We Are the Divine Changemakers and We Are Being Studied and Absorbed!!


I want to make sure I shared this amazing series of visuals of understanding that I received yesterday with everyone.  It was so unexpected and yet, so very welcome and appreciated.  I love getting the visuals of understanding and it was a nice break from the focus of my moms condition and continued action plan.  I had to go to a local baby thrift shop to pick up a car seat, crib and stroller I had rented for my daughter and grandsons arrival today.  On my way there, suddenly I could see this massive viewing dome up in the sky and there were spirits surrounding all areas of this dome watching.  Learning.  It kind of reminded me of the viewing areas in surgery.

Of course, my handy-dandy, always at the ready, question floated up and out of my mind... what the hell is that??  The reply kind of blew my mind.  Before I explain what spirit explained to me, I want to say there are many of these viewing domes all around the world.  My sector is but one of many, but it is the only one I am suddenly familiar with, so that is where this explanation is coming from.  (I hope I am making sense in what I am trying to say.)

There are, what spirit is calling, "stress points" on earth, in individual lives, in communities, all over the place.  These stress points are set up from the higher realms on purpose to, see who will take action, what kind and how radical of a surrender humans are willing to go for one another.  (As I share this morning, the flooding in Louisiana is also a stress point as well.)

From this viewing area, many things are being done (not interfered with at all.)  Spirits that are going to be incarnating in the relatively near future, are witnessing, learning and absorbing into their energy field, sudden and radical movement to assist.  There are also those spirits who have incarnated, who have had such a hard time taking the focus off themselves (while incarnated) to help others in ways that would change their own lives.  There are also ET's in this viewing area as well, learning about the human response system.

All of this is gearing up towards a massive shift, coming primarily from a walk-in stand point.  It was explained to me that earth is coming into great chaos, and to remember chaos always precedes change.  The greater the change, the greater the chaos.  This is a good thing, a needed thing on earth.  There will be many reinforcements at the ground level as this change picks up its pace, again, mostly done by the walk in venue of spirit as well as ETs.

We are the boots on the ground that is changing the DNA within the human system.  As we move into higher action, the energy of whatever it is we are doing, bubbles up to spirit (I literally see it as thick bubbles of coded information floating upwards) so that it can be wired into the other DNA systems needed in these times.  From what I am understanding, a living protocol is better held in the DNA than a simulated experience (think, lab created.)

It is not only those who have surrendered totally to action in service that is important, but the other end of the spectrum too.  Those who refuse to release their own needs and desires to be in service (without judgement and without thinking of all one may be losing.)  The coding inside this energy is being reconfigured in the human construct.  Released, albeit slowly as to not to create unneeded chaos within the needed chaos.  We will start to witness this as the energies of change within individual and collective DNA gets stronger in its hold, in its wiring so to say.  A person that would not lift a finger to help another, will suddenly be focused on helping others without gain of personal interest.

Talk about Being the Divine Changemakers!!!  This is the major reason, for years now, spirit has been talking about action.  Action is the only place true change will take hold.  We can talk about concepts, we can write about them until our fingers are nubs. but if we never live it, BE IT, they remain concepts that do very little to change the DNA.

The morning of the 22nd, a marshmallow message was released in email from my beloved Kryon.  It is (as always) so fitting for this information:

Change is Tough

From Kryon Live Channelling, "Getting Connected — Part Two"

April 2016 in Columbus, OH

Change is tough. Change is tough because it begets [creates] other things that are also tough. You change one thing and other things around you change. You intuitively know this and there's a resistance to it. This resistance is totally normal and common, and eventually you will get through the discomfort. The interesting thing that we wish to tell you about, and perhaps even convince you of, is this: The changes you make today are not only going to create more changes, but also more benevolence. God is in love with you so much that this God, this creative source, sees what you do and matches the benevolence of it with synchronicity.



through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel

When a person (or community, or city, whatever) changes from one state to another, it really does take a village to assist.  There are active teams on the ground, if we are willing to engage them.  Again, using my ongoing experience, I could not do this alone, I would be less effective in assisting my mother and her personal world all by myself.  Your love, help and charity has changed worlds over here.  At the same time, changing worlds at the spirit level too, which in turn, will change worlds to come.

As I was getting all this information on my drive to and from the hospital yesterday, part of me was thinking about work.  I have worked 4 days since the end of June.  I barely got back to work when my mothers world took a major turn in an unexpected (to me) direction.  My team explained one of the hardest things for humanity to do, is turn its back on the focus of money (not even for greedy things, but needed things like paying ongoing monthly bills) and be in service where it is needed.  We, the majority of humanity. tend to focus on our base needs first, deep and old survivor programming.  Those of us willing to forgo that, are changing the DNA at the root level of Life on this planet.

There is nothing frivolous being asked of us, being put in front of us to take action on.  You are my team, I am your team, and together, we are literally changing the world as we know it and assisting spirits and ETs that will soon take embodiment in the areas we live in to become our team members as well.  Ha!!  "We are learning from the best and want to work alongside the best."  (A direct quote from spirit just now.)

Well, my morning is marching on.  My mother is getting out of the hospital today and my daughter and grandson are arriving today.  My mother is so upset she is being released from the hospital, they were going to let her go yesterday, but she refused.  Part of it is she is so afraid of being alone, the other part is, she loves and is consuming the constant care and attention she is getting from the hospital.

My mother has been and is a narcissist with borderline personality disorder.  No where near as strong as it was before she got ill, it takes a lot of energy to hold that in one's system.  But as my team has been showing me and helping me to understand in our day-to-day moments, her personality became seriously fractured in childhood (abusive parents) and widened as she aged because she never looked to work thru any of it.  The team she now has on the ground (all of us) is helping to release that energy not only from her field but the collective field and equally, assisting those who will also become boots on the ground.

The only way to truly clean up the collective is being in action, unconditionally and consistently without judgement.  My mama truly has a dream team at her side 24/7 (whisper, that would be us ;-) !!)

Her biopsy results revealed her cancer is carcinoid lung cancer.  I am assuming (it was not stated in her biopsy results) Atypical due to the extend of the spread.  We are getting home health set up as well as an oncologist from the Florida Cancer Center set up for the next phase of this journey.  My mother is adamant about not getting surgery if it is offered as an option.  She is also not wanting chemo or radiation at this point.  I explained to her that however she wants this journey to unfold, its her choice, I fully support whatever her choices are, but we are not going to ignore options.  So, she agreed to at least see the oncologist (for me not for herself lol) to see what they say.  I explained to her that if she chooses nothing that we will shift gears and get hospice set up instead of home health.  My father taught me so much and prepared emotionally and educationally for this phase of my crazy life's journey, for which, I am eternally grateful.

Thank you for being a part of my team, my mothers team, you hold me up so I can hold my mother up.  I love you more than my words will ever be able to express and my gratitude for your Presence in our lives is as equal.

((((HUGZ)))) of life changing, love in action, to and thru ALL!!!!  <3

Lisa Gawlas