From Our Story Books to The Field of Light...

change Well here we are, on the other side of this light field, the cone of light directly at our back, I could say toned down, but that would be inaccurate, we are toned up, reflectively equal to the light field.  So much so, that 2017, the emerald city is no longer above us, but directly across the marina (its placement in the field) equal to the ground we now walk upon.  This is hugely significant, even to the degree that I actually see the fully constructed emerald city.  Coming up to the 8th of Nov, the last time I did a reading prior to the 11:11, the way I seen 2017 was about 20 feet above us and it was about a 3 inch wide light emitting green energy field, stretching outwards to denote 2017.  Now, we are level to its field of energy and it is looking very much like the image I placed on my facebook header... with an added detail:


This whole image and understanding came thru my first reading yesterday.  I was kind of happy, I understood the details.  After a massive shift, that is not usually my case!! lol  Lets start with the foreground, dorothy and all the requirements of entering the emerald city, love, courage and wisdom.  Altho dorothy has the ruby slippers on in this image, they will not be given until we hit the "ruby red" field of December, the final energy system of this intense and crazy year.

The yellow brick road (which was not brick in the reading, it was all one continuous energy field) is the path of our soul.  From what was shown in the first reading, it wont be straight forward, many sudden turns are ahead.  But that is getting ahead of the understanding.

Altho I did not so much see the tin man, lion or scarecrow, they were sort of super imposed on her energy fields for my understanding.  All three, the love, courage and wisdom must all be on the left side, expanded consciousness in physical life.  To be here in this 11D reality platform, we all have access to it from the right field, from the soul mind itself, but our duty is to live it out loud, fully without the taint of old ego thought, on the left side, in our created world.  My beautiful lady showed up with love and courage on her left side and wisdom on her right.  It was at this moment I understood that the wisdom, the scarecrow must also find its way on the left side of her arm.  Not thru the lens of the ego, but the brightness of our souls.  I didn't understand what this could possibly mean for her to change and shift to the left, I have not only read this precious lady many times, but met her in the physical too.  A very wise, loving, courageous women she is.  Of course, like many of the conversations these days, we talked about trump and her view is that it had to be trump, it's the only way people would create change within themselves and our systems.  We fully disagree, Bernie could have easily been a smooth transition, but we choose as a hardened collective that see's the fractures in people, the places that divide us instead of unites us, to over come.  In any given choice there is the easier way or harder way, both valid.

To enter fully into the emerald city, hell, to get our permanent ruby slippers we must look at the soul of each person and not their fractured ego.  There is such a body of light on this earth now, that even what appears to be the most divided person can easily see the higher road laid out, if we speak to the soul from our own soul.

Let me give an example of a conversation that happened at the office the other day.  I don't know anyone around me who isn't a trump supporter.  Each person such an amazing, loving Being.  I get to know their hearts first, their minds second.  One of the guys at the marina, of course asked me what I thought about this election.  I smiled and told him, in my world, Bernie won.  Somehow his conversation went to being forced by our government to help people.  His example was, what if you are a home owner and three of your neighbors didn't pay their taxes and the government said you must help pay their taxes, how would I feel?  I explained what happened with my mother, how the world rallied around to help her.  How easy it was for me to give him my cigarettes and my mother's wine when he was days away from getting his social security check.  I don't need laws to tell me to help my neighbor, it is who I am and what I would do anywayz.  The conversation was deeper than that, the first two examples he just said, well you're different from most people.  No actually I am not.  I talked about karma, when you are building a wall around yourself and saying this is mine don't touch it, it creates a lot of negative hold back to yourself.  Give and love freely, the abundance is waiting to burst thru to you.  He understood, he changed his stance, his energy field and he went back to his boat differently than he arrived at my office.

We don't need to go to hell to get to heaven, but it is the collective choice, and one that can actually be easily undone by our Light.  Our wisdom.  Our loving courage to show the way, to BE the way.

The yellow road to the emerald city is laid out before all of us.  Twists and turns at the ready.  Our duty, our full responsibility is to untie our own love, courage and wisdom, our soul in body and do what will be asked of us, presented to us in our days and moments ahead.  If any part of it holds any remnants of the ego, that which see's us divided or separate, the yellow road crumbles and we cannot go further.  We change our perspective and the road reforms and we move on.

