new-cycle-in-life Happy day after the equinox, (which is now the day after the day after lol) but most importantly, welcome to the first days of the rest of our lives!!  We all have been getting previews, experiences of what this new cycle will focus on within our personal lives these last couple days, well, starting with the 21st.  The day before and the day after the equinox consist of one full day in spirits eyes, or so they say anywayz lol.  This understanding really nit me when I read a post my son put up yesterday, he won $500 thru a radio station: 92.9 FM.  Last week I just told him, he has the worst money karma I have ever seen and its time to change it, I cannot afford to take care of 3 people besides myself (my mother, youngest daughter and he shares my cell bill, which I usually pay in full.)  He agreed.  So i got really excited to see he started this phase with a huge influx of money.  The radio station number tells a big story too.  YAY Chris!!  Then he said his boss just told him yesterday when the job he is working on is done, he will have a $700 bonus with it.  Wheeeeeee!!  Change is in the air!!! So I hadda sit and look at myself too and suddenly the day prior (the 21st) suddenly made sense.  So I share this so you may take another look at things that may have been presented or happened in the last couple days, with a deeper understanding of them.

On the 21st, after I sung and danced happy birthday to my mother, I came outside and had my coffee, smoke and morning wonder.  I heard/felt (at the same time) its time to raise your reading prices.  WHAT??  Are you kidding me!! lol  I'm not even reading right now, have no idea when I am going to read again and have a ton of people so patiently waiting for their reschedule and you want to talk about a price increase, bite my ass!!  I agreed to do that January 2017, dammit.  Just for the record, we (my team and I) agreed to $25 a reading increase.  I have not raised my prices since 2005, well once at $4 a reading to cover the paypal fees, but I am well taken care of at my rates.  Or at least, have been.  I cannot even imagine the why of this, but, gotta trust without understanding.

Wednesday was also my mothers "spa day."  The day the hospice volunteer comes in to give her a bath and freshen her up, not surprisingly, she declined her spa day, she woke up in belly pain that morning and has been having an increasingly harder time breathing.  Her nurse that came in in the morning explained to me the degree of her cancer, which I had not fully understood all the medical words from her CT scans, even with looking them up.  I had no idea there are a ton of lymph nodes that align up and down the sternum area for the lungs, and she has cancer in those lymph nodes, plus "free fluid" (from the cancer) in her abdomen, which is what is causing her belly pain.  Bless her heart, which is enlarged due to all this stuff too.

The spa lady that came was a replacement for her usual one.  I felt bad that she made a trip for no reason.  But spirit is always setting people in each others paths that need each other.  I needed this precious young lady as much as she needed my abilities.  For the last week, I have been so homesick for my connection to spirit thru readings, almost to the point of wanting to speed up my mothers process to get back into my own life again, but keep falling short of having a stern talk with her soul (I had one of these with my father, a week later, he transitioned.)

On the kitchen table I have a beautiful book called "The Next Place" given to my mother by a beautiful soul.  My mother is not ready for me to read it to her yet.  The day it came, we looked at the first page and then she said she was done.  I have been waiting to look at it with her.  Her spa lady opened it up and read the whole thing, crying thru it.  This is actually a beautiful picture book with inspirational, hopeful sentences inlayed within the pictures.  As the spa lady was finishing the book (a super quick read) suddenly I could see her team, 5 in all, two next to her left arm to help her thru life, one on her right arm to help her thru the emotions of change and I loved the two in the back, behind her, to shove her into new experiences.  The two in the back (I bet many of you who tend to make the same choices over and over again, have two, a masculine and feminine energy, behind you too.  I wouldn't fully understand the significance of her male and female tail pushers until the next day, but I'll get to that in a minute.  They did explain to her (and I am doing the same for you) that should she feel pressure, pain, anything out of the ordinary in her lumbar down to her coccyx, it is them pushing her in a different direction, to pay attention to the choices that are at hand and make radically new choices.  The safe road is not the best road for her (our) life plans.

More came thru for her and we were both grateful for this moment.  I got my sip spirit that I had been longing for, she got insight into her moments now and to come.

When she left I thanked spirit for the connection and the much needed refill and I had to ask, why can I not connect to my moms regular people who come here and are very open to readings too.  Well, too much light would be shed on the condition of my mother and for that, we all need blinders on.  Dammit!!

So yesterday, the hospice counselor came to see us and she is very much on her spiritual journey, we have had wonderful talks before.  She was a safe place for me to vent about the pest control guy that was here earlier in the morning and I have no idea how the discussion turned to politics and his love of trump... grrrrrr.  Talking, excuse me, venting to this precious lady was like breaking an egg wide open to see the hidden contents of an emerging life in the USA.

Without given all the details of how we got to this part (it doesn't matter) she said that with the influx of feminine energy we must have a feminine/female president.  Once again, like the days of old, spirit hijacked my lips to release understanding.  I love that!!!  We have already had the full feminine experience before the masculine had its hand at life.  This truly is where slavery started, the women in power making the men and their strength, their slaves.  It linger to this day.  This time MUST have people in power and in life that are fully balanced, masculine and feminine.  Bernie Sanders is balanced.  Michelle Obama is Balanced.  Those talking souly about the feminine are still wounded within themselves.

And then the surprise of my mouth came out... it may be time for the USA to fully collapse and Trump is just the guy to do that.  Yikes!!   The more we all realize Hillary's non health condition, the higher trump goes in the poles.  The saving grace for this confused nation will be the reentrance of Bernie... or not.  Or even Michelle!!

This morning as I sat to write all these wonderful insights of the last couple days, I fully realized why the spa lady had two spirits, defining themselves as masculine and feminine, to push her into new directions, our path needs to be that of a combined energy, the balance of emotional strength to rebuild this precious world starting with our own lives.

(I wrote the above yesterday the 22nd, then my battery died and my day went in a whole other direction.  So "yesterday" above is now the day before yesterday.)

I do want to insert this little treat I came across on facebook while scrolling on my phone immediately after pausing on my writing yesterday, on Lisa Rising Berry's facebook page (her name is linked to her blog:)

The Spiritual Significance of the Equinox

In the yogic tradition, the equinox is seen as a day when one has the best possibility of transcending the limitations and compulsions of one’s physical longings.

Shiva is said to have sat as an Ardhanari – half woman and half man, because masculine and feminine are on an even keel on this day.



So with all that said and I hope, understood, let this new cycle be the time where you honor the divine masculine as much as the divine feminine is honored.  It is crucial that we all do!!

On the 20th, I swear my own body has felt like someone took and completely unplugged my energy system from any and all energy systems.  After full nights of sleep, I still couldn't keep my eyes open and would lay down for many cat naps during the day, only to awaken with my hand, wrist and part of my forearm on my left side completely asleep.  At first I thought it was due to the fact I was napping on my mothers really hard as a rock couch, but the same was happening in my bed too.  I would wake up with my hands and forearms asleep to the point of numb.  The second day in the row this happened, my dear, blessed, protective ego went into protection mode looking at the physical causes that it could be from.  Gotta give the ego its protective stance for a minute anywayz.  Then, yesterday I fully realized its the energies reflecting back to me, my life as it is still in the midst of what could appear as numbed out change.  Stillness.  However, the left side is our reach for life, the hand is our grasp for new life, the wrist is flexibility and the forearm is the extension that allows whatever you are reaching for to be pulled back without fail, without it falling to the ground.  The numbness is my body's way of saying, things are happening deep inside the field and it is not time to do a thing yet (dammit.)  I finally realized this yesterday, no more numbness.

There is also something I want to share that I came across on facebook on the day of the equinox while mindlessly scrolling along.  It's an article about an amazing autistic boy:

Included in this article is a video that I watched and realized this beautiful 12 year old is not only teaching us about the gifts society does not take time to realize, but also the importance of thinking.  To take time to stop learning and use that time to think.  The greatest inventions and understandings has come thru the time when life someone stops our path f learning (taking in new information) to ponder.  Please take the few minutes and watch the video included in the link.  There are other nuggets of wisdom in it, but that one (repeated) thing hit me like a ton of bricks as it reflects my life these last (close to) three months.

Well, mom is stirring and I don't want this to sit another day.  I love you all so much and may we all have our thinking cap on as we continue to watch "as the world changes."  In balance of course ;-) In the words of a 12 year old genius "Forget what you know!!"

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of stillness and bliss to All!!!  I love you <3

Lisa Gawlas