Change - Sleep Patterns - In-Spirations!! (HA!! In-Spirit-Actions)


I want to start today's sharing by addressing a question someone posed on my blog the other day, it made me ponder deeply.  The question was simply: "What will leaving your home mean for your readings?"  I was going to ask her for clarification of the question but my team seemed to go deeper into a reflection/response than I bargained for.

I was shown the start of my reading ability on the mountainside of Vermont.  It was something that came thru a meditation that I started to practice with anyone who was willing to hold my hand and let me "read" their energy, so it really started with physical connections.  Once I moved from the camp to the apartment in Vermont, my readings changed too, since I put myself out there on ebay to go beyond what I was able to do.  I started to develop my skills within a meditation format to an online format, to a phone format.  Then I moved to Idaho, back to physical hands on readings.  I decided I really didn't like that way too much, the ego energy is too present when in person.  Then when I moved to Virginia, the Vermont way of reading came back, but we went deeper into peoples emotional bodies for clearing than ever before.  Then, I learned massage and my readings took on a whole other ability.  Still in Virginia, I learned to read the DNA and what many consider the Akashic records at the same time.  When I moved to New Mexico, the massage readings were ongoing until I shifted myself to the Jemez and well, you know how I do readings now.  I access your soul light and the highest light of the earth that you are both aligned to and moving towards and that is where we "see" from.

With this little review, I know that how we connect, what we see and what is going to be important next from the realm of spirit, will change.  How??  I have no freakin clue!!  Just like when I moved into the Jemez, it took me a couple days to find my grove and flow with the readings, and the way I am able to see here is nothing I could have fathomed prior to the experience thereof.   I am sure it will be similar at my mom's house too.  The one thing you can always count on, I will write about it all!!  Can I answer that question later, when I know?? lol

One of my beautiful clients the other day was talking about her (lack of) sleep cycles she is currently experience, which almost seemed opposite of my (lazy ass) deep long sleeps and sudden afternoon naps.  Her team helped us understand the differences in our erratic sleep cycles and the importance of all of it.

If we look at it like this, there are time we have a massive energy influx coming into our core, those are the times we can sleep forever.  We get tired just by waking up in the morning.  Our biological energy is speeding its vibration up to equal that which is coming in.  It's exhausting on the human anatomy, but quite important to allow.  Then we have those moments when we feel perfect, we can get so much done and still have a little energy left at the day.  Think of this as the integration phase, its all blending into the new expanded/accelerating whole called you.  Then there are days where sleep seems like a distant friend, we lay awake and cannot seem to fall into a nap during the day.  This is when the new integrated energy is moving outwards into your field of life, creating, enhancing and stuff.  There is a consciousness that must endure the sowing of the field, the body more tired than ever but yet, must be "awake" thru this process.

Every phase is just as important as the other and will continue to fluctuate at least, thru the remainder of this year.

I crack myself up and really gotta watch my damn thoughts!!  When she was talking about her lack of sleep, and I was in the over abundance of sleep, I thought to myself, I rarely loose sleep at night.  The very next night... less than 4 hours into my much needed 7-8 hour sleep cycle, my mind woke me up with a chattering to-do list, which was yesterday.  I got three readings in and I crashed and crashed hard.  No more connections for me, great conversations, but nothing left in me to connect with for the day.

I did try taking naps, holy shit, the moment I laid down I would swear there was an earthquake happening in my body, the vibration happening form head to toe was keeping my sleep far from reach.  The moment I sat up, I was fine, no vibrations at all.  I did this at least 4 or 5 times in between my appointments and just got annoyed.  What I realized was when i was not moving or doing anything (laying down trying to catch a wink of sleep) I became aware of the intense energy being output into my new adventure.  When the earth quakes, there is always a reason!!  Within us too!! lol

Now lets go to the three readings I did get to see before my system collapsed.  We are still in the solstice energy field as i tried to show yesterday.  The first person was in a shower like position, lathering the energies into her body as this other energy system, presenting like waves of multi colored energy rained down from above to the ground directly in front of her (what I refer to as the present and future area) waiting for her direction.  Our job (if you will) is to ignite the energy field not wait for something to show up.

The second lady had a huge red X in front of her solstice energy... radical change underway. I cannot ever read it in that stage.  My last lady, I only seen her image in what I call my peripheral vision... about 5 minutes before our connection actually happened.  The imagery was so beautiful, the presence of the solstice energy like it has been the last two days, only her form was very much like tinkerbells dressed in a bright yellow dress coming out of the solstice energy and flying upwards in an arch that started to come back towards the ground in the field of energy that I knew was July.  She faded from view like she just dissapeared.  I was hoping to see where she went when we actually connected, nope.  Nothing at all.  But, I understood.

Everyone of us are in massive radical change, whether we feel it or not, whether we are experiencing it currently or not.  IT IS still happening to the ALL thru the ALL and not one of us is separate from the ALL.  For those who have put choices into motion, our soul is seeding the ground before us.  We are going higher into the vibrational fields of life than ever before and the energies of July at present, are so high they are out of my scope of vision, straddle the fact that my own life has just blown up and is in radical change, all are factors and, dare I add... great factors (said from my team as I let out a little.... pffft lol.)

Now to change the subject a bit.  I so couldn't wait to tell my daughter about her prophetic dream and finally when she called last evening, she was over the moon happy and I took a closer look at where Clearwater florida is in relationship to Tarpon Springs (where my mother lives) holy shit, 15 miles away.  I am also very much now, paying attention to the fact that in her dream, she was living with me in Clearwater when she got out of jail (she has a 15 month sentence and is only 1 month in.)  So we shall see what surprises life has in store of us as we go.

I do want to close today with a conversation I had last evening with a beautiful friend.  It was supposed to be an ET homework session, which we did, but went beyond it too.  The information that came thru our conversation is as important for everyone as it was for her.  Actually, this morning with a good solid 7 hours of sleep running my neuronetwork, I see how her ET experience (and even my visual of him yesterday) reflects so much more than I realized.

When we start to realize we are at the end of something, be it a job or where we live, a relationship or maybe, all of it at once, our minds (not our hearts) tend to race around plotting out what to do next.  It (our physical minds) can only look at past experiences, what it knows.  My beautiful lady, having moved from the Caribbean to find herself, did a cross country looking here and there and landed in S. Florida for now.  As she realized what she thought was going to be a great experience/opportunity is currently turning into chaos and she is ready to vacate it all.... but the question which always seems to be present... go to where next, do what next?  She mentioned about going to Ohio to her parents place.  Yuck!!  That hit me like crackly energy.  I could so understand her rationale behind it, but it was not pleasing to my senses, at all.

Don't do something because it feels safe.  Don't do something, don't do anything with any part of your eyeball on money.  Whether it is a relief from life's experiences or the bounty of what you could do with more money and less expenses.  Because of our current state of life, which is truly monetarily dependant, we tend to make or not make decisions around money.  Because of this, we tend to leap into places we should not really go.

Her ET was moving around so fast all I could see (the fact I could see anything at 3pm in the exhausted afternoon made me realize just how important this time with her was, for her well being) was zips of light moving here and there and everywhere.  Thats kind of how our mind runs when it cannot see what is next.  Our job is to be control of our mind, our life, our experience and not run amuck.  When we allow ourselves to get to that empty space within, the null point... zero point (her ET said to call him zero... how fitting lol) the explosion of what to do next comes thru.  In-spiration!!

Lets really look at that word, of course, I put into google and before I even did that, I really heard the word inhalation, so I find the meaning... perfect:




  1. 1.
  2. the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.
  3. "Helen had one of her flashes of inspiration"
  4. synonyms:creativity, inventiveness, innovation, ingenuity, genius, imagination, originality; More
  5. 2.
  6. the drawing in of breath; inhalation.

When we allow ourselves to inhale the light of life, your LIFE is the exhale.  Light in motion.  Light is abundant in ALL ways.  Light is magnetic in ALL ways.  The source of creation will never inspire you to do a thing that isn't already supported by Life itself.  Don't go up into the mind, just... DO IT!!  and Trust!!!  Breathe more and trust more and watch the magic unfold!  Re-member... YOU ARE THE MAGICIAN!!!

On that note, I have a huge to-do list on my semi-day off.  I love you all sooooo much and so much more than that.  Thank you for loving me, supporting me, holding my hand and my heart thru every moment of every day.

BTW, I have to giggle at the unexpected word placed at the very end of my sharing yesterday.  I play an online game on my phone and my shorthand way of saying goodnight to those I play with is gnite.  So let me tell you how surprised I was to see gnite after my last word in yesterdays sharing.. from my computer (which I do not type out that way here.)  The day is done, we close on all the old games we have played to this point and we prep for our new game!!!  How exciting!!!

(((((HUGZ)))))) filled with gnite's and great new days!! <3

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.I am not taking any new readings until I get settled into the next phase of my life.  (Should be just a few weeks.)