting as it sounds.  Again, I thought of Jorge!!  What if..... !!!!!!

Ohhh the game has just become so much more exciting!  And on that note, I am going to close, I have another 13 hour day to look forward to, today and tomorrow.  But in the wisdom of my soul, I really don't know how it happened, but my scheduled for this week is two days on, one day off (instead of my usual three on one off.)  I love that which looks out for this crazy human and I love that this crazy human is honoring down time for once!!

I love you all so very much.  For those planning on going to Mexico, please start putting out your welcome mat for our star friends to come visit!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of pure excitement and wonder to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas