The Illumination and Purification of Our (New) Garden Underway!!

AngelEarth This dual energy system of June-July is turning out to be bigger, much more different than I could have ever imagined it would be.  I finally had a day with 3 readings in the field yesterday and altho each were very different, the theme itself was similar.

My first lady showed up with 8 windows hovering in the air in an arc from left to right in the near distance in front of her.  There was space between each window but nothing that connected them or even supported them.  Each of the windows were dark inside.  As she walked forward (just moved thru her days) suddenly one of the windows became illuminated.  The light was so bright I could not see the contents within the window, but then again, it was not for me to see, but for her at the moment the light turned on.  Her job was to explore it, understand it for the truth that is being revealed.  Her team said that even tho these windows are not really connected to each other, the contents that will be shown are interrelated.  So I had to ask, are these events that will play out, memories that will surface, sudden epiphanies??  A smirky smile is all we got back.  Pesky spirit.

I did understand there is a difference between a doorway being presented in a reading (I never seen windows like this before) and windows.  Doorways are opportunities to walk thru, windows give you a view of something that, when illuminated, will show you the deeper contents of something.  Each one will light up in its own time, but when all 8 are illuminated and explored fully they will merge to become the energy of an infinity symbol.  The infinity symbol will hold the light of truth on the left and right side and then merge together at the crossing point in the center to become the fuel that radically changes her life's path.

My next reading was so different it tripped me up for a good minute.  Her field was filled with light, but nothing else at all.  In her center was this large glass container that kept reminding me of a science beaker that went as far up as I could see and down thru the ground.  It was not much larger around than the size of her body and she was stuffed in this beaker.


Unlike this image, there were no markings on the outside nor liquid on the inside.  Instead, where the liquid is shown in this picture, that was where her body was.  There wasn't more than 2 inches of room around her.  What the hell can this even mean.  I had no idea except to keep thinking of a science beaker.  Why the hell would I have any connection whatsoever to anything sciency??  The only thing I could do is ask her for help understanding this.  When she started talking, I got it and got it clearly.

To use her words, she has been having health issues for the last several years, including exhausted that seems related to nothing.  She has been going to doctors and homeopaths to restore her health to the way it was before.  There is no turning back from this grand experience underway.  Many of us, for years have been having what seems like our body going to hell in one form or another.  But that is what happens when you take in sudden high quantities of Light and the body has got to work overtime, energetically, to absorb this new light.  It creates havoc to use living inside the changing vessel and creates all kinds of things that look like we are sick, but we are not, we are evolving, it we allow it.  Actually, we MUST allow it otherwise, we become contained.  So this science beaker thing is holding everything within her body space until she purifies her mind, her full on knowing that she is perfect and changing, evolving and the road back to the way she was is gone.

And the handy-dandy car analogy came into play to help her (and all of us) understand how important this is.  She is now fully equipped to be a Lamborghini, a high-speed vehicle, instead of the old ford she was.  But the approach she is taking and has been taking with her change of vehicle, she trying to restore herself to the ford which is no longer appropriate for her in this new field of energy.

I also understood, especially after my lady after her, that we are in a high fertilizing time in our personal lives.  Keeping in mind, the garden of our personal lives is completely unbiased to what we grow within it, it all comes from the source of creation, which is you, us, and therefore all is honored by our planting fields.  Thank god for our spirit teams, they see some of the older programming still running in our minds and contain us until we release it.  This is so we do not inadvertently plant the energy of the past in this very powerful Now.

Her team explained that when she releases fully the way she sees or understands her body changes, then the containment I see as a glass beaker will burst to allow the seeds of her next phase of life to be planted and come to fruition... no weeds in the garden.  That is not to say the body will cease its evolution process, not at all.  We have many series of light expansion coming in over the years and we will stretch and morph ongoing.  Just do not try to stop it or fix it, simply do what we can to be comfortable thru it.

And then my third lady, no beaker this time, instead, she was sitting atop a 15 foot geyser coming out of the ground.


She had on the darkest, biggest sunglasses I had ever seen.  They served her well until now, but sometimes, actually, all the time... it is best we become blinded by the light of truth than to filter out anything we really need to see but don't.

Her field, illuminated with light just like beaker lady and as barren (which is a good thing) as hers was too.  Her team explained that there are rivers running beneath the ground, her personal river of life (we each have one from what I am understanding) that exploded up thru the ground, took her above the energies of her life so that she can see and feel the streams that need clearing.

Often times, we experience unpleasant situations that we do let go of, but instead of seeing them for the beauty they held, we breathe thru it, move past it and miss the richness of the experience, which kinda keeps our emotional field tainted with the misunderstood experience that transpired.  There were at least 4 separate things that happened over the course of her life, that really needs to be seen for what it is, was.  Otherwise, the misunderstood experience will have to reseed itself as a life experience to fully clear.  No need for that, unless we choose it that way.

Her team explained that as she clears up her emotional streams running beneath the surface, the geyser will slowly retreat and place her back on the ground and then turn into a hydrating energy to germinate all that is ready for her to experience, without old filters (sunglasses) in play.  When they mentioned this hydrating the grounds, I had to look at the water spray under her butt.  It didn't go back to the ground, instead, it went down about 3 feet and then evaporated.  A safety protocol.

I really understood by the end of the day, there is a massive illumination and purification happening as we all get ready to seed our new gardens of life.  Anything that is tainted with old thoughts or emotions, or that is not clear in seeding, is held off for now.  The (new) garden of eden cannot, will not be seeded with tainted energies of the old garden.  Yay!!! lol I have had to pull enough weeds out of my life to last several lifetimes.  I am sure, everyone has.

So now lets move on to ET's lol.  There have been a couple of connections now that are presenting a very interesting twist in my head.  They say they are already here, on the ground, working with us.  However, they have I guess what we can consider a built-in cloaking device, so that we do not see them in their true form, but see them as any other human kicking about.  They are working in our technology areas, our government areas, all areas that is undergoing (and has been) change.  Because of the tilling of the planetary garden over the last few years, we are going to experience, personally and collectively, radical change that may seem to have happened overnight, but it really has been years in the seeding.

Hmmmmm.... what does not allow for this change, will be removed from the garden.  (This comes instantly as I think of our current elections.)

I decided to watch Jupiter Rising last evening.  I am not usually a sci-fi fan but thanks to Magic Mike, I AM a Channing Tatum fan (big grin) so I recorded it to view him.  Instead, I got the surprise of my life.  In this movie there were very familiar forms of ETs.  I have seen them in the field and here they are, depicted in this movie.  I am not the only one getting a visual of who and what is "out there."  I think watching some of this movie must have crashed my system, I could not hold my eyes open and before 8pm, I was out like a light until 4am this morning.  I did last long enough to watch one part where this lady from another plane of existence dipped herself into water at about the age of 40 and came out of the water at about the age of 20.  She explained the genetic material in the water that allowed for such instant rejuvenation of the cells in her body.  Something inside of me recognized not only the truth of this capability... but we will experience it as a reality in our world.  Maybe not today or tomorrow... but sooner than we may anticipate.  I crashed shortly thereafter lol.

Have an amazing day my beloveds.  Enjoy the full moon of the Solstice!!  (Which I forgot was today until just now... making yesterday's field even more relevant and understandable!!)

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with the illumination of Light and the Bounty of pure Love to ALL!!!

a Gawlas

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P.S.S. Of course, Kryons timely marshmallow message arrived in my inbox as I was typing this.  So let me share it with all of you too:

Step Aside
From Kryon Live Channeling, "Assumptions"
January 2016 in San Antonio, TX
It is this way with all humanism. My partner spoke today and yesterday about how he uses synchronicity and not logic to guide his life. Here is the engineer telling you not to use logic! It's really a combination of processes, isn't it? It's the logic of survival based upon spiritual common sense, and a logic that says Spirit knows an overview that you don't. Therefore, if you can learn to trust Spirit, you get an overview that you could never have yourself. So rather than going for that which you know, you go for that which you don't know but you feel is available. That's synchronicity. It's a process of calling upon an area that all of you have, but tough to realize - really tough. You've got to step aside that which you're comfortable with, and that has worked for you all your life.

through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel