So Much is Changing and Will Continue to Increase in Speed Over the Next 3 Years.

changes within earth
changes within earth

Boy are these days flying by or what??  I have only a week and a half left before I leave my personal heaven for the big unknown!  I took my car into Albuquerque to get detailed yesterday and the reality of "never being here again" really started to hit me.  I stood under a tree having a smoke looking at my beloved Sandia Mountain range and the gratitude and sadness started to flow out as the innate started to give thanx for everything.  For New Mexico to have taken me in, wrapped me in its loving energies, and gave all it had to give to me.  As I drove home, clean car, packing boxes now riding in my trunk, I cried.  I love this place so much, the beauty, the expanse, and the expansion it gave to me.  But it also started to talk back, most especially those whom I call "the guardians" of Shambhala.  All but a handful are left, the rest, joyfully connected with their humans here on earth, living thru them.  One will remain here on the Mesa of Guadalupe, three will come to Florida with me.  What brought me to New Mexico is done.

Until the drive home yesterday, I really had no idea if I would end up back here or not, now I am sure, this is our final goodbye.  As I say goodbye to New Mexico, I am also saying goodbye to my cancer journey too.  We should all look at the fact that we our lives are all now starting anew, whether in a new place or the same, doesn't matter.

My first connection yesterday was with an ET that simply referred to himself as "an interloper."  He picked the word out of my mind that matched who he is and what he does.  He looked very much like the interloper who hung out in my tree in the backyard for 3 days a couple of years ago.  He explained that he travels between the dimension to gather information and bring what is useful (he equally said there is a lot of unuseful information floating around the earth fields lol, that cracked me up) and stores it in a universal storage area for all the realms to access.  A living record keeper.

He gave me a view of this storage container and it was rather pretty and very unexpected.  A cylinder/domed shaped thing made of mostly what looked like silver weaved with maybe some gold.  I didn't ask him about the exact qualities of the materials and so it may have been made of material from other realms whose colors resemble our silver and gold.  It releases the experiences/information stored within it holographically.  My lady will be learning how to use it and I cannot wait for her to tell us how to access it!! :-D

He also said that earth is undergoing tremendous change and that within about 3 years, humanity will not be as it is now.  The old is breaking up fast, the "useless" information floating around our ethers is being cleaned up.  I do feel by useless he was directly referring to so much misinformation out there that serves to confuse instead of assist in the changes.

The one thing I am absolutely sure of, this time (these next three years) are not a time for the weak of heart but for those strong in spirit.  Much will be demanded of us.

My next lady wanting to connect with her ETs, not so easy at all.  It took me a long minute and switching my view from their stargate platform that most show up on, to panning my vision way out.  There were three ships hovering, one to the furthest right that I can see, one to the left and one way above the platform.   The way they communicated was really odd.  I am accustomed to direct communication, but it was not like that yesterday.  When i tried to directly talk with them for her and vise versa, nuttin.  When I had questions of what the hell is up with this unusual experience... it was almost like one of them placed all the information in my brain and I just knew...  I'm not explaining it correctly at all.  What I came to understand that there is a massive energy system on earth right now, one part is coming down to us, but the most intense part is coming out of us.  It is all interfering with the magnetic fields and they cannot "show up" until these energies settle down.  (I'm kinda feeling that same way every day now lol.)

So, out into the big wide world I go, still taking in the Keepers of the Garden and I was half listening to the content, half going over my to-do list that seems longer than there are days left... when my ears, my heart perked up.  They were talking about the various names and parts of our past in relationship to who was human, who was an ET and who was an ET posing as human.  They started talking about the Mayans.  Dolores Cannon asked hypnotised phil if the Mayans were part of a cataclysmic event and what happened.  The Being speaking thru Phil said the jury is still out on the Mayans, they did not go extinct, but because they could see the downfall of their brothers and sisters, choose to move into another plane of existence.  what I felt thru the Q & A happening, they have not completely decided to leave our plane and that they may just come back when the time (and energy) is right.  Once again, my mind went to our Mexico trip.  I could feel the fourth of July coursing thru the cells of my body.  Now, if the Mexico trip just stays on the same timeline! lol

Enjoy the bounty of these energies and use them for all they are worth!!

I love you so much!!  Big big (((HUGZ))) of speedy changes to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas