Hybrids and the Radiance of the Night Sky.


As I walked into my office yesterday morning, out of the corner of my eye I could see a ship just hovering over the water.  I space ship not one of the many yachts parked there.  As I walked into the office I heard them say, this is why we choose you, you see us even when you're not looking.  That alone surprised, no I don't!! lol I think tho, as the day unfolded, they really meant something very different, well differently than I took it.

As I set my computer up for the day, grabbed my ashtray and sat out on the deck to gather my energy at my office, I started to see my first lady on my dance card.  This massive angel in body.  She was huge and stunning and oozed this wonderful energy, it went great with my holy smoke ;-)

When she and I got connected, her image as huge and stunning as before I connected to her, her team said that she is one of the actually rather few true hybrids.  Where her human DNA was conjoined with her star fathers DNA at conception.  Instantly I got the memory of the meditation I had some years ago where my star father Franklyn overlaid his entire being with my fathers at the moment of conception, implanting his Pleiadian DNA strands within my mother.  Same with this precious lady.

Of course, in the same breath, her team explained to us that we have a tendency to dietize that which we are not fully, consciously familiar with.  These angel looking creatures are a race of Beings from another world, another realm, that has many times visited this realm when our weapons were not so dangerous as they are now.  Then we took some of (what we would call) their leaders and even dietized their personalities, which created what we know as collective consciousnesses, which we are now defining as clans.  Groups of Beings so aligned and living and dare I even say, holding (by virtue of living) that stream of consciousness in our (and their) Selfs.  To give an example of what we are trying to say, I use the title of Archangel Michael as a connection, especially with my pendulum use.  I have long known (since I was told straight out) this is not an actual angel as we have created him to be, but a collective, a group energy that shares thru the field of truth and reflection.  Why I had to get the quantum physics part of all that clan is beyond me lol.  Another example would be our beloved Kryon, he has stated many times he is not a singular energy but a collective, a group that uses the name Kryon as the team here in the magnetic fields of earth (and beyond.)

So, as the information was shared yesterday thru my lady's team, there are only a handful of true hybrids on this planet.  Now taking into consideration there are over 7 billion people on this planet, a handful can appear to be a lot!!  Her team took the clarity into an unmistakable explanation (at least to me) that those who have soul incarnations in other realms (which is actually a really high number) are not what we are calling hybrids.  The hybrids have, at birth in this incarnation, been purposely seeded with other DNA.

I love when I ask a question within myself as I share and the reply comes instantly.  My thought was, why wasn't she born with wings or the way I see their bodies, well the answer is easy.  In highly evolved realms they know how to emit from themselves only the DNA strands that would take hold in other realms of life.  So they have wiped out (thru will in the moment) the genetic coding that makes one look physically like they do.  Yet, the natural abilities and even habits are hardwired into the hybrid.  They give this multi-planetary/multi-universes group of Beings a title, we will call them Star Seeders.

I am going to digress back to myself with this story (I have many good examples within my life field I am realizing lol.)  For as long as I could remember, my mother collected owls.  She had the biggest menagerie of owls I had ever seen, most stores don't carry such a wide variety of anything as my mother had in owl form.  So when I was listening to Dolores Cannons audio book about ETs and they mentioned several times that an owl is the way so many appear (the ETs using the form of an owl) the cogs of my knowing started to turn.  My mother could never really explain her connection with owls, just that she loved them.  Now I understand the why.  In her deep unconscious, as the ETs programmed the memories of experiences to be hidden deep in the unconscious, that part had always been present in her mind without remembering why.

Imagine my surprise that as I returned to my mother's world 20 years later, there is not an owl in sight, instead every form of angel is (was) now adorning her shelves and life.  The only thing she could say in explanation was when she moved here to Florida, she started collecting angels.  I have a feeling, even if I don't fully understand the fullness of what I am feeling, this change in collection is due to the change in frequency of her being in Pennsylvania and then planting herself here on the Gulf side of Florida.  (Ohhh weird, I just got hit was a wild deja vu moment right now.)

So let me straddle one of my beautiful men on the field, similar to my lady, he was literally batman!!  I was so tickled!!  He had his back to me, so I really only seen his batwings wrapped around his body, as bats do.  Unlike everyone else tho, he was set up next to the marina (as opposed to next to my wall outside.)  But just like my angel lady, his team explained about the hybrid that he is and what to really start to mine within his field of abilities.  His team also explained that the bats in our world were seeded here from another realm of existence.  Of course, very little in this realm is from this realm, but there are a few things that had to go thru very little change to fit into this environment.  Is it any wonder bats are highly associated with Halloween.  A day in which we remember when all the other forms, all the other races walked with us in this realm.  What my team has called the Galactic kinship era.

Which brings us to the night sky.  I had a lady in reading land yesterday who's very power amplifies and becomes visible thru the night sky.  Her team explained something I never once thought about.  The sun actually hides so much in the daylight.  We think it illuminates, it does at the ground level, but not at the sky level.  All the stars are hidden, the milky way and galaxies, the opening and closing of energy fields all hidden by the sun's Light.  This is one of the bigger reasons so many of the ET experiences happen at night.

This particular lady got a double dose of her reading, its easy to do when we have an hour to spend together.  She got her physical life reading, which showed her opening and closing what we (limit) call vortexes, portals and wormholes using her fingers.  Just spinning a particular finger opens and closes avenues of energy and travel.  She too, was told her strength comes from the night sky, where everything is visible and available.  Then, I went outside to have a smoke and I could see three little spaceships blinking to get our attention.  These ships were the smaller, solo ships and they formed a triangle over the gulf.  (And know, I cannot see the gulf from my office at all.  The ET's have created a space over the marina that is the gulf superimposed there, just wanting to be clear here.)  There were three Beings that stated they were from different realms yet they work together, they amplify each other's energy into a very effective powerful force.  This would take in what my team refers to as the tribes.  In this case, it would be 3 different clans combining their energies, their skills to create a unique force together.

Then we seen what she is already doing in her sleep time (unconsciously.)  Her soul spends lots of time planet hoping in many universes, always seeking higher vibrational energy that will mesh with the vast frequencies on earth.  Then creating like a vortex from that plane to this one and working with various collectives to give them the ability to raise their conscious.  The (real) example the used was that of Trump and it was explained he is one of the basest of consciousness left in this realm, which is why he had to take center stage at this time.  Because he brings light to the many that are stuck in that field (his followers.)  I could see her opening up a small vortex, bringing the energy down to above his ground and stitching together this field light with the highest thought he is capable of thinking.  Binding the two not within him, but about a foot above his head.  From what was explained thru her reading, he is either going to reach higher thoughts or his body will misfire as it gently moves into his body.  The choice is his.  She has in no way interfered with his free will, but gave him other frequencies to move into, if he choose.  In contrast, we can see a similar event happening with Hillary, which is why she appears to have Parkinson's.  Her electrical field has gone haywire from the work being done at higher levels of Life.  (And please know, this is not the case of all Parkinson's suffers, some are taking on this role to house the higher consciousness in this realm, like Michael J Fox, completely changing the electrical field within the body.)

I am sorry for being all over the place today lol, I am trying to get as much in as I can without being to lengthy since I am remembering so much this morning!!  I had a lady the other day with this HUGE (artist) paintbrush in her right hand, excuse me, as part of her right hand.  It was huge, like a foot long, about the size of a half dollar around, thick bristles to paint with and it was always in use thru her emotional body.  Each emotion creates a color palette that constantly creating the tapestry of her life.  Her team also seriously emphasised to get to know her own color palate within her emotional field.  Not to read someone else's interpretation of color, ever.  What means one thing to one person may not even come close to what is true within another's energy field of expression.  We are ALL bringing in so many different dimensions, frequencies, highly evolved memories that may conflict with the way another interprets their field.  Neither are wrong at all, we have got to fully embody our individual template and create from the inside out and not the outside in.

In her left hand, was a magic eraser.  If she inadvertently created something she is not pleased with (which we all do thru our learning of Self) she an eraser to change all up.  Her team explained this eraser may be more difficult to consciously use than the paintbrush itself.  I think, on a smaller scale and looking just at color, if you blended red, white and blue and you used yellow instead of white, you have to remove all the yellow from the blended color emotions and replace it with the white.  Tricky, but obviously very doable.  Her team also explained, as she perfects this color palate, she could also use this for others.  The example they gave is... lets say someone has cancer.  She has got to see the color spectrum of that cancer and then use the magic eraser to remove the color and the paint in whatever wellness looks like (vibrationally/colorfully) to her.

She also helped us really understand the significance of our tribes (the many many clans within a tribe.)  Thru her painting, the release of color palates if you will, creates (going back to the dream weaver guy) strips of Light cloth.  There are others who create the patterns within the light spectrum of the material and then the dream weavers come to put all together as outcome.  (This is simplistically put.)

I cannot help but remember I think it was as we moved into April of this year, after the massive energy quarter, when I started to see the field of life like one huge factory.  All different types of machinery working together to create... whatever.... well, this tribe/clan is the living factory!!

Last but not least, as soon as I woke up this morning I heard "get that ET course finished up."  lol  Pesky spirit!!  So our group sessions will be held every Saturday in November starting with November 5th thru the 26th from 4pm until 6pm EST.  I will email out details as well as post it on the facebook ET group, as soon as I have them squared away, to all involved in the ET course.  Remember, your job was to continue to do your homework, keep connected and evolving in their presence and assistance in my absence, which too, became part of your homework.  (I hope you understand that significance.)

On that note, my day begins.  I love you all so much.   Take time to really and fully In-Joy the magnificence of Your Self in Body!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ))))) of wide-eyed wonder and blissful Love to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas  www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html