The Merging of Multi-Dimensions.

Meditating higher being
Meditating higher being

I think yesterday was probably one of the most difficult readings days I can remember having ever.  Not for any one reason, but a combination of them.  First my dear good god is the energy blowback from the field strong, I mean strong in a brand new way that is hard to put into words.  Equally, all the imagery/information is all showing up in the same place, sort of like it's all on top of each other.  The "reading field" stretches from my neighbor's yard to my land lady's yard and there is plenty of room for everything to unfold nicely.  But noooo... now spirit is just plopping everything on top of each other making this lady crazy (smile.)  Not that spirit has ever cared about what makes me crazy or not.  imagine watching three TV shows at once, all on the same screen, each one just a hair above one running below it.  It took everything in me to understand each part.  It was so confusing I literally read for everyone yesterday with my eyes closed, some of the readings, I even had to put my hand over my eyes and forehead to concentrate in one area to understand what was being presented.

We all know, at least conceptually, that we are multidimensional Beings. I think, speaking for myself, those other "dimensions" are out there somewhere in a far away place that we can access via meditation and our dreams.  What if, all those other dimensions are right here, running simultaneously on top of the main one we exist in?  This is what my team explained to me yesterday, about why the readings are unfolding the way they are.  What we are experiencing as contraction and expansion has a lot to do with the opening and merging of various dimensions and our conscious orientation to them.

If I can bitch, just a bit.  It is hard enough for me, when we have such a massive shift in the field and personal energy field, when things unfold in brand new  and light/understandings across the field, but stack it all on top of each other... sheez, have mercy on me!!

I was (as always) hoping with such a massive energy system spread over two months, it would be easier, gentler than the previous months, not even close.

If I had not had the personal contact and information relay that I have this month with my brave souls connecting to their ET friends, I would be more lost than I am now.  Thru these connections I have seen how the multidimensional fields connect and open up, how the energies are transferred from one plane to another and somewhere in it all, it is innately natural to orient myself/ourselves with our eyes closed.  Closing down all the noise from our current realm to focus on what is coming in, blending with it.  For the last several days, I am blinded by the light when I do readings open-eyed and sometimes, that is not enough to filter the energies coming thru that I (without even thinking about it) shield my eyes and third eye with my hand, which also allows me to focus with intent on one thing showing up in a reading at a time.  With my eyes open, it's like trying to read soup, each individual ingredient of the soup.

What was a common visual thru every reading, different presentation for everyone, was this honey colored energy system that for all but one person, was spinning counter-clockwise.  Openings to other realms of existence (multidimensional fields) in real time (in our day to day life.)  I am not really sure how all that works out yet.  But it did give me understanding of a really painful event I woke up with on Saturday.  I got out of bed and my obliques, where they attach to the rib cage on my left side, hurt like freakin hell.  Bending in any way was just painful.  Because of the odd placement of the pain origin (at the attachment area of the ribs) there is no way this happened from sleeping wrong.  I kept thinking of my one lady, who's placement in the living body of god, was the obliques and I just wanted to pick her mind of what she discovered about this area, sadly tho, she has taken a break from facebook, so instant gratification was not available.  So this morning I go to the handy-dandy know it all engine called google:

The external obliques on either side not only help rotate the trunk, but they perform a few other vital  functions. These muscles help pull the chest, as a whole, downwards, which compresses the abdominal cavity.

So if we look at the chest itself (again in the living body of god) as the central point of all the dimensions, then the pulling down would be pulling particular dimensions into your personal space/body/universe.  I am grateful this happened on my day off, and now, in hindsight, I can see how vital this experience was to being able to do my job yesterday.  In order to understand what is happening within you, I must access that area too.

Pay attention to where you are having sudden and unexplained energy surges, (AKA pain) it's a part of you firing up!!

One of my beautiful ladies yesterday asked about her future.  The reply from her team is so important for everyone to really understand.  There is no future that is set and viewable, expect as you create it.  That is not to say that tomorrow or July will not show up when we wake up each day, but if will be similar to the day before and the day before that unless we add new energy into it, creating avenues of change and dare I say, adventure!!  So if you are hoping something new or different lays in your "future" open that door!!

In between the readings I had to go on a smoke run.  It gave me an extra 20 minutes of listening to my audio book and again the place I left off the last time I was in my car, was so perfect with what I was understanding via the readings yesterday... sort of.

Phil, the guy who was the hypnosis subject, was talking about being on a 3D planet (much like ours here) but the Beings living and working on that planet were energy beings, not physical bodies.  In this realm, they used energy to create tools and particular energy clothes to do whatever work they were doing.  Instantly I understood what he was doing, as if my own memories opened up.

How do we seed planets that will eventually become inhabitable to physical forms of life and intelligence... we do it energetically of course.  We create an energy body that is relevant to the planetary system we are working on so that we can seed other life forms, consciousnesses and whatever else that realm will need.  Just like we did here.  We also leave blueprints within the work we are doing, for the day the inhabitants become in-lightened enough to access the energy system in which it all was created, so that we can not only have access to both, but use both parts of ourselves (physical body and energy body) to consciousness participate and change the realm occupied.

So, with our gig being here on earth, what we are doing is accessing the energy blueprints we stored a long, long time ago as we formulated this plane energetically and biologically.  Our friends from the stars have lined up to assist us with the parts of us, the multidimensional DNA that is within our biology, to fire up the areas we have worked on before.  Let me try to explain this...

There are ETs lining up way beyond our known realms of connections and they have very specific skills that they are assisting us with.  They are connecting to the humans who have either participated with them, what we now call their race, in organizing the planes of earth.  Many of us, assisted in laying out their planes of existence too.  Now we have the amazing, if not challenging, opportunity to bring all that lays deep in the energies of consciousness to the fore, usable and accessible (eventually) in our plane.  We are restoring the "galactic kinship era" and this wonderful place called earth to once again be the intergalactic hub it once was long long ago.

This "restoration" will not happen overnight.  The first hazard being, it must happen thru the human realm of consciousness/participation and we humans live in a "have it now or screw that work" mentality.  So, if it takes a decade to really start to fully use the skills and understandings in meditation in our physical reality, most people give up and move on because they don't feel like they are doing anything constructive, tangible.

On that note, I am going to close for today.   There are many things that came thru the readings yesterday that are really hard to put into language and have it be accurate in the relay of information and understandings (which also challenged the readings lol.)  Give me time, I will find sentences of accuracy!! lol

I love you all, so much.

((((HUGZ)))) of deep explorations to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas  (Personal ET sessions now available from my online calendar.)