Right Time, Right Place (on earth) and Right Job = Expanded Freedom and Skills/Super Powers!


I am sitting here trying to figure out how to start todays sharing, which on any given day, is not as easy as it may seem.  The information coming in is so unique to the person I am connected to and focused there, I must mine the parts that will help the All and put it into a story.  Sometimes, when I wake up, so much of the information left my building and I struggle to bring it back to mind.  Such is the case this morning.  Again.  lol  However, at least I am not sitting here speechless (smile) instead, my team is explaining to me why we are focusing so much on how you work in the field of unlimited potential.  It is starting to answer the question so many people ask me in a reading, what have I come here to do.  Where we got lost in that direction is thinking it all has to be spiritually or metaphysically directed, or directly involved in that particular arena.  Not even close.  That said, what we are seeing, your particular skill set, should be something you have to do thru your job/work place.  This will not only enhance and expand your natural ability, but when done efficiently, will produce a lucrative income as well and dare I say, job security.  Of course, I am seeing the trail of my own life here to use as an example.  And thru my own sharing, you should see your inner magic in your rearview mirror of the jobs you had.

The first 10 years of my life I worked in the telemarketing field.  It was easy, did not require a degree and I was damn good at it.  I loved the open-ended paycheck that it provided too.  Have 2 little kids at home, working a minimum wage job with no ability to bring home more, wasn't even a remote possibility in my world at that time.  If I didn't get commission or bonuses, they didn't get me.  Understanding now that I hail from the Archangel Michael clan, where the sword of truth is strong and penetrating (as is the misuse of that sword) I had to learn the value of communication, how to talk to people, and really, how to get them to see the value in whatever it was that I was selling at the time.  I never sold anything I didn't believe in and if thru the job I realized it was a frivolous thing, I quit.  I have been told many times thru my life, I could see ice cubes to eskimos, but truly, I wouldn't even think of it.  This 10 year experience was also teaching me about all the different egos out there, how to talk to each one effectively, and I better know how to put myself on equal ground with a doctor or lawyer as easily as I could a blue-collar worker or I would lose a sale by being intimidated.  Which allowed me to move from telemarketing to face to face sales, very different!!  Now you have the whole visual effect that will create the first impression.  I have never been a business type dresser, so I had to find a way to get people past that thought form.  All of it was using my skills of sword and that fancy thing called the shield.  We often think of it as a shield of protection, but is as much a shield of reflection too.  To project yourself as an equal who understands their needs and can help.  This brings in the dream weaver clan too.  To make the product sound, and BE a dream come true.  I eventually had three of my own businesses running simultaneously at the age of 33.  I had a lottery club here in S. florida, talk about leaning into the dreams come true arena.  We had to play on people's wildest dreams to close the sale.  I then had a pennysaver type newspaper called The Buyers Market (which I ran out of PA, so I had an office in FL and then in PA too) and I put together a dating service (trying to be like match maker Itl. at the time) and I named it "Dreams Come True" dating service.  How ironic, looking back lol.

Now right placement of yourself is as crucial as knowing your own skill set.  When I was only in Florida, my telemarketing business was wildly successful.  I opened up the PA office for reasons I will forever regret (smile) because that was the beginning of the end of it all.  I had to open two other businesses to try to keep it all afloat.  I think the AA Michael clan lives in Florida and is repelled from PA.  Sales were awful, the people wanted a paycheck but not work for it.  Once I closed my FL office, the bottom started to fall out and I eventually lost everything.  And ya wonder why I refuse to ever move back to PA again.  My field and that place is like water and oil, nothing good has ever come of it for me, ever.  I eventually moved to the Crystal Coast of North Carolina and my income soared again, thru others business, I was taking a huge hiatus from having my own, I was indeed in sales again tho.  With this move, it would be the last time me and my mother ever talked again... for 20 years.

So not only do you have to understand your (spiritual) skills within and be sure you are using them, growing with them, you must be located in a vibrational zone that amplifies that part of you too.  Which means movement, relocating yourself within the grid of earth, regardless of what other people want of you.  Yes your children will bitch, until they find their place in their new world, friends and family may disown you, but hey, that's not love anywayz.  This is your life, your amazing journey and sharing on this planet, don't let another person ever hold you back from Being Fully YOU!!

So all that long drawn out story to say, every single job on this planet can be and is Spiritual, will amplify your skill set as long as you are doing something you're good at.  I didn't love telemarketing, I loved the paychecks.  Hey... whatever works, right?  Hell, I am still in the tele field, I do tele-readings lol.  Together we collapse space and time to be together on an expanded field of Life, seeing the wonder of you and sharing as much as we can with the All!!  Now think about this statement my team is giving me to close out with... "Without you, I am nothing, I have no reason for Being."  We are and always will be a team sport, together, expanding each other in all ways!!  And I am madly and deeply in love with you.  Thank you for loving me so much too!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) supporting right time, right place for ALL!!! <3

Lisa Gawlas  www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html