All this actually helps me understand my third reading even more.  She was weird (in a great way of course.)  From the left side of the a sidewalk that was not there, but the energy was, she rolled upwards (like pulling a shade down, upside down tho) and so freakin red.  It took me a long minute to understand what I was seeing, because everything now looked different.  My first two readings were truly the wizard of oz theme so I was instantly confused.  I eventually understood the connection with little red riding hood, only, she wasn't little at all!!  She was easily 5 feet wide, 10 feet tall but what really threw me for a loop she was barely an inch thick.  WTH????  In the landscape between the outside of my office wall and the emerald city was a very brown forest.  Everything was a shade of brown, no green, no other colors at all, except her... she was red, very very very red!!  I had to scurry to my memory of what the story of little red riding hood is.... well I can enhance my understanding this morning thanx to wikipedia and the yellow brick road understand above:  she is named after the red hooded cape/cloak that she wears. The girl walks through the woods to deliver food to her sickly grandmother (wine and cake depending on the translation). In the Grimms' version, her mother had ordered her to stay strictly on the path.

She is dressed in the pure soul energy of Gaia, red.  All these colorless trees are people, places, things that needs the color of soul understanding, the wisdom directly from our mother earth and our soul presence Here.  There is no big bad wolf in this story, just feeding the sick and vulnerable with love, wisdom and courage from the soul of Self and earth.  Her mother, our mother, needs us now more than ever.  The love incarnate, helping to recolor our amazing world with love.  Period.

Now let me tie in my 2nd reading, as I understand even more of the wizard of oz (again, thanx wikipedia.)  My lady was a massively large version of Glenda the good witch.  Radiant, oozing this white light off her very poofy and full gown.  She had a "crown of glory" upon her head that changed from silver to gold depending on what she was doing (assisting the energies of consciousness, gold or helping someone in physical need, silver.)  The landscape outwards towards the emerald city (which now looks exactly like the one I have in the picture above) was more made of this cloud energy, but in its way, solid, she cannot fall thru anything.  I have feeling that this cloud like substance asks her to see what is not seen, reveal the beauty hidden.  Given the understanding of her role in this movie:

In the MGM film, Dorothy (played by Judy Garland), her dog Toto, and their farmhouse are swept away from Kansas by a tornado and taken to the magical Land of Oz. The house falls on and kills the Wicked Witch of the East, freeing the Munchkins from her tyranny. Glinda the Good Witch of the North arrives via magic bubble and shows Dorothy the dead woman's two feet visibly sticking out from under the house wearing the ruby slippers. When the Wicked Witch of the West comes to claim her dead sister's shoes, Glinda magically transfers them (the ruby slippers) to Dorothy's feet. Glinda tells Dorothy to keep tight inside of them and never take them off, as the slippers must be very powerful or the Wicked Witch would not want them so badly. Throughout the rest of the film, the Wicked Witch schemes to obtain the shoes. When she captures Dorothy, she tries to take the slippers, but they painfully shock her. The Wicked Witch then realizes that the slippers will only come off if the wearer is dead. Therefore, she decides to kill Dorothy, but Dorothy accidentally splashes her with water, causing her to melt away. Afterward, Glinda reveals one of the ruby slippers' powers: Dorothy can return to her family by simply closing her eyes, clicking her heels three times and repeating the phrase, "There's no place like home."

In-Power the people.

Last but far from least, my last beautiful lady was mary poppins.  Again, let me get my cheat sheet from wikipedia and make bold what feels relevant to our story:

The first book introduces the Banks family from Number Seventeen Cherry Tree Lane, London, consisting of Mr. and Mrs. Banks, their children Jane and Michael, and baby twins John and Barbara. When the children's nanny, Katie Nana, storms out in a huff, Mary Poppins arrives at their home, complete with her traveling carpetbag, blown in by a very strong East Wind. She accepts the job (agreeing to stay "till the wind changes"), and the children soon learn that their nanny, though she is stern, vain, and usually cross, has a magical touch that makes her wonderful. Among the things Jane and Michael experience are a tea party on a ceiling with Mr. Wigg, a trip around the world with a compass, the purchase of gingerbread stars from the extremely old Mrs. Corry, a meeting with the Bird Woman, a birthday party at the zoo among the animals, and a Christmas shopping trip with a star named Maia from the Pleiades cluster of the Taurus constellation. In the end, in what is perhaps the most iconic image associated with Mary Poppins, she opens her umbrella and the West Wind carries her away.

We are all the children of the earth, of the universes and indeed, there is magic in the winds of change.  Change the only constant we will ever know.  We often think that to be as a soul leader on this path we must ooze sugar and sweetness.  Let me tell you from years in the field of light, YOUR light, not so much.  Spirit is great at kicking us lovingly in the ass to redirect.  So must we be.  Ohhhhh and our loving, magical wonderful Pleiadians who have dedicated their lives to our ascended body and minds we now live in.

There is much more, but once again, I am running out of morning.  What I am hoping gets revealed today is how we get those pesky ruby slippers.  Nothing is just handed to us, we must earn them.  Be so resonant with them they just become a part of our next enhancement!!

Here's to the magic of the ages being lived out loud thru All of us!!

((((HUGZ)))) of Knowing there is no place like Home, here on Earth!!! <3

Lisa Gawlas