The Heart Keeps the Rhythm (speed) and the Mind Sings the Lyrics (velocity.) What Kind of Song Are You Playing Today and Why?

human_heart-soundctrl-com It really is amazing what a day makes in our rapidly expanding field of life.  On November 1st, my brains were being stretched to max capacity trying to bring what I was seeing down into words, not to mention the headache that accompanies such stretching!  Yesterday tho, it was as if I had fallen even deeper in love with each of you.  The field of love is stronger than it has ever been in this plane of existence.  We can look at it as at one time it was a sheer curtain, then a drape, then a throw rug and now it is a heavily, tightly woven carpet in and thru the field of life.  One would think this is a great thing, and let me tell, those who are fully (vibrationally speaking) aligned with the pureness of love, it is a fantastic thing.  Those still working out their inner kinks, well, it's serving to iron out those kinks.  Let me explain...

If you look at a wrinkle in cloth, there is nothing behind the wrinkle keep it kinked up, it is simply a memory being held in place via the cloth (most likely from the washer and dryer position) and therefore, can easily be released with an iron (heat) or a steamer (hot water.)  Place that on the wrinkle and whoomp, the wrinkle is gone without any more effort.  Our minds work in a similar way, old ways of feeling. reacting, participating is held in place due to the long-held position within the unconscious memory.  Apply some heat, release the vibration to the truth of it, and that kink or wrinkle frees itself, nothing more needs to be done.  However, I am find many people seeing and experiencing these wrinkles that are considering taking themselves out of the 11D platform they have already worked their asses off to achieve, calling this wrinkle real and attempting to move themselves back into the wheel of karma (relationship situations to work out.)  As my one lady's team on the field yesterday stated, you can do this if you want to, we do not encourage it because it's not needed, but with free will and all, they will honor your choice to go back to the fields of karma to work out the wrinkle you are feeling/remembering.

Now let me reach in my bag of crazy life experiences to really explain this more clearly.  When I lived on the mountainside in Vermont, I met, fell in love with and moved into our camp a man.  A few months after living together, I addressed him about a concern I had with my daughter over early morning coffee.  By the time I got home from work that day, this man, without a word to me or my daughter, completely cleared out his stuff from our home.  He was gone without a word.  Two of my core issues I was overcoming in my early years was anger and abandonment issues.  So when I see he abandoned us, I became reactive.  Stomping my feet, screaming out very colorful words and I even thought I was angry.  I played this out for at least 5 minutes before I fully realized (with a lot of help from my guides) that even the emotion I was feeling was a memory and not real.  I stopped in my tracks.  I fully realized, I don't give a shit.  My feet stopped stomping, my mouth found some kinder words and relief replaced the (made up from memory) anger.  My daughter (Valorie) and I were actually both happy about this.

I also (eventually) realized this beautiful man came into our lives to show me up close and personal, the full resolution of my anger/abandonment issues have been cleared.  Like I said, spirit is good at OJT (on the job training) because otherwise, how would we know.  Well, some find modalities out there that continue the (not needed) healing process of various issues... again, another part of the OJT.  It is your duty to recognize yourSelf clearly and outside of the echo chambers of the past, then own that space.  Or not.

Here is an image to use in contrast (ignore the boxes.)  The image on the left is free of any wrinkles and uses all experience as power of Light, Illumination and amplification.  The image on the right, those lines would represent wrinkles.  Using this image itself, go into meditation and see which image appears for you.  If the one with wrinkles does... increase your heat (vibration) and watch them fall away to become the image on the left.  Then own the doneness of it all, please.


So, before you pull yourself out of the 11D field Being, be sure whatever you are feeling is not a wrinkle and is something you need to return to the karmic field to understand more deeply.  The choice is yours and will not be interfered with by your team.

On the other side of the spectrum, with the solidarity of the field of love more tightly woven, your innate abilities are going to go thru the roof, many already are.  This is why our entire left field has transformed (in the readings) to become consciousness thru your physicality.  I am not sure if I have already shared the way I see this new description of the left side, but let me explain it here anyway.

