The Importance of Working With Our Extraterrestrial Friends.

we-are-not-alone Today I am going to (finally) focus on the vast extraterrestrial life living here on earth as well as assisting us from other realms.  My dear good god they are vast and from the human perspective, quite a variety of unique looking forms.  Forms that if we met face to face, would probably scare the bejeezus out of us, myself included!  This is one major reason they are tip toeing into our consciousness, trying to unwrite the depths of fear we have programmed into ourselves about any given (other) entity.  In this sense, they are helping those who wish to extract the connections and reasons that hidden in the unconscious mind and allow the truth, the reprogramming into the conscious mind.  The conscious mind is your protector, what we know as the ego.  What it does not remember or understand it places fear around as a form of protection.  Well that protection has become isolation and the massive-scale reduction in our own innate abilities.  And now, they are finding a way to reenter the human conscious safely, without triggering a widespread fear.  This is one of the main (if not THE main) reasons mass disclosure won't happen.  The majority of the human psyche just is not ready for such a reveal.  However, they are revealing themselves in quieter ways and even directly to those who are ready for their friendship and wisdom and most importantly, to work diligently with them.  There is a grander agenda unfolding and we are being asked if we want to consciously participate.

There are so many skills we have the ability to remember and use. This is very different from what our spiritual teams have revealed to us.  I think I need to be clear on the difference.  Our teams are connecting with us to help us remember who we are at the soul level.  The unified love that we are.  The powerful Being we are in this blessed place of matter and to not only start seeing ourselves like that, but Being that as well, 24/7.  This connection with ourselves allows our conscious mind to expand, bringing in the light of love which releases the darkness of fear.  Just being partnered in our own light field brings on many many attributes way beyond the 5 senses.  This is important to uncover before we connect with the higher beings here on planet earth, what I lovingly call our ET's.

Our ET's are looking for those evolved consciously in this way.  Not to work more on yourself, our spiritual teams are always in place for that, but to partner with them in assisting humanity.  They are working with all the elements and fields of the earth and beyond.

I want to give you an example of an ET connection that we had the other day, that hangs with me.  Like those signs that says this is so important, pay closer attention.  It's effect on me is not so much what he was here to help his human remember how to use her energy field, but the reason why.

He was showing her how to displace water without doing any harm to any of the life that lives within the water.  First she had to use both her physical eyes and spiritual eye together to see beyond the 3D focal point, to see how the water itself can rearrange its molecular structure to allow safe passage thru it.  It was thru her connection that I even thought about the crafts coming in and out of our ocean yet not one ripple is seen (usually, and if it is, it's on purpose.)  They (the ET's) do no harm to any life in their presence here, in their movements here.  They work with energy not against it.  Co-Operation!!  Not one fish, not one amoeba is harmed in their Presence.  Imagine if.... WHEN we start living like that!!  Nor have they done or implanted anything within us that would do us purposeful harm. They do work to increase our vibration, conscious and abilities.  If they didn't, we would not be able to biologically handle the increase in light frequencies happening.

The same goes with the energy streams in our air, what we call the vortexes and portals and stuff.  It's all an energetic co-operation of movement.

There are revealing themselves to you, to each one brave enough, dedicated enough to bring this skill set to this planet.  To one day partner with them, on the earth, in their crafts, and assist humanity as she go thru this massive shift.

None of this is a speed course.  I get a parallel with those who choose to go into medical school.  First you have to learn the core elements of medicine, usually thru books and stuff, with our ETs it would be directly in meditation. the true lab of Life.  We can make up a lot of reasons why we don't have to do it that way, it would be equivalent to the medical student giving reasons why they don't have to attend that class.  Free will is all-ways in play.  But when it comes to graduation day, don't be surprised if you're still in summer school.

As I am looking for art for this sharing, I came across this image of a craft, which is actually very similar to one that was shown thru one of the readings and an ET showed up:



The beautiful man I was reading for, his imagery was all about the use of cogs, interconnecting the energies purposefully.  Then I seen a ship that was looking just like a cog (this image I included) and they space and protrusions do something to the air field that I just cannot recall.  Too much information and too small a hard drive (my brain.)  I am stunned to see this picture and wanted to include it.  Sometimes it may seem way out of this world the things I am bringing thru... but in this moment, I am realizing just how real and dare I say, important it all is.

I started relistening to my audio book by Dolores Cannon "Keepers of the Garden."  It's funny how you glean some information thru the first listen (or read) and glean completely other stuff on the repeat.  Phil, the guy who was under hypnosis for this book, was talking about the earth shifts that are coming up (many more years down our road) and another planet similar to earth that is now ready for our (human and animal) lifeforms.  That when the upheaval begins in earnest, those who raised their consciousness to the unified level of love, of Living together are the ones that will be taken to this planet to start anew.   There was information coming thru this second listen that maybe, I didn't assimilate thru the readings of ET connections yet, so it didn't hit me like it did Saturday (which is when I heard this part of the book.)  Let's just say, there is a lot coming down our future pike and we are (and have been) being prepared to assist in it all, if we dare!!

One of the main things we have got to learn, remember how to use efficiently and effectively is our true telepathic skills.  Even in this array, we have given ourselves permission to only use part of it.  Seeing, hearing, unpacking with full understanding the packages of information relayed, crucial... depending on your desire.  Some folks really just want to dabble and that is perfectly fine.  There are a million lifetimes to work it all out.  Or, those like me, let's get it done now!!  Hell, why not???

Which is something I kinda wish I didn't feel at times.  As sooooo many different skill sets are being presented, especially thru the ET connections, I wonder about my own (sometimes, I wish I didn't care, then I wouldn't know lol, ignorance can be bliss lol) skill sets.  What ET skill do I have to learn and share???  Freakin telepathy!!  It's one thing to be able to telepathically connect to the whole universe, since it has pretty much mastered itself there... it's the humans that need help and clear as a bell today, next year, as we cross into the emerald city, this will be my first, strongest focus (HEY!!!!)  If we do not refine and fully develop our (FULL) telepathic abilities with each other... well.... shit.  I will just leave it there.

On that note, I am going to go melt down for a while, good thing it is my day off lol.  However, lets kick up the homework a bit.  I am going to leave you a link to the 5 week meditation class I held last year.  My gift to your telepathic gateway!!

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