The Power of You - Releasing the Fear and Laundry Lists.


I am going to kick off this sharing with an experience that happened on Monday during one of the readings.  My powerful lady that I was in the reading with, happened to be a part of the witch clan, and she was telling me, obviously still using her divine authority in retelling me about a declaration she made many years ago, something on the order of: she is done dating men in and connected to 3D and releases that from her.  As she was saying releasing 3D, the lights in my office flickered, the AC stopped, I felt the collapse of the energy field in my office, in my core of my Being and my phone actually put her on hold, but I couldn't take her off hold either, I had to call her back.  This was such an amazing and powerful experience!!  It shows her power unmistakably.  I mean my heart and solar plexus was in shock for many minutes afterwards lol.  That is where I felt the implosion, or better said, the sucking in of energy the strongest.

Now lets look at the beginning of her reading (this energy collapsing happened 12 minutes in.)  I had to giggle as she was all decked out for Halloween in her witches outfit, right down to the black pointy hat and this all covering black cape/robe kind of thing.  Her foot tall, pointy hat (without the brim) served as a vortex of sorts, pulling in all the elements she needs to produce what she is focused on.  Then her team gave me a peek beneath the material of her hat, holy cow batman, there were all kinds of gears and rods working like a well made machine.  These gears and rods were taking the elements and binding them, changing them, doing whatever was needed to produce whatever she was focused on.  So really, outwardly, there was nothing she needed to do.  No mixing of potions, no chants or spells or anything of the things that brought the witch clan to this moment.  Now, it gathers at the source and the speed of focused thought, as my electrical experience shows!!

Her team also gave us a peak under her robe, I kinda felt like a peeping tom there lol.  Her feet and legs were bare but man oh man, sooooo beautiful.  I have to say the most beautiful legs I have ever seen.  They twinkled and glittered and just was luminous.  It was explained that her root chakra, her legs and feet were a part of Gaia's energy, the core of Gaia walked the earth thru her.  How freakin beautiful!!

Now to get to the energy of her stated desire, which I found interesting and this may be a problem for many who may feel challenged and bringing to them what they say they desire.  When she was talking about releasing 3D relationship from her field, that was obviously powerful and producing.  When she stated she was ready for a relationship (lets just use the phrase 5D, even tho we don't use that phrase, I think it us used enough everyone will understand the meaning,) the energy was nowhere near like the release.  She wants it, but not with her whole Being.

Which brings me to repeated information thru the readings this week.  This is where our power gets strongest and most effective as well as quick in production.  The desire HAS to be with your whole Being.  Imagine you are putting every ounce of your weight into it, your whole heart and soul.  Many things that people say they desire are concepts, which has little power.  Or even, the opposite, there is such a laundry list housed around a desire, it completely skews the energy.  Or (we can go on and on with the or's lol) in the desire we also trying to hone in on the how.  (How it will arrive)  That takes the fullness of unlimited potential and creates all sorts of limitations around its arrival, delaying and at times. completely eliminating its arrival.

Then there was this lady, her clan is the magnetic field clan.  Whatever took place in our connection, my language skills completely fell apart.  I became like a babbling idiot trying to bring into words the power I was seeing!!  Geez!! Beneath her feet, excuse me, as part of her feet were tons of ribbons that were magnetic fields, magnetic highways if you will.  Each one carrying a different frequency of direction, all so freakin beautiful and flowy as they stretched outwards from her feet.  Here I am again, with a loss for words, we really need a new language lol.  So I am going to condense the important message that came thru for all of us thru her reading.  Since she has complete access to anywhere at any time (yes, we all do, but we all do, differently) and she was talking about already using her field to produce food for those in Syria and other war-torn places.  She added this amazing sentence that I have seen a million times, but never ever realized the fear base it stems from.  She said that she always adds "for the highest and greatest good."  The moment one states that, embeds fear.  The person saying it is afraid they are going to do harm to someone by their own desires.  Drop that language from your everything.  Same with "for a benevolent outcome."  Unless you know in your heart you are wishing harm to come to others, then yeah, put the protection around what you are doing, but I don't know anyone that is intending that in what they do.  Maybe one says it because they are afraid of their own power, get over that.  Can you imagine God saying such thing?  Even thinking such thing?  Guess what... you are god made manifest.  Own it and stop being afraid of your own power or that you would or could do unintended harm!!  Trust YourSelf the way god trusts him/her Self <3 You - We Are One!!

Another thing that came thru this wonderful connection was something I touched on above but will bring the reasons into greater clarity here.  When we are manifesting something, anything really, get over the "how," leave the how completely out of the equation.  A couple of example that were given to my magnetic lady can really clear this up I feel.  One example is... lets say you want a specific car.  That is enough.  However, if your language involves specifics like how, you may inadvertently take the car right out from someones ass.  Meaning, someone was paying their car note, defaulted and the car went to you.  No need to take a thing from anyone!!  But we do unintentionally by putting too much a laundry list together.  Maybe you were thinking of going to a car auction to get a good price, that would equate the how...  And I am hearing "No, this is not a place where the "highest good" sentence should be used, it's a fear based energy, period."

Then I got a clip from Bruce Almighty!!  This was awesome really.  Let's say you were wishing the moon was bigger and brighter for whatever reason.  Like in Bruce Almighty you pulled the moon closer to the earth (yes, you can do that!!) but just like in Bruce Almighty, it will create cataclysms world wide.  So knowing your power, your use of that power and perfecting it... important to say the least.  We have three months, to the close of this year.  Meaning, buffers (our teams) are in place so that we don't create cataclysms to ourselves or anyone else.  2017.... that's another story!!

Well, I am going to close on that thought today.  I am starting to crash and it's not even 7am yet!!  There must be some sort of reboot happening, when I got home yesterday afternoon from furniture shopping, I was wiped out.  I mean, no energy to even think a thought.  I am surprised I am feeling that again now.  Thank goodness tomorrow is a day off (and I get my new furniture too, yay.)  So I am saving what I have left for the 3 prescious souls I will connect to today.

I love you and thank you for all that comes thru you to the All of Us!!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of magnetic fields 'o plenty <3

Lisa Gawlas

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