I now see your consciousness like this massive skull, white to represent the bone matter I suppose.  It is a different size depending on who I am seeing it thru... some 3 feet tall, some 10 feet tall, others even larger.  The skull itself is not so much solid as it is expandable.  Thru this image I see lines of various energies... higher frequencies/thought forms that person is attaining.  I don't see this skull in every reading, only when we address the expanding consciousness.  However, it really had me reflect on the enormity of our own skulls.  The brain waves, the pineal gland (light center,) our eyes, ears, nose and mouth all housed in this one place, within our skull!!  Thats a lot of our spiritual abilities springing from the bone structure (which actually serves as an amplifier.... who knew!! lol)  That very thought just brought me down to the heart and the ribcage.  The bones of the ribs are amplifying outwards the energy of the mind, and the connective tissue between the ribs are drawing in the energy of creation of the mind processes.

OMG, this really gives me a fuller understanding of our fields like never before.  I am going to use the tool set I had seen of the lady who I read for, who brought to light all this information about wrinkles and stuff.  She was outside (we are getting so close to ground level) playing this amazing drum set.  As is so common these days in readings, I can see clearly what you are doing with your right hand (the emotional/spiritual mind of your Being) first and foremost.  So in her right hand she had a drum stick and she was hitting (as drummers do) the symbols around the drums.  I was then brought to her right foot, and it was on a pedal that kept one of the double symbols clacking together, rhythmically.  What her team explained was these symbols are the higher frequencies... sending out the tones and music to whatever your focused on.  Because we were in a reading, which automatically connects at the 11D platform of life and singing her soul song, all I could see and hear were the music of the symbols.  It was explained that the drums itself are the bass, the lower frequencies where creation is drawn in.  So the symbols are sending the signals out, the drums are bringing the energy in.  The drums are played by the left hand and yet, the bass drum which works thru the same or similar pedal of the double symbols is operated by her right foot.  The heart keeps pace... speed and the mind determines velocity, direction.  Together, you experience your day thru the song you emit.

So my question to everyone... are you singing a love story, or a song filled with pain?  And I hear a music clip from the beautiful BJ Thomas "Hey... won't you play... another, somebody done somebody wrong... song..."  And guess what will show up for you!!  Let's all tune into the wonders of the Carpenters and sing "I'm on the... top of the world... looking down on creation and the only explanation I can find... is the love that I found..."  Yeah!!  Lets stay there!!!

Now let me change this entire subject to give you a crazy, wonderful, odd experience I had yesterday after work.  I had to stop at Lowes to pick up some heavy-duty stain remover (for my moms white kitchen chairs that all became filled with cat vomit) and I was considering picking up a light fixture for the living room ceiling fan, so I was in that aisle and suddenly my phone in my back pocket started playing "This is my fight song..." which is the ringtone for my mothers phone as well as my daughter Valorie.  Valorie doesn't call me because we skype every day.  I gave my mother's cell phone to my aunt and assumed maybe she was calling me.  When I took the phone out of my pocket (which was in sleep mode mind you) no one was calling me at all.  Instead, somehow, my music player started playing the fight song and not even from the beginning... but from that lyric "this is my fight song."  I stood there in the lighting aisle dumbfounded.  I did absolutely nothing to cause my phone turn on, flip a few screens over to where the music app is, scroll down thru my music, find the fight song, scroll thru that song to play the chorus.. I was standing still when this happened.  MOM???  Val???  Once I talked to Val and knew she had a good day, it was undoubtedly mom.  I have a feeling her way of saying.... her Light has been restored.  Yay Mama.  And today marks her one month anniversary as she transitioned back to the Light.  Let me tell ya, it feels like yesterday and 10 lifetimes ago all that had happened with mom, happened.

Well, that's enough for today.  It's time to employ that stain remover and do some cleaning.  If you plan on hanging out here on the 10th, pop me an email just so I can start getting an idea of who and how many.  Also, those within the ET course that we started in New Mexico, we will be using Meeting Burner to connect on Saturday.  I am not sure of the process with this web hosting thingie yet, but I am pretty sure you have to set up your free account to connect.  Might as well get ready:

Have an amazing Thursday (the one I talked about on Monday lol.)  I love you all so very much and thank you for being such an extraordinary gift to my life, to my soul.  You always make me reach higher than I ever think I am capable of.  Thanx for that!! <3

((((HUGZ))))) of love thumping, heart rocking music to